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Most online lenders today have adapted to contemporary realities by lowering the number of documents they need for personal loans application. Moreover, the online environment has provided both means and tools necessary to further optimize and simplify each and every step of the process. As a result, the market is more balanced, providing individuals in need of fast cash with offers from both large companies and small businesses.

There are a few factors that simplify the process of lending money. While some of them are strictly related to the way financial institutions and banks craft their offers, others are connected to borrowers’ needs and expectations:

Personal information required by lenders

Knowing the reasons behind loan lenders’ requirements with regard to personal data may be of real help. At the same time, it can can ease some minds along the way. For a detailed explanation, contact us at

  1. ID card required to properly identify the applicant along with his or her age. As a general rule, applicants who have not reached the age of majority do not qualify for such personal loans.

  2. Credit history – for credit check monetary solutions, loan lenders need to know the past financial behavior of the borrower, along with his or her repayments of past loans.

  3. Proof of income or any other job information helps the lender to establish the loan amount which is calculated based on borrower’s financial power to pay back the money on time.

  4. Contact data is used to optimize the communication between the lender and the borrower.

  5. Property ownership – in some cases, it may be important for the lender to know whether the borrower lives in a rented house or owns one. If the latter applies, the house could potentially be used as collateral.

Major types of loans offered by online lenders

There are two distinct types of loans - secured and unsecured, which are irrespective of the common variables (social status; marital status; number of children; amount of fixed income; duration of the loan; rates; etc.). Before you decide to apply for one type or another, you need to know the key differences between the two, as this acknowledgment is the basis for any future decision:

Secured loans – they generally allow to apply for large amounts of money. The interest rates associated to them are quite low;

Unsecured loans – they are much more flexible than their counterpart. The interest rates are slightly higher, but the sum you pay back in the end is not particularly significant.

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