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When most people hear the words ‘internet loans’ they automatically think of extortionate interest rates and the insecurity of borrowing money over the internet. But neither of these stereotypical thoughts can be applied to online personal loans in this day and age.


Because providing you use the right website, such as the one you are using right now, borrowing money over the internet couldn’t be safer. And what’s more, the interest rates charged by most internet lenders are comparable today with those charged by most credit card companies.

Didn’t know that did you?

Let’s look at the security issues first.

Here at, we understand that security is very important to you and so we have made our site and the application process for our personal loans, as safe as is currently possible. None of your details are passed on to third parties that aren’t involved in your loan agreement so you won’t get bombarded with junk mail or phone calls in the future.

In fact, we only act as an intermediary for you and your eventual loan lender so we don’t need confidential information like bank details. And as we only work with providers of internet loans that we know are trustworthy we can guarantee a completely safe transaction.

But what about the high interest rates that are often associated with personal loans taken out over the internet?

Your interest rate will be linked to several factors, including:

Larger personal loans taken out over a longer period of time – for example holiday loans – do tend to have lower interest rates than short term internet loans. Some internet lenders offer interest rates of below 20% for larger personal loans, which is comparable to the interest rates on most credit cards and a lot lower than those charged by bed-credit credit card companies.

So you need to ask yourself, why use a credit card for major expenses e.g. holidays, unexpected medical bills, house or auto repairs etc. when you can apply for a long term internet loan and be approved within hours, and at no extra cost to you? Especially now that reliable financial products are available at a click of a mouse, taking a loan when you need it seems like a good decision to make.

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