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Defying the basic laws of economics which state that loans are effective if they stretch for years in a row, financial companies worldwide have developed short-term loans to accommodate people who need money until their next salary. These loans have come to be called payday loans, although institutions don’t ask for a proof that the money paid back actually comes from the salary. If, at this point, you want to inquire more about this topic, contact us; at, we offer support and credit optimizations to all our (potential) customers.

There are two types of payday loans from a theoretical perspective: common payday loans and guaranteed payday loans. The first category refers to situations when you need to qualify, whereas the second is open to anybody who has a regular income. Naturally, it is preferable to choose guaranteed payday loans if you have the opportunity to do so because they offer you flexible solutions and an increased range of options to choose from.

Be it online or local, a guaranteed payday loan will have the following characteristics:

  1. The documentation needed is, in most of the cases, limited to an ID card and proof of income.
  2. Further documentation is required in situations when the claim of the customer exceeds certain limits imposed by the financial company in charge. If you want to borrow a sum of money that is larger than their offer, expect to be asked for specific papers to prove your identity and your ability to give the money back.
  3. The interest rate associated to guaranteed payday loans is slightly higher due to the fact that, statistically, such loans are particularly risky for lenders. At the same time, a higher APR would have small impact on your budget if you get the money back in time. A high rate for a small loan is actually insignificant when compared to a small rate for a large loan.
  4. Online payday loan offers are 24/7 so that people who need fast money are able to access them easily. Due to their availability and easy paperwork, they are preferred by people looking for online solutions to their financial problems.
  5. Some companies supporting online loans are able to wire the money straight into your account, thus reducing the amount of time needed for transfers. Moreover, if you posses a debit card or a credit card that is accepted by the guaranteed payday loans institution you’re dealing with, you will have access to the money right away. This is a special trait of online payday loans and it is not often witnessed in the case of local transactions.

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