Ready To Buy Your First Dream Home In Belfast?

This article looks at suggested routes for buying your ideal home in Belfast, a city packed with culture, great shopping, entertainments, history and excellent employment prospects.

Why Belfast?

Northern Ireland is an excellent place to live and Belfast is the city of choice for young professionals looking to live close to their place of work in the city, whilst taking advantage of the wide range of amenities available. House prices soared in the city in the run-up to the credit crunch in 2008 as Ireland enjoyed its rapid growth as a new economic tiger, spurred on by the growth in its service industries. However, since then, the global economic crisis has taken its toll and house prices have begun to become more affordable again, particularly for first time buyers who are keen to get their feet on the property ladder.

A Wide Range Of Properties

The good news is that there are many    excellent houses for sale in Belfast and affordability is good. Salaries in the city may be slightly lower than for the UK as a whole, but Belfast and its surrounding areas also enjoy a slightly lower cost of living, meaning that affordability overall is good. There are a wide range of different property types too, with recent investment in the city meaning that high quality new builds are very much in evidence, as well as older home renovations and classic terrace houses.

Terrace Houses

Terraces have long been favourites for first time buyers because they are solidly built, often spacious inside and offer a good balance of space for cost, with good construction, original features and attractive designs. They are easy to maintain and manage and cheaper to heat too than bigger detached houses. Smaller back gardens or yards are also desirable for young working people, who lack the time needed to tend a garden and terraces in Belfast also tend to be very well positioned for local transport, shopping, the city centre and other amenities. If you dream of owning your own terrace, then you will find excellent houses for sale in Belfast of this type.

New Builds

Other buyers prefer new build properties and there are plenty of development projects within the city offering high-spec and yet affordable new build apartments and homes. These are great for people who don’t want to spend money updating or refreshing a home and want to move in immediately and benefit from its new construction, energy efficient features, compact space and community environment. Most new builds are stylish and well thought out and designed for modern working people. They are often offered with stylish kitchens and bathrooms already installed and incentive cash payments may be offered to help with deposits or initial furnishings. There a number of highly recommended developments in and around the city and your estate agent can advise you further.

In conclusion, Belfast is a great choice for a city to settle in and to get your foot on the property ladder as you will find excellent houses for sale in Belfast to suit all tastes and budgets.