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The variation of loans for poor credit history offered by lenders for individual consumers or companies has come to influence the way in which most of the borrowers decide to approach the situation when they are in need to access poor credit loans; by duration, they can be divided into the three major categories, which further determine the specifics of each type of loan in particular:

  1. Short-term poor credit loans. These loans are approved for a short period of time and borrowers must pay them back within this specific time frame. They feature high APRs and require basic documentation in support of the claim; in most of the cases, they don’t require a credit check. Poor credit loans for short periods of time are specific to payday loans businesses and they may be featured by banks and other financial institutions under certain economic circumstances.
  2. Medium-term poor credit loans. Among these loans, there are: car loans; loans extended by credit cards companies; and regular loans featured by banks and credit unions. In order to access such loans, the financial companies releasing the loan demand to inquire the credit history of the borrower; also, the borrower is required to bring income documents in support of the application for a loan. The interest rates featured by all loans of such kind are higher than usual and consumers agree upon that as they may be able to benefit of reduced rates later on, once their credit score will improve.
  3. Long-term poor credit loans. This type of loans is approved for long periods of time and they usually concern mortgage purposes and similar destinations. At times, the purchase of a car or of a similar asset may lead to such loans if the amount of money needed is high enough as to justify the effort. The use of collateral in such situations is demanded and the asset purchased is usually the one used for such purpose; there may be situations when the financial institution extending the credit asks for additional collateral and it is in borrower’s obligation to provide that. These loans require proof of income and credit check and the APR featured is always higher than the one specific for similar loans; the borrower may be able to refinance the loan in the future as soon as the credit score will have been improved and, on such basis, to benefit of lower interest rates.

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