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If you’ve ever had an unexpected expense creep up on you, you know that traditional bank loans aren’t the answer. Why? Because a traditional loan rarely has the word ‘urgent’ stamped across the application form. The paperwork alone for traditional personal loans can take days to complete and you have to wait for approval and the funds to reach your bank account.

But this isn’t the worst of it.

- What if you take the time to compile all the necessary documentation for a personal loan, fill in the application form and then get turned down because your FICO score is just slightly too low?

- What if you start the application process but it drags on so long that your unexpected expense puts you too far in debt for your new loan to cover?

- What if you actually manage to get approval from a bank but only for personal loans with very small limits that fail to cover your immediate needs?

In these cases bank loans are a complete waste of time and applying for one could not only increase your debt through delayed payment, it could also damage your already precarious credit score if you get turned down.

The answer to your problem

So if the traditional route of applying for a loan is out, what’s the answer?

The answer is to apply for an instant approval loan through our website. This type of loan is perfect for expenses you failed to budget for but need paying immediately e.g. medical bills, house repairs, auto repairs etc. The benefits of personal loans taken out in this manner include:

So just to reiterate, traditional bank loans are all well and good if you want a relatively large amount of money (banks rarely lend less than $500 at a time) and you aren’t in a hurry to get approved. If your application is urgent though, personal loans arranged through our website are going to be much more beneficial to your needs and a whole lot quicker to apply for. 

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