A Word from our CEO

Every day, thousands of Americans find themselves in need of additional funds because of the recent changes in global economy. Even those of us with stable employment know that sometimes a little bit of extra money can make all the difference. Unexpected situations can occur anytime, but nowadays saving money is becoming increasingly difficult.

Over the last few years, it became evident to me that for many people all around the world, taking a loan is often associated with embarrassment, anxiety or even guilt. This has to change - financial products are just like any other products available on the market and there is no need for any kind of stigma to be attached to them. Used responsibly, they can prove beneficial to every consumer and save the day in times of crisis.

Our mission is to make the loan-taking process as easy and stress-free as possible. The idea behind UnitedFinances.com is to provide you with access to a panel of trustworthy and reliable lenders who we have done business with before. Our objective is to simplify every stage of the process so that your easy online application allows us to get multiple offers from our lending partners. This way, you don’t need to look around and compare multiple offers as we do all the hard work for you - you are presented only with the best offers and all you have to do is focus on making a decision.

In this foreword, a word of thanks is fitting and due. I would like to thank all our employees and our management team for their enthusiasm and commitment. Finally, I would like to thank our customers for trusting in what we stand for.

Thank you

Tom Gorski,

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