5 reasons why your business should be using SMS marketing

The use of SMS marketing services in your business is crucial to its growth and this age we find ourselves prompts marketers to engage in text messages to interact directly with their customers. Marketers do not use SMS for the fun of it but because it is a powerful marketing tool for your brand. See  Tech Times list of text messaging software .It is wise for marketers to take advantage of the fact that consumers can’t do without their mobile phones. SMS marketing has proven to be more effective than the likes of email marketing and other forms of social media marketing. Text messages have an open rate of 98% and have proved effective and efficient. Keep reading till the end and you would find a few reasons you should be using SMS marketing in your business. 

1.   SMS marketing is engaging:

Text messages are read within minutes of arrival and response can come immediately or within a few minutes. Since people do not check their mails as often as they do text messages, SMS marketing is more effective. It does not accommodate third party interference and messages cannot be spammed. Your messages should be pithy and straight to the point otherwise customers might lose interest in your messages. Your message might not get to a lot of people but the interested ones you have sent it to will definitely give you positive feedback.

2.      SMS marketing is relatively cheap:

SMS marketing is the easiest method of disseminating information to your target audience. It is also inexpensive as the charges for text messages are relatively cheap and affordable. It’s advisable to have a monthly budget set aside for your SMS marketing campaign. With a simple message of less than 160 words, you can be on your way to big success. So you should be considering SMS marketing in your business by now.

3.      Active Customer’s Database:

For your customers to receive your marketing campaigns, they have to subscribe so as to receive regular updates and information concerning products and services. This is unlike the traditional medium of marketing whereby you spend money on marketing messages that many customers will see and quickly forget or ignore. Since customers have to opt in to receive marketing campaigns, you will have access to the database of customers patronizing your goods and services.

4.      Rapid Feedback:

Sending messages and delivery takes a couple of seconds and you receive feedback almost immediately or after a couple of minutes. Your short message of about five lines might be more effective than the lengthy messages sent to the customers’ mail. Your message might even prompt the customer to quickly purchase a product or request a service.

5.      It is personal:

SMS marketing is a perfect way for sellers and buyers to interact and also establish an interpersonal relationship. Sending messages that prompt them to be an active participant is fun and engaging and will make the customers feel special. You can also include special rewards in the messages sent to committed members.