Discover the Unique Amenities LAX Has to Offer

If you are getting ready to visit Los Angeles International Airport for a layover, or are setting off on a new travel adventure, get ready to turn your day at LAX into a mini-getaway. For example, if you own the best jet card available to you, you will spend a lot of time exploring airports, and LAX is no different! We’ll walk you through all of the unique amenities that LAX has to offer, and help you discover the top things to do during your time at this stunning west coast airport.

When it comes to traveling and exploring a new place, using luggage storage will help you to discover your destination while being hands-free. You can take advantage of all of the amazing amenities around you by using luggage storage in LAX to keep your bags safe and sound. Simply book online for an affordable and flexible experience that will allow you to walk around downtown, or explore all that the airport has to offer, without having to carry a huge suitcase or heavy bag.

LAX also offers free, unlimited wifi to help you stay connected while traveling through the airport. Let your friends and family know where you are, and stay in the loop on your socials by enjoying this complimentary service. After you have stored your bags, and have logged onto the wifi, start your morning with a warm latte and a breakfast sandwich from one of LAX’s many coffee bars. You can even order your meal straight from your phone, and have your items delivered right to your terminal. 

Once you have had your breakfast fix, spend your day shopping away at the stunning stores in LAX. If you have never been to the Great Hall at the Tom Bradley International Terminal, then you are in for a treat. This luxurious space is inspired by the stores on Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive, and includes some of the top designer brands from around the world. If this is your first time visiting California, LAX also has several Hollywood-inspired souvenir shops for you to pick up a So-Cal t-shirt, or a surf city postcard. The airport also features several book stores, electronic stores, cosmetic stores, and newsstands for you to grab any last-minute items you might need for your flight. 

After your day of shopping, rest your body by enjoying a luxurious airline club lounge, or even by relaxing in an LAX spa. The best way to start off your vacation is to pamper yourself and treat your tight muscles with a soothing massage. Simply go to Terminal 1, where you can find a full service haven of relaxation. Once your body is rested, head over to one of the delicious restaurants so that you can fill up on some yummy food, while enjoying all that LAX has to offer. Whether you are in the mood for some exotic asian cuisine, or some savory seafood, you will be sure to fall in love with all of the restaurant options available. 

If you are traveling with your family or any little ones, take some time in the afternoon to discover all of the children’s amenities that LAX has to offer. For families with young children, a long day at the airport may seem daunting. However, LAX will have you feeling like life’s a beach, with their beach-themed children’s play area. This colorful play space features a slide, interactive activities, as well as beach-themed displays on the walls. Your children will love running around and exploring this interactive area, while meeting news friends, and engaging in fun activities. If you are traveling with a baby, you will fall in love with LAX’s beautiful and spacious nursing mother’s room. This charming space can accommodate multiple nursing mothers, and is the perfect place for you to get away, for some quiet time with your baby. The rooms come complete with a comfortable bench area for seating, multiple power outlets, a sink, a changing table, as well as bathrooms. 

Another unique amenity that LAX has to offer is their incredible art displays. The airport was built with an amazing design aesthetic that pays tribute to the diversity of our world, and is home to the LAX Art Program, which features memorable art exhibits and performances to enhance the travel experience at LAX. Art from local and regional artists is featured throughout the terminals to celebrate the region’s creative caliber. You will love exploring the art scene at LAX, and taking in the beautiful paintings and sculptures across the airport. The exhibits frequently change, so there is always something new to see. The airport also features live music and shows to entertain travelers, so be sure to ask if there will be any performances on the day of your visit!

After you have explored all of these unique amenities, grab some grub for dinner at one of LAX’s delicious restaurants. If you are in the mood for some classic American fare, grab a beef burger and shoestring fries in Terminal 4. For upscale dining, stop by Terminal 6 for pizza, pasta, or a healthy salad. If you have a sweet-tooth, stop by a bake shop or an Irish pub, to get a pastry, milkshake, or some rich chocolate cake. Whichever restaurant you choose, you will be sure to love all of the amazing dining options. 

Once your belly is full, get some shut-eye while you wait for your flight, and enjoy one of LAX’s comfy seating areas. The LAX airport is home to over a dozen lounges, many of which feature food, drinks, and amazing amenities. Some terminals also have couches, benches, armchairs, and you can even ask for a blanket, if you have an overnight layover. Make sure to set your alarm on your phone, and to grab some noise-canceling headphones if you want some extra peace and quiet while you rest. 

All in all, you will love spending the day at LAX, and enjoying all of the unique amenities that this world-class airport has to offer. Remember to schedule in some time for some pampering, and to store your luggage, to enjoy your day at LAX to the fullest. Happy traveling!