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Consider the following scenario:

You work a full time job all year and earn enough money to live a comfortable life. You don’t however make enough money to pay for things like holidays, or even weekends away, and you don’t qualify for a bank loan. You haven’t had a holiday for many years but you’d like to visit relatives or friends in the near future. Do you:

  1. Stop paying a few bills so you can afford to have your dream holiday?

  2. Work a second job but at the expense of spending time with your family?

  3. Put your holiday expenses on your emergency credit card and suffer the consequences later?

  4. Apply for one of the holiday loans available from us here at

Obviously the choice is yours but the personal loans available through this website are by far the best and least damaging option available.

The Benefits

Our holiday loans differ from the various other instant approval loans we supply in a number of ways – the most obvious being the amount of time you get to repay the loan. For example, most personal loans from us are paid back within one calendar month or for slightly larger loans within a 3 month period. Loans made with the intention of using the money for a holiday can have up to a 5 year repayment period…and the amount you can borrow is much higher too.

You do still need to meet the requirements of a short term loan though, including:

- having a suitable bank account in your own name

- having an active mobile phone number and email address

- being able to prove your income and that you have been in employment for at least 90 consecutive days

- being able to prove you’re 18 years or older

But if you can do this then any applications for personal loans should be approved, including those for holiday loans.

But won’t it be cheaper in terms of interest to pay for a holiday with a credit card you may ask…

Actually in a lot of cases, it isn’t.

Short term personal loans are known for having quite high interest rates - simply because of the risk involved with approving them – but long term loans, such as those used for holidays can have lower interest rates than a lot of bad-credit credit cards. And this makes them a more sensible choice for your holiday expenses.

Plus, getting a quote doesn’t cost anything so you have no reason not to see how much your long-awaited dream holiday could cost you in the long run.

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