A Review Of iMarketsLive MLM Business Results and Its Pros and Cons

In today’s modern world, people tend to find ways to make more money and achieve financial security on a long-term basis. Given these circumstances, networking marketing companies like iMarketsLive have been on the rise to serve as a platform that can help you earn more money. Although there has been a lot of excitement about these online opportunities, you must take time to conduct some research and know what this excitement is all about.

In this article, we’ll provide a wealth of information about iMarketsLive MLM business results and its pros and cons. Let’s check them out.

What is iMarketsLive?

Popularly known as iMarketsLive, International Markets Live is a multi-level marketing company that offers Cryptocurrency and Forex education, and signal services for traders. It aims to provide tools and services that will allow members and aspiring entrepreneurs to earn in the Forex markets. iMarketsLive was launched back in July 2013 by its CEO, Christopher Terry, who has been a professional and successful Forex trader for eight years.

In combination with Forex trading, the company operates in more than 120 countries, which is ideal for people who look for ways to profit through a local style of marketing and Internet marketing. Once you join in this networking program, you’ll have the chance to sell the system to other people, urge them to make an investment, and generate more commissions on your end.

If you want to know if investing in an MLM company is the best way to go, read an iMarketsLive review for a better decision-making process. 

What To Expect With The Company

Like other multi-level marketing opportunities, people who are interested in joining iMarketsLive should know how it works. If you consider taking this marketing opportunity, here are a few things you need to be familiar with before joining:

1.    Products – The company offers a variety of products. Its main product line includes financial trading software, which may cost several thousands of dollars when you purchase them separately. They are also used to help you profit through financial trading in Forex and analyzing the risk factors in the Forex market. Recently, iMarketsLive has included Cryptocurrency trading in their platform.

2.    Compensation Plan – The good thing about the company’s compensation plan is that it’s easy to understand. You’ll start as a customer by signing up for a membership fee. You can only waive your membership fees if you get two people to buy a membership package. In other words, you just have to convince other people to pay a membership fee, and you’ll earn a commission from it. As long as you know how to entice a broad audience, iMarketsLive can undoubtedly become a profitable networking company. However, if you don’t know otherwise, then you may end up quitting after a month because you don’t earn profits.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

Now that you know some essential things about iMarketsLive, it’s time to get familiar with the company’s pros and cons. This is to help you decide whether the program provided by the said business can be suitable for you. So, here are the pros and cons of joining iMarketsLive that you should keep in mind:


1.    Provides potential income even without recruitment – Almost all multi-level marketing companies will ask you to recruit and make a considerable downline to make money online. While it remains that way, iMarketsLive is different in the sense that you can earn money by yourself through Forex trading.

2.    Has plenty of training materials – If you want to have a good background about Forex trading, investing in iMarketsLive can be a great idea. The company provides actual product support through videos, tutorials, training modules, and even live help sessions.

3.    Can take advantage of a reliable and long-term company – If you’re looking for financial freedom, joining in this company can be a beneficial option. This is through the commission plan and the education and software you can use with currency trading.


1.    Probably lose more than your monthly fees – You can potentially lose more money when you fail to recover your minimum purchase requirements and monthly fees. Also, you may also have to compromise your trading capital to deal with the currency markets.

2.    Need to upgrade to the platinum customer level – You can’t avail of all the training and software available if you don’t become a platinum customer.

3.    Costly – You’ll spend more money on the overpriced products due to its MLM structure, and a lot of risks may be involved regarding trading.

4.    Has restrictions on operations – The company has no authority to operate in the United Kingdom. The Financial Conduct Authority warns people about iMarketsLive providing products without their approval.

5.    Has poor ratings – The Better Business Bureau has rated the company with an F or poor rating because it received many complaints against the business, and the company took a long time to respond to complaints.


If you’re searching for money-making opportunities online that can help you earn a profit,

joining a networking marketing company can be either the best or toughest thing to do. With proper knowledge, skills, and resources, you can be successful in making money with MLM like iMarketsLive. Thus, if you don’t know anything about how iMarketsLive works, keep all of this information in mind to help make the decision much easier.