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Strategically, there’s a huge difference between an unsecured peer-to-peer loan and a loan obtained in a bank or a financial institution, be it online or in a local office. The level of risks associated to the first case is way higher than the one you would experience in the second situation. In other words, the former may be risky, whereas the latter is not. When considering personal loans for our customers, we strongly advise them to visit to find out more about our products and services.

The advantages of getting such loans online or in person are split, with the first option being preferable in most contexts. Listing this opportunities in two separate columns should shed light on this topic.

Applying for bank personal loans in a branch office of a bank

-         Possibility to discuss any unclear aspects right away without unnecessary delays;

-         The application can be filled on the spot and the bank specialist can verify it right away in order to avoid mistakes that would require a second visit to the bank and, implicitly, a delay in the response of the bank;

-         Any additional documents required can be presented directly to the bank agent and verified in the shortest time possible.

Applying for bank personal loans online

-         Save time – you can fill in the application online and submit it directly, thus reducing the amount of time dedicated for the entire process. In addition, there’s no need for waiting in line, driving or walking at all.

-         The information is submitted instantaneously and copies of additional documents (if needed) can be sent on short notice directly to the person in charge of analyzing your application.

-         You can easily save all the information you’re dealing with along the way, so that you don’t have to go through the same process again in the future. This type of optimization is, to some extent, possible in walk-in offices too, but the online alternative is still a lot faster.

-         Getting the information you need for your personal loans is as simple as possible.

-         You can enquire online about any aspect directly or indirectly related to your personal loan.

-         There is no schedule associated to online applications, so customers can access funds anytime, with no limitations on the lender’s part.

-         You can access bank personal loans from anywhere if you have an internet connection, from your desktop, laptop, and even from your mobile.

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