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Issuing financial products to cover today’s need for loans with bad credit has been a top priority for most of the financial companies worldwide. As a result, the degree of specialization has become so relevant that consumers have access to many different opportunities when considering bad credit loans. There are two types of products associated to this scenario:

Traditional products – Following traditional economic rules, these packages tend to mime a regular package (that is, an offer which is not limited by bad credit history) but come with higher APRs.

Specifically adapted products – These offers take into account different variables, thus optimizing the procedure and determining the cases when a given candidate is more likely to qualify for a particular loan.

Needless to say, the second case is preferable for the consumer. For businesses, however, the state of affairs is even more complex. For further details, contact us at

Businesses are encouraged to extend personal loans with bad credit based on a number of very specific reasons. Some of them are directly related to general economic principles, whereas others are more contextual.

  1. The number of people with bad credit history has increased in the past decades; this has led to a change in the way financial companies react to poor records and, implicitly, in the manner in which they reach a decision on such occasions. The rise in the percentage of people with bad credit should translate to a decrease in credibility. However, once these numbers go off the chart, financial institutions are forced to reconsider the very concept of credit history, which eventually leads them to extending the offers for this sector.
  2. The same thing happened at a legislative level, leading to the enforcement of various laws which protect businesses offering loans with bad credit. Specific provisions in the laws prevent businesses from losing money because they are protected against such situations by insurance support. As a result, bad credit loans are often covered by insurance, giving the lender the opportunity to retrieve the money when a loan is not repaid on time.
  3. Statistics show that there are no significant differences in the repayment rates of people with bad credit loans and people with regular loans. Moreover, there is a tendency for many people who have recently failed to pay a credit of being quite obsessed with regularly paying the rates for their loans. The consequence is that businesses are encouraged to attract more people for bad credit loans and to increase their earnings accordingly.

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