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At least seven distinct variables influence the decision of accessing direct payday loans as they have different degrees of importance. It is evident that each and every one of them should be taken into account before deciding between a fast loan offer and another. Actually, in order to optimize the process of getting the best loan for your needs, you need to come up with a perspective which evaluates each weight variable and then assess its relevance in the context.

  1. The documentation required – you won’t be able to access a loan without these, so this steps is compulsory and must be fully met.
  2. Time required for approval – this depends a lot on your needs, but in the context of payday loans it becomes a factor of high importance. In most of the situations, you should be able to get your share of money in the same day or on the next business day.
  3. The APR – one of the most important variables, this shows you how much you get to pay back. However, in the case of direct payday loans, the value of the APR is not as essential as it may seem because the sums involved are small to medium and, consequently, the percentage won’t overwhelmingly influence final costs.
  4. Maximum amount available upon approval – if the sum you need is more than average, this reality may pose certain limitations; still, in most of the situations, it is nothing more than an abstract number.
  5. Trustworthy lenders – if the lender has a network of reliable lending partners, you can rest assured that their financial products (including payday loans) they offer are genuine.
  6. The maximum term for the payday loan – this variable is important when you take into account potential late payments, as it gives you a better perspective on the costs associated to paying the money later than initially stipulated or anticipated. However, some lenders will offer loan term extensions with accessible terms and conditions.
  7. The presence (if applicable) and the costs of the extension fees – this refers to having the opportunity to extend the duration of payday loans; extra fees may apply in this situation.

If you think you’re going to lose money based on the fact that your calculations may be inaccurate, check out our website at for further details and assistance.

At an international level, we distinguish between five ways of applying for such a loan. Although each of these ways comes with special advantages, the online solution is definitely the fastest and the most effective of all:

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