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In order to determine the right way of applying for a loan in your particular case, you need to be fully aware of a few distinctions between one form and another. On the Internet, three types of applications can be found:

  1. Applications displaying all the required fields empty, on one single page – they are the most common of all. They come with comprehensive guidelines and intuitive directions.

  2. Applications with pre-filled fields – if the consumer has previously done businesses with the company or if he or she has provided personal information to the company in the past, the online loan application form may have some fields already filled in.

  3. Completely filled applications – they are not very common but can still to be encountered in the niche of pre-approved offers of personal loans. In this situation, all the client has to do is read and sign the papers.

Repayment opportunities displayed in online application forms

Some application forms found online mention repayment opportunities for personal loans. Some actually stipulate that the borrower may choose to pay back the money in equal payments spread over the entire period of the loan. Other options give borrowers the opportunity to pay less in the first part (one third in most scenarios, but this is subject to change, according to specific offers) and more at the end. Finally, some split the payments in such a way as to give borrowers the chance to pay some money back on a weekly basis. However, as repayment rules and regulations are a complex issue, they are rarely presented in an application form. Terms and Conditions of your loan contract are a much better source of information on the subject.

Formats of online applications

Formats featuring the design of the financial company in question are still widely preferred by companies and institutions alike; however, this shouldn’t stop you from adequately filling the form. Online lenders use widely accepted file extensions (from MS Word docs, to editable PDFs) and they also have formats adapted for smartphones and other mobile devices, such as tablets or netbooks.

How fast do lenders reply to online loan application forms?

For loans which require credit check

If the loan is small and the applicant has a good credit history, more often than not the answer is almost instantaneous. For such loans, the procedure has been developed to such an extent as to push the approval process to the limits of formality.

If, on the other side, the loan is large and the credit score is less than perfect or poor, waiting times may be unavoidable. However, even so, the entire course of action should take less than a working day.

For loans which don’t require credit check

Lender reply to such online loan application forms is basically a matter of minutes. This means you can put things in balance in real time and decide on which personal loans you should focus on at that particular moment in time. Ultimately, this financial structure has been optimized to the point where accessing a loan is strictly a matter of your discretion.

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