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Some financial companies have their own payday loans offers, whereas others present offers of a database of lenders (this means that they may accommodate your needs if and only if you accept the rules and regulations of a second financial company which actually provides the money in the name of the first business). The former case is much more common and it is the subject of this article. Payday loans online direct lenders come in handy when you need small amounts of money for a short-to-medium period of time.

Three elements define the very nature payday loans online direct lenders:

1.     No questions asked. They don’t inquire about how you intend to use the money, which is particularly important if you want to proceed with debt consolidation or simply want to keep your expenses private.

2.     No mandatory credit assessment. In this niche, lenders don't often investigate your credit history as thoroughly as a bank would, so it is possible you won’t be getting a credit check at all for such a loan. For more information about this aspect, let us know your questions at We will be able to both explain to you the details and to guide you in finding the right lender.

3.     Few financial terms involved. For short-term payday loans, lenders have optimized the process. The result is that you don’t get to read or sign countless pages of irrelevant information; instead, everything is kept simple and fast.

Relevant details about payday loans online direct lenders

When to fill in your application form?

Depending on the lender, you can get the money either on the same day, or as soon as possible which is usually on the next working day. If you submit your application early in the day, there's a good chance you will be able to get funds on the same day. This is extremely helpful when it comes to urgent or unexpected expenses.

Does proof of income influence the APR?

It may: there are borrowers who are willing to negotiate the interest rate if your proof of income is fixed and if it is above certain predetermined limits; the same principle applies to credit extension periods and larger amounts of money to be borrowed.

What about covering overdue credit cards?

This is also possible: in this case, the borrower needs to provide the lender with a full insight into his or her credit history and with all the associated documentation, in which case the lender may transfer the money directly to the financial company of reference on behalf of the borrower.

Does owning a house help in any way?

This depends a lot on your lender of preference. When considering the approval of payday loans, direct lenders may be positively influenced by the fact that you have a home.

Can I pay it back in full in advance?

In some cases, you do, but you need to ask the lender about this aspect prior to signing the papers and to check whether there are any fees associated to such a procedure or not.

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