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Forget about complex terminology and puzzling financial offers: payday loans have recently become so incredibly simple and transparent that you have the chance to get access to money fast even if you are a first time customer. When dealing with direct lenders, you basically need to know three things: what information you are required to provide, what information  you may keep to yourself, and how you can use the money taken from direct lenders to pay older loans.

What lenders ask for

Usually, the list is narrowed down to the items below. Keep in mind that particular situations may call for alternative approaches. In other words, if you don’t fit in the general borrower profile, you may be subject to additional checks.

What lenders usually don’t ask for

This list is limited to the most important aspects:

Paying for another loan with a new one

Taking into account the factors listed above, you should consider the opportunity to pay older loans (either as debt consolidation or not) with the money you borrow. This may be a good idea in the following cases:

  1. When the interest rate offered by payday loans direct lenders is lower than the one of the older loan;
  2. When the additional fees the borrower is exposed to are not too large;
  3. When the borrower is sure about his or her financial ability to pay back the money owed to the payday loans direct lenders on time;
  4. When the old loan or loans have a balance that is overdue.

The circumstances mentioned above are as general as they can get, but rest assured that we will be able to turn your situation around in such a way as to give you the chance to pay back an old loan with new payday loans.

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