Tips for Saving Money When Buying a Luxury Vehicle

Just because you want to own a luxury vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean you have to max-out your budget. Our money-saving tips can help you make a smart and satisfying purchase. 

Plan Financially 

Since your financial situation is an important factor in how much you’ll actually end up spending on your car, you should make sure your finances are in order. Even if you have a high-earning income, you can also make improvements to put yourself in the best position possible. Before initiating the car-buying process, you should:

  • Review your monthly budget and make sure you can afford the high payments usually associated with luxury cars. An app or budgeting tool can be helpful.

  • Work on improving your credit score, even it’s already considered pretty good, it can most likely be higher. If it is low, consider using a credit repair service.

  • Save up for a down payment. Set up a savings account just for your car purchase if you don’t already have one or get an app that allows you to save and grow your money.

By checking off this list, you can save on your auto loan by securing a lower APR and car payments. However, whatever your financial situation, there is an auto loan for everyone, even if you have poor credit.

Do Your Research

It’s no secret that car dealers tend to have a bad reputation for trying to swindle buyers, but you don’t really have to worry about that if you know what you’re talking about. Knowing exactly what you want, like whether it’s the 2019 Audi A4 or the Audi Q5, and how much that specific year, make, and model should cost you, you can avoid getting taken advantage of. Before setting out for a day of car shopping, take some time to look into both the financial aspects and the features of the car. You should know:

  • The market value

  • Which add-on services you’ll actually benefit from

  • What type of financing option you want

  • What features you cannot live without 

All of this can be valuable when negotiating and help you decide which dealership to visit so you don’t waste time. In some cases, you’re going to want to shop around online first, especially if you live in a small town. For instance, if you live in Baltimore or Timonium, MD, check out the local inventory in the surrounding area like the Audi dealership in Cockeysville to make sure where you go has the exact model you want in stock. 

Compare Vehicle Prices at Multiple Dealerships

Did you know that car prices can be drastically from dealership to dealership, even if they’re not that far apart? This might be because of the average income and cost of living in certain areas. It can also come down the dealer’s expenses including how they handle the shipping process or how much they pay in rent. Once you’ve found a few dealerships in the area that have the car you want, try to see which ones are offering competitive pricing. You may be able to haggle with them by using some proven negotiation tactics to knock off some of the additional expenses to get a better deal because they want to keep your business instead of losing you to their competitor down the highway.

Consider Changing Insurance Companies

Buying a luxury vehicle might also mean a spike in your insurance, depending on which one you buy. This isn’t always the case though. It can depend on personal factors as well as certain aspects of that particular vehicle, including:

  • Whether the car is commonly stolen

  • Crash test performance

  • Horsepower

  • Safety ratings 

Before whether you want to purchase a Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, or Audi, look into their average insurance costs and compare it to your current rate. If it’s significantly more, reach out to a few different companies for a quote to see if it’s worthwhile to make the switch to save money in the long-run. Some insurance providers even offer new car discounts

Whatever your circumstances, UnitedFinances can help you find the right auto loan with a reputable lender so you can become a proud owner of your dream car. 

Professional Consultancy: Why Experience Matters When Hiring Property Consultants

It can be quite easy to choose an inexperienced property consultant to help you with your investments. After all, there are so many professionals clamouring for your attention that it would take a good bit of research to hire one with a few years of experience in the real estate marketplace. For some, it might not be such a big deal to go with an amateur consultant. After all, you have to start somewhere, right?

Unfortunately, there are plenty of risks that go with hiring an inexperienced professional, especially in a landscape as fickle and ever-changing as that of real estate. It would not be a stretch to say that having an amateur consultant is similar to having a glorified secretary – someone who can do your paperwork for you.

The importance of experience in real estate

The world of real estate is all about successfully predicting the market – which is much easier said than done. While amateur consultants are still professionals in their own right, most people have to go through a trial and error process before they begin to get the hang of the industry. While that is all well and good, it would not be a good idea to use your investment as a trial run for a new consultant. Having years of experience and London Knowledge under their belt translates to in-depth knowledge attained through trial and error, which means that an experienced consultant will not fall for beginner’s traps.

A professional consultant can get the job done, and impart useful knowledge while doing so

One of the biggest reasons why an experienced investor in the real estate market still relies on property consultants is not only for their expertise but for their ability to explain why their advice ends up in successful ventures. While it is more than possible to leave a consultant to do their work and to simply act based on their advice, it would be a waste of their potential. A wise investor would learn why a consultant chooses to do certain things, which is why some of the most experienced individuals still hire consultants.

Wise investments stem from risk reduction

While taking a chance can be an exciting endeavour, when there are too many factors that can result in failure, it would be best to hire someone with in-depth knowledge on the matter. An experienced property consultant can go through the path of least resistance with the help of their resources and web of contacts – something that a consultant cannot do without the necessary experience. It takes time to build the right resources and to be mentored by the right people, and there is no point in using your investments as a testbed for young property consultants.

While experience matters in any industry, the world of real estate is not something to be taken lightly. There are too many factors that can lead to failure, and considering the substantial investments being made, it is only natural to want the best. An experienced real estate consultant is your very best bet.

How to Manage Your Finances After Being Injured at Work

If you were injured at work so badly that you can no longer continue working and need to instead recover at home, then you are in a bit of a tricky situation. Even if you have the most clear-cut case on the planet, it could still take a while for your compensation claim to go through the legal system, which could mean that you need to cover your own living expenses and hospital bills in the meantime.

To help you manage your finances better so you can more comfortably recover, follow this guide:

Know Your Rights Under Worker’s Compensation

The first thing that you need to know backwards and forwards in regards to your injury are your rights. These will vary from state to state.

1. Go to the Right Doctor (if Applicable)

In some states, for example, you will need to use pre-selected doctors and clinics in order to be eligible for compensation claims. This is very, very important to know in advance if you can, and is best to double check before you visit a doctor. The exception to this is if the injury was so severe it warranted a visit to the emergency room.

2. Inform Your Employer

You will want to inform your employer of the injury and your intent to claim as soon as possible.

3. Hire a Lawyer

You will also want to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. Knowing when to hire a workers comp lawyer is important, as only once you hire them can they start to work for you so that you can instead focus on recovering. Your lawyer will also be able to help answer any questions you may have, like the tax rules on compensation.

How to Manage Your Finances After You Have Made a Claim

While you are waiting for your claim to go through, you might realize you have a problem. You still need to cover expenses, rent, and the cost of living while you wait and cannot work. To help you plan your finances during this time, follow these steps:

Cut Down Spending as Much as Possible

Regardless of how much you have saved, it is best to cut all frivolous spending and to reduce the overall expense of necessities until things get sorted.

Work With Your Employer

Another alternative is to work with your employer. Perhaps you can work from home and continue to get paid, or they could forward you your next paycheck. This is on top of other measures, like taking sick or vacation time instead of unpaid time.

Ask For Help from Friends and Family

Last but not least, ask for help from friends and family. This help could be offered by, say, making meals for you (more important if you live alone). They can also help out by letting you stay at theirs while you recover, or just simply lending you money you will be able to pay back once your compensation claim goes through.

How To Start Financial Planning For College Students?

What is life without finance? Or should it be, what is life without financial planning? Both, on the contrary, are very similar. Without proper financial planning, finance is nothing but a mere concept. For college students, financial planning is of crucial importance. At the time of college years, students grow up and become adults and hence become independent. Independence seems to be scary for most when they have no clue on how to manage their funds, pay for their groceries, rent, and then save money to especially buy college papers at the time of hectic assignments. For this, take a look at a few ways of starting your financial planning for the college years.

Learn About Finances

First, you must understand the very concept of finance. Look out for the ways and sources of finance and how you can manage them in the most economical way possible. Educate yourself about financial policies, interests, loans, and deposits, etc. A basic level of moving forward in financial planning is to understand how finances are generally managed by people like your parents, siblings, neighbors, etc. Do not hesitate to ask for advice.

Make A Budget

That is a must. You can never expect to have smooth financial management unless you make a proper budget. Calculate your finance monthly or weekly, and plan how much goes for what, like rents and groceries. At the end of the month or week, calculate how much has been spent or saved each time. This careful evaluation not only provides you closure but also prepares you for the next month.

Making a budget is not sufficient unless you follow it thoroughly and strictly. Only then one can expect any progress.

Create A Savings Account

If you do not have a savings account, then stop right here and go to your nearby bank and get a savings account. This is a primary step towards a sound financial plan. In today’s world, you need a bank account to manage your bills and payments. You will enjoy the ease of fund flow and a proper statement of your expenses, which makes budgeting easy for everyone.

Back Up For Emergencies

What will happen tomorrow? No one really knows. What will happen the very next second or hour is unpredictable even more so. You will drain all your efforts if you are unable to take care of this aspect of financial planning. Just like companies which keep retained earnings for contingencies, individuals must follow the same and keep a separate arrangement for emergencies. With this, your emergencies will never affect your regular fund flow and will ensure safety and security. For this, you can purchase insurance for all the possible problems you are exposed to, like life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, etc.

Do Thorough Research For Investments

Financial planning does not only involves saving – it also involves investing. Good investments will earn you an immense fortune. Investment plans like FD’s, shares, bonds, etc. will help you a lot in the long run. They seem a bit stressful at first, but later on, they will be nothing more than a blessing. Ask your financial adviser or a financial expert to help you sort out the right amount of funds for the right investment policy.

From the above steps, a lot of students have been able to stabilize their funds and make the most out of little savings and smart investments. These steps are not easy to follow, and one must always look out for the help and advice from the wise. With a good strategic plan, you will be able to save a fortune. This is your moment to grow.

How will bad cash flow affect your business?

While no business will ever aim to have a negative cashflow, at some point during a business’s life span, it should be expected. Starting a brand-new business should see you in the red at some point as start-up costs inevitable set you back, but it shouldn’t be long before your back in credit. Sometimes bad cash flow can hit when you least expect it, a surprise bill, or maybe the loss of a big client. But if you see your business on a pro-longed period of ash flow trouble, it usually suggests there are much bigger problems within the business.

So what are the common cash flow problems a business has?

Decline in supplier relationships

Suppliers will often be the first to feel the bite of bad cash flow. If there isn’t enough money coming into the business, paying your regular supplier bills becomes extremely difficult. Even if payments are slightly delayed, it can put a big strain on the relationship, supplier relationships are built on trust and reliability. If things turn sour with your supplier, you could lose all of the key raw materials you need. It may even come to a point with suppliers, where if they are chasing money they send bailiffs or debt collectors, all of which will have a hugely negative effect on production. In this situation it’s vital to know where you stand and what your rights are as the supplier tries to reclaim their debt.

If cash flow begins to drastically effect a supplier relationship. The best thing you can do is explain your situation and try to work out a better arrangement which gives you more time. Suppliers always want their clients to do well.

Employee’s become disgruntled

If cash flow gets to a really negative point, paying staff could become a big problem. The workforce is the cog that keeps any business going and is arguably the most important aspect of any business. If cash flow is affecting the way you pay staff, which could even see them paid late will have a massive impact on their morale. Just as a business depends on staff, staff depend on the business.

If you’re struggling to pay staff, just as with suppliers, the best thing you can do is be honest with them. Explain the situation and ask for patience, don’t try and pull the wool over their eyes.

Growth slows – Or stops

Most businesses will always be finding the next opportunity to grow. It is what drives a lot of owners forward and gives people the opportunity to reap the rewards. But while there are plenty of benefits, growing too fast, or not being prepared properly for growth will often set you back further. Expansion should not be taken lightly and growing too fast can see your cash flow take a major hit.

Overspending on supplies, staff, marketing and strategy without having enough long-term revenue to cover the expenses is a common mistake made by owners. Without being in a stable position cash flow wise, you are essentially growing unsustainably.

Business deterioration

If cash flow becomes a bigger problem, the likelihood is that all of the above problems will come into effect at some point. These kinds of problems will no doubt take your business into a route of deterioration and potentially even closure. If cash flow is a problem you choose to deliberately neglect, and you find the business in debt, it could have some very bad repercussions for owners, as during the closure of a business the liquidator will always look into the how the business has been run.

In summary

Cash flow is a common problem that can be solved. Often it is caused by a case of poor business planning, but even when you are in trouble, by planning efficiently and strategizing how you intake money will give you the best possible start when it comes to cashflow. There are also financial packages such as invoice finance, asset finance, hire purchase and bridging loans designed to help tackle the issue at its route and keep your business going. However, ultimately if you don’t try and resolve cash flow issues, they will inevitably catch up with you.

What is Key Person Life Insurance Policy?

Our insurance company will help you through the process of setting up your business with the best policy in the market. With each client that our office works with, there is always something specific that will meet their needs that is tailored for them.

Key Person Life Term Insurance Policy and key person disability insurance are the two different policies that most people do not know about.

This is a life insurance policy that is taken by the business as the owner of the policy. This means that the insurer covers a person or persons within the business.

This policy often happens when the business identifies key men or women then life insurance is bought for those key employees.

How to identify key employees

When identifying the key employees, the following are some of the points that you may want to consider:-

  1. Business continuity
  2. Impossible to replace
  3. Bank loan
  4. Business continuity

Key employee insurance should be used for any person in the business whose death is most likely threaten the community or the survival of the business. Key Person Term Life Insurance Policy gives creditors some peace of mind for they know that if they die, the business will not die.

  • Impossible to replace

The key person life insurance should be also used on any employee whose death would make it impossible to replace and hence the business would find a hard time replacing.

  • Bank loan

Key man life insurance will also be required on the owner of the business who desires to take a bank loan.

Examples of key employees

The owner of the business: This is important in the case that a loose can actually affect the long term and short term viability of the firm. It can affect the company’s standing with creditors hence it will be unable to secure any form of funding.

A salesperson: If your salesperson is the go to guy then for many customers and brings a large percent of the income then this something that should be watched keenly.

Software engineer: The person who developed the company’s intellectual property should be someone who is considered for the key man insurance.

How to determine the amount of key life insurance

There are so many ways that could be used to determine the amount of key person insurance that the business could need. The amount should in most cases be determined as one that a business can easily afford without going through so much.

The following are some of the areas that can be considered:

  1. Cost of replacement
  2. Multiple of income

What would be the cost of replacing an employee? The factors that can be considered the training, the time spent and bringing new employees up to speed.

Multiple of income

This is an easy way of valuation though it fails to take too much. The best way it can be done is by taking the key employees salary then multiplying it by a factor to five.

How You Should Manage Your Retirement Plan

The good news is that retirement plans often come with varying options to choose from. One of the biggest mistakes that most people do is to have assumptions that their retirement plan is secure simply because they have some plan in place. You may be in your early 20s or 40s but it is important to do an evaluation on your plan while taking measures to make your future secure.

For you to reach to a point where you learn how to manage the assets in your retirement plan then you have walked through a lot. In times of financial uncertainty, the plan can become a bit confusing to the mind. There is a saying in the world that you have so many years to reach your retirement period hence you should invest all of your money in the stocks. Well this may be true, that stocks are some of the best investments that one can venture into. Yes, they are very attractive but one is not guaranteed of future results like the retirement plan.

Financial advisor will tell you that the stock market has the ability to be one of the most volatile investments. You should check how the return and principal value of stocks keep going up and down. This is dictated by the ever changing market conditions. The shares especially when sold may be worth more or less of the original cost when sold. Can this be a safe place where you can put your retirement money?

There are so many things that you need to consider especially when it comes to your retirement plan. But if you are in the retirement plan that is sponsored by the employer then you have the option of moving from one fund to another. This gives you the option of moving your retirement savings to reflect the changes that are taking place in the marketplace. The following are guidelines that will help you in making such decisions.


This is a principle of investing, something that is known in the investment language. What you do is to spread what you have on different investments; it lessens having a loss in one investment.  You can also do the same or use the same principle for all your assets in your retirement plan.

Diversification is not a guarantee for profit or a protection from an investment loss. Protect yourself by getting in touch with a financial advisor atlanta GA.

Guaranteed Interest contract

One thing about the guaranteed interest contract is that it offers a rate of return for a specified set of time and is always backed by an insurance company. You should not worry because these contracts are safe even if they depend on the security of the insurance company.

If you do not know what to do then it’s easy that you just pick up the phone and call you financial advisor atlanta GA.

Review your retirement plan’s performance

With the changing dynamics, there is a possibility that you will change your assets from one fund to another. Make sure that you use such opportunities to review your retirement plan’s performance. With many changes taking place in the market, you may want to do some adjustments on your investments.