FDH Bank: The Malawian Bank Founded by Dr Thomson Mpinganjira

FDH Bank is a homegrown Malawian financial services provider offering a comprehensive range of financial products and services to private and corporate clients across Malawi.

FDH Bank prides itself on its range of digital products, including FDH Whatsapp Banking and FDH Mobile, providing inclusive banking services to even the remotest regions of the country, enabling customers to initiate cardless withdrawals, pay bills, transfer money, obtain an instant loan, check their balance, and much more.

Founded by Dr Thomson Mpinganjira, one of the most successful Malawian entrepreneurs and business leaders of his generation, FDH Bank’s vision is to be a leading provider of top-quality banking services and products in Malawi and the Southern African region. The organisation prides itself on returning exceptional value to its stakeholders, providing superior returns; efficient, secure banking solutions centred around sound business values; and sustainable growth, while still being an employer of choice.

FDH Bank’s core values are: Commitment to Clients, Innovation, Teamwork, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Development, Respect, Accountability and Transparency.

FDH Bank Products

From microloans to savings accounts, FDH Bank offers a variety of products and services to enhance the everyday lives of its clients.

FDH Mobile is a ground-breaking service that enables customers to manage their finances on the go, providing the utmost convenience for banking transactions. The platform offers the ability to:

  • Access customer accounts 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer funds to other FDH accounts and other banks
  • Purchase E-value
  • Perform cardless withdrawals
  • Transfer funds to any telephone number

To access FDH Mobile, customers simply download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play, or alternatively dial *525#.

FDH InstaLoan is a mobile credit facility available to workers whose salaries are paid into an FDH Bank account. As a valued customer, they are eligible for unsecured loan facilities, which are accessed via the FDH Mobile platform.

FDH InstaLoans provide a variety of different benefits. They are convenient, enabling FDH clients to access their loan 24/7 once it is granted. With access provided via the FDH Mobile platform, there is no need for the client to visit the banking hall. They are extremely flexible, enabling customers to withdraw credit in increments throughout the month, as long as the loan limit is not exhausted. FDH InstaLoans are also affordable, attracting no interest charge. The bank instead levies a simple commission which is collected upfront, enabling customers to keep track of their finances. Finally, FDH InstaLoans are delivered via the FDH Mobile platform, which is highly secure.

FDH Bank was established by Dr Thomson Mpinganjira. It is a subsidiary of FDH Financial Holdings, forming part of a financial empire Thomson Mpinganjira built from the ground up. As founder of Malawi’s Stock Exchange, Thomson Mpinganjira is credited with taking the country’s financial infrastructure to a new level throughout the course of his career. A keen philanthropist, Dr Mpinganjira recognises the importance of giving back, operating stringent corporate social responsibility programmes through all of his organisations.