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It wasn’t all that long ago that that when people wanted to borrow money, their options were limited to either the local bank, or good friends and family. Things began to change gradually about fifty years ago when banks discovered that there were large profits to be made from lending money in the form of personal loans.

Sadly, things began to get out of hand and banks gradually become far too liberal when lending money. As a result, the new form of liberal banking led to the sub-prime mortgage collapse of 2008, from which the United States is now beginning to recover.

Nowadays, banks and credit card companies are very reluctant to lend money, even to people who are able to provide collateral when they apply. Instead, being in regular employment is now regarded as the best form of collateral that anyone can provide when applying for a loan. That’s the reason why over the last few years the payday loans industry has sprung up.

Payday loans are a form of personal loans with the borrower putting up their next salary as collateral. As a general rule, personal loans were designed to help people who found themselves with a short term cash flow problem. Taking a loan allowed them stretch their budget until the next payday without having to face additional costs and complications of not paying their bills or postponing necessary home repairs. Ideally, the loan amount should be equal to a percentage of your next salary. What is more, each time a you take a loan, you should have the capability of paying it off on a fairly online loans same day short term basis.

As the payday loan industry evolved, the public began to appreciate the benefits of having someone to talk to about their short term credit problems. It didn’t take too long for a common language to be found, especially among customers with a negative credit report who were denied any form of installment loans from traditional bank institutions. Bad credit holders quickly took advantage of personal loans because of their flexibility and straightforward procedures.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s short term or long term installment loans you are looking for, you will quickly learn that applying for such a loan is a very straightforward procedure. To begin with, application can be carried out online in the comfort of your own home and whenever you have time to do it. Once you submit a few personal details, the payday loan company is able to instantly decide whether you are liable to receive a loan, and advise you of all interest rates and monthly payments. Once all the terms and conditions have been settled, all that is required is to scan and e-mail a copy of a recent pay slip, valid bank account details, and a form of identification including a photograph.

If all goes according to plan, the money can be deposited into your bank account within a matter of hours. This way, you can enjoy more financial freedom thanks to the new generation of installment loans.

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