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Knowing that auto loans usually require credit checking, some borrowers have developed certain reluctance to this niche, although there’s no basis for such a perspective. This article describes the types of borrowers who may be interested in such a loan. It also encompasses answers to the most important questions people may have here. This way, you can notice for yourself how many advantages bad credit auto loans actually have.

Categories of potential borrowers

People who have previously filed for bankruptcy may be interested in getting money to buy a car. Here, we must firmly dissociate between auto loans for companies and personal auto loans. Needless to say, if you’ve applied for bankruptcy or insolvency, you should focus on personal loans to get the best rates for your new loan.

People with a less-than-perfect credit history need to know that their score is not relevant for the actual decision of the financial company regarding their applications’ validity; these numbers are used solely to determine the APR associated to the loans.

Concerns explained and answered

What will my monthly payment be? – Again, this depends on a number of factors such as your credit score, your income, value of the car you want to buy, etc. For more information, contact us at and we will assist you right away.

What’s the level of the interest rate I get? – This varies based on active offers and may be diminished at times by a noteworthy percentage.

What’s the down payment required? – Most financial institutions will ask for a down payment, which can be anywhere between 2 and 10 percent from the total value. This can be negotiated and influenced by your credit history. In addition, higher down payments will sometimes determine lower interest rates. In other words, these two variables are sometimes correlated, especially if your credit score is considered good.

What’s the loan amount I can be approved for? – Your monthly income determines the amount you can take out to buy a car; other than that, there are additional variables (with contextual relevance), which can influence the final amount of the loan.

What about cosigner requirements? – The strategy of asking for a cosigner (with a good credit history) to sign along you (assuming your credit score is low), has been developed lately to increase access to bad credit auto loans. Not all lenders ask for a cosigner, so have a good look around before you make a decision – there are a lot of offers available on the market, so choices are almost unlimited.

Do old cars qualify for down payments? – Not always, but this may be the case, based on your location (that is, to the laws in your area of residence) and to the condition of your old car.

Is there a list of cars that can be bought through bad credit auto loans? – There are companies who grant access to any new car and companies who have limitations regarding this aspect.

Is full car insurance required? – As a general rule it is, but it may depend on your insurance policies. This aspect needs to be discussed in detail with the financial company of your preference.

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