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Getting a loan has never been easier. I didn't have fax anything and there was no unnecessary paperwork. Thank you so much

Jessica, Dallas, TX

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There are hundreds of reasons why you might need fast cash, but there aren’t many places where you can easily get it from in an instant. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place as our trusted lenders often make cash loans offers within minutes of you making an application through our easy-to-use website. We work with a large panel of reliable loan lenders who make it possible for you to receive much needed funds in your bank account within as fast as an hour.

How it works

1. First of all, you need to make an application using the simple form on our website. You don’t need many bits of identification as you would do with a traditional bank loan, so you should have all the documents you need to hand. The form takes no time at all to fill in and once you submit it, you can rely on us to do the rest.

2. Once you submit your application, we send it out to our extensive panel of trusted lenders. Each lender has slightly different qualifying criteria that need to be met, and we start getting decisions minutes after we forward your application to our business partners.

3. Once we have received the decisions, we carefully go through their terms and conditions and only present you with the best offer. The whole process is optimized for speed and efficiency.

Some lenders may ask for additional documents, such as recent wage slips to verify your income, but this only tends to happen when cash loans exceed $750. Following the verification of any additional details, your loan application gets approved and the fast cash you requested is then deposited in the bank account in your name.

4. On the date of your next payday, or on the date agreed with your lender, you pay back your loan plus the lending charges. Most lenders insist on a direct debit agreement being set up at the start of the loan terms, so that the money automatically moves from your bank account to your lenders account. However, some lenders will also agree to a manual payment. Either way, you repay the money owed and the terms of the loan end.

Cash loans offer a secure and reliable way of getting emergency cash in a hurry. You don’t need a perfect credit score or even a good credit score to be approved, so there is virtually nothing stopping you from making an application. We have one of the highest acceptance rates of all websites at present, which really makes us your best bet for hassle-free fast cash available right when you need it.

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