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Getting a loan has never been easier. I didn't have fax anything and there was no unnecessary paperwork. Thank you so much

Jessica, Dallas, TX

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In some countries (USA, parts of the EU, South Korea, etc.), the procedures involved in cash advance payday loans have been optimized in such a way that you should be able to have access to money in a matter of minutes from submitting your application form. This reality is by no means limited to walk-in offices: it is witnessed daily in the online environment.

At, we specialize in providing the information you need to obtain payday loans with minimal effort. In addition, we explain in detail all the facets of these transactions. In the case of cash advances, you basically get two things:

General reasons for applying for such loans

In most cases, clients simply need a financial boost until their next salary; this is the most common scenario and it is basically the reason why cash advance payday loans have been developed in the first place. Apart from that, customers may need fast money because:

Quick list with information you need to prepare for the application

Here are the basic things you have to provide with your application form in order to qualify for payday loans:

  1. ID, phone number and e-mail address;
  2. Proof of income (it depends on the amount of money you ask for);
  3. Commitment to extension periods (this is contextual and it refers to the possibility of you not being able to pay the money back in time. In this case, you may be able to receive an extension period in exchange for an additional fee).

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