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A poor credit history is the number one reason why banks say no to unsecured loans, but it is not something you can fix in a matter of days, weeks or even months. This means that if you need an unsecured loan but your FICO score is low, the bank is not the first place you should think of approaching.

Where should you go?

You have found the perfect place for unsecured bad credit loans right here. The lenders that make up our panel here at don’t make their decisions based on:

All our lenders want to know when it comes to unsecured bad credit loans is – can you afford to repay the loan plus the interest charges within the specified time from your regular income?

If you think you can and you’re happy to agree to the terms and conditions of the loan, then one of our lenders will be happy to approve your loan application.

Because unsecured loans are something of a risk to a lender, you may find that the amount you can borrow in the first instance is limited. But by a process of ‘borrow and repay’, you can increase the funds available to you quite quickly.

What does ‘borrow and repay’ mean?

Simply put:

- You apply for and borrow a small amount, for example $100, in the form of an unsecured loan.

- You then repay the loan along with the interest charge on or before the date specified in the contract.

- You repeat the process or borrowing and repaying, taking several unsecured bad credit loans one after the other, making sure you always pay the outstanding debt in full and on time.

- After several successful loans your lender will increase the maximum amount you can borrow, maybe up to $500, because they will see you are a reliable borrower.

Not only does this process mean you can get approval for larger unsecured loans quite quickly, but it also helps to improve bad credit scores and goes some way to repairing your poor credit history.   

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