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Same day payday loans are becoming a very popular short term financial solution for many individuals and it isn’t difficult to see why…

The economy

The American economy is struggling – this is no secret – and as a result the average person is starting to see a negative gap between their monthly income and their regular monthly outgoings. Bills are getting bigger but wages aren’t rising and emergency expenditures, such as auto repairs, can mean mid-month bills don’t get paid. Payday loans can bridge the gap though and in some cases they can prevent expensive bank charges being applied to your bank account.

The convenience

Same day payday loans are quick and easy to apply for. You don’t need to root out bits of paper work from months ago or bank statements showing your monthly expenditure. All you need is:

It takes a traditional bank upwards of a week to approve a loan and transfer the funds into your bank account. This is all well and good under normal circumstances but if you need money quickly then payday loans are much more convenient – as the name suggests you generally receive the loan on the same day as you make the application.

No credit checks

It is very rare for lenders of payday loans to perform credit checks on applicants.


Because they know that on your next payday, when your wages enter your bank account, their money will be debited straight away i.e. they know they will be paid back in full and on time.

This means that anyone with a less than perfect credit history, and even those with no credit history, can apply for and be approved for same day payday loans.

Easy repayment

Lenders of of this kind of loans do tend to be a little bit more lenient than banks when it comes to repaying the loan. If for example you find you can’t pay the entire amount back on your next payday it is often possible to get an extension of another month or two. You will of course need to pay additional interest charges but this is a small price to pay for the knowledge that you aren’t going to be penniless for the following month or two.

Payday loans offer an easy way to get through short term financial problems without the upset of asking friends and family for money, and contrary to popular belief they don’t cost the earth in interest charges.

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