Best Saving and Investment plans of Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance Company

Company Overview:

The vast joint conglomerate of Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company Limited was unveiled in 2008 with two public sector banks Canara Bank holding a stake of 51% and Oriental Bank of Commerce 23% respectively, with HSBC Insurance (Asia Pacific) Holdings Limited (26%), the Asian insurance arm of one of the world’s largest banking and financial services group – HSBC. With this launch, the company gained access to a pan-India network of over 10,000 branches of bank partners and a customer base of over 115 million.

Policy Model:

Since inception, the focus of Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance Company Limited has been to meet the diverse needs of the customers during their life cycle. The financial strength, expertise and “Trust” brought in by the partners have resulted in designing an inclusive product suite that facilitates penetration across urban, semi-urban and rural markets. The plethora of plans ensure guaranteed lifetime income, savings for the education of children, marriage and other similar important family events and lastly, assured retirement buildup.  These plans offer comprehensive protection and savings through guaranteed endowment and customized solutions for discerning individuals. They offer both online and offline modes of purchase,

Category of Plans:

Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company Limited offers a spectrum of plans that are broadly categorized into three, with several variants in each:

  • Traditional
  • ULIP and
  • Online.

Best Savings and Investment Plans:

Of the variety of plans on offer by the Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company Limited, let us limit our focus on the best savings and investment plans. In the Life Insurance scenario, if you are looking for the fundamental safety of your investment and are satisfied with conservative returns of your savings, it is traditional policies you are looking for. Else, if you are a bit adventurous and ready to play with the market forces for your returns, ULIP should be your choice.

  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC) Life Insurance Jeevan Nivesh Plan:

It is a savings plan that offers you whole life protection and generation of wealth. It demands a onetime investment assuring a lifetime of regular returns. You are enabled to strategize your future finance, be it your child’s education, marriage or your own retirement with peace of mind.

  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance  Money back Advantage Plan:

It is a plan that assures periodic payouts as well as lump sum payment on maturity. It caters for your various planned milestones to meet aspirations. 

  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Smart Junior Plan:

As a parent, it is your cherished desire to let your children have the best education in consonance with his potential and ambitions. This plan is tailor-made for your needs. It is an endowment life insurance plan that allows your child to access the best educational avenues which you have planned in advance. It is so designed that the payouts are matched with your child’s milestones during the last 5 years of the policy.

  • Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance POS (Easy Bima Plan):

It is a term life insurance that is affordable but at the same time ensures protection of your family. It offers double life cover in case of accidental death and allows you the option of flexible premium payment.

  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Smart Suraksha Plan:

You are offered protection with life insurance cover as well as an option against accidental death and disability. Incentives in the form of low premium for non-smokers or users of tobacco, rebate for women customers make this plan unique.

  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Smart Future Income Plan:

You are offered some unique features for advance planning of your twilight years. You are provided with a guaranteed monthly income for 15 years to enable you to lead a blissful life. Annual and Final Bonuses give you a lump sum reserve of money. You are additionally given a life cover of twenty five years.

  • Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance Smart Monthly Income Plan:

Your journey in life will lead you to a stage where you will long to live a peaceful comfortable life. Your advance planning with this plan will ensure that you achieve what you have aspired for without worrying about your finances.

This plan offers you basket of benefits including a Guaranteed Monthly Income for 15 years, coupled with a lump sum legacy for your loved ones. It will cover your life risk for 25 years.

  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Samridh Bhavishya Plan:

It is a retirement plan that helps you plan for finances post retirement. The plan safeguards a regular income throughout your life commencing with your retirement. It provides an option for you or your partner to receive regular payments till death. You are also offered flexibility to fix periodicity to receive annuity payments.

  • Life Insurance Smart Immediate Income Plan of Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce:

It is a retirement benefit plan that assures post retirement regular income in the form of annuities paid in installments till you are alive. It ensures that you lead an independent blissful existence in the dusk of your life along with your partner who too is covered. It allows you the flexibility to choose the frequency of the annuity payout.

  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Titanium Plus Plan: It is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan yet savings and protection oriented. You have an option of single, limited or regular premium in this plan. Other options are partial withdrawals to meet financial contingencies. You are offered unmatched flexibility customized to maximize your returns.
  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Platinum Plus Plan: It is a protection oriented Unit Linked Insurance Plan. You have multiple options of single, limited or regular premium and also facility of partial withdrawals to meet unplanned financial contingencies. You are offered unmatched flexibility customized to meet your goals and changing requirements.
  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Smart Future Plan: It is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan where you choose terms of both policy and premium as per your earning capacity. It is a long term flexible plan designed to provide for your family in all eventualities.
  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Smart Goals Plan: It is a flexible Unit Linked Insurance Plan which helps you plan your financial roadmap which enables you to fund your goals without cutting any corners.
  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Smart Goals Plan: It is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan which helps you with life cover up to 99 years of age as you also build your wealth along.
  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Secure Bhavishya Plan: It is a retirement benefit Unit Linked Insurance Plan which helps you to build, enhance and protect your retirement corpus through judicious equity participation. It offers a retirement solution for a retired life free of tension.
  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Smart One Pay Plan: It is a single premium Unit Linked Insurance Plan which helps you to strategize your needs during the different stages of life with periodic payouts.
  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Insure Smart Plan: It is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan that helps you to create wealth by paying 5 premiums for life cover of 10 years. You are also offered an option in 6 available funds as per your risk inclination.
  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance ShubhLabh Plan: It is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan ensures you the freedom to invest as per your choice and at the same time receive life cover. You are free to set your financial goals be it your retirement or raising a child.
  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Future Smart Plan: It is designed for your child with features of a Unit Linked Insurance Plan. It ensures that you are able to fulfill your child’s dreams and aspirations even if you are unfortunately not around with a comprehensive cover. 
  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Grow Smart Plan: It is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan that provides for financial shield for your spouse with a cover for whole life. It is an affordable insurance plan with lifelong cover despite limited duration payment of premium.
  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Investshield Plan: It is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan that provides for your major financial needs with a choice of additional protection through Accident Death Benefit and Premium Funding Benefit. 
  • Online Plans:

You can choose to purchase a plan with a few clicks if you are computer savvy and prefer online operations. There are plans like Invest 4G and Iselect Term Plan to attract the discerning customer in you. While the former is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan the latter is a Term Plan. Both these plans aim at maximizing returns on your investments while providing you protection with life cover.


When it comes to choosing the best Savings and Investment plan offered by the Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company, you are spoilt for choice. With a formidable bouquet of plans, the company is able to woo you with further tailor made customization to make you feel special.

What is a Mutual Fund?

In the simplest terms, a mutual fund is a portfolio of managed stocks or bonds, or both. It is a company which brings together several groups of people and invests, on their behalf, money into a portfolio. Each investor then owns shares within the mutual fund, and this represents a small portion of its overall holdings.

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When you invest in a mutual fund, it is a lot different to investing in stock shares. Unlike stock shares, a mutual fund’s shares are representative of investments in several different stocks instead of just one stock, bond or holding. In addition to this, a mutual fund does not provide its investors with any voting rights in companies.

There are several mutual funds advantages and they are well worth looking into if you wish to begin investing or diversifying your current portfolio.

#1: Types of Mutual Fund

There are several types of mutual fund and it is important to understand that each of these types have a different risk/reward factor. Generally speaking, the higher your potential returns are from a mutual fund, the higher your risk of loss.

Three of the more common types of mutual fund are:

  • Income Funds which provide investors with a steady and regular income, and this is their sole purpose: to provide a steady cash flow to those who invest in them. Investors in income funds usually invest into corporate and government debts.

  • Bond Funds are actively involved in investing and trading in various bonds. They are managed actively and their purpose is to buy bonds at a low price and sell them on for a profit, and are likely to return more money as a result.

  • Balanced Funds are a safer option and provide income and capital appreciation alongside a safety net. Balanced funds invest in fixed incomes and equities at a 6:4 ratio.

#2: Picking a Mutual Fund

With so much choice far exceeding the above, choosing a mutual fund can seem dizzying.

The best strategy is to always pick a mutual fund that best reflects an investment strategy with which you are familiar with or have dabbled in previously. This will reduce the inherent risk and provide you with the opportunity to learn about mutual funds in depth, whilst still benefitting from having invested in one. When you are ready, you can invest in other types of mutual fund.

#3: Finding Mutual Funds

Thanks to the internet, finding mutual funds has been made very easy. All mutual funds companies have their own websites and so by simply searching Google, you can unearth a whole host of different providers.

There are even mutual fund “search engines” that can help you track down the perfect one for you. The likes of LipperLeaders and MAXFunds are trusted online services and have been helping normal people track down and invest in mutual funds for years.

If you are looking to invest in something, it may be worth considering a mutual fund if you want to diversify your portfolio with minimal effort.

How to Refinance Your Mortgage with Bad Credit

Are you thinking you can’t refinance your mortgage because your credit score is bad? Don’t keep such thinking because actually, you can. You cannot get access to best loan terms with the lowest interest rates, but you can refinance your mortgage with bad credit. Here are some ways to do that.

Make your application more attractive

Bad credit score borrowers are always considered risky borrowers by the lenders. If you want to refinance with bad credit, you have to show any quality of yours to them that proves you are responsible and you will be able to pay the down payments of your mortgage loan. Show them that you have a stable income. Your refinancing application might get rejected if your income level is not stable.


Look into government refinance loans

There are different government programs available which help people in refinancing their mortgage with bad credit and help in reducing the size of their mortgage down payments.

Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) helps homeowners in lowering their mortgage bills to at least 31% of their monthly income.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is an agency which offers free housing counselors to discuss various available options with you. Discussing with an expert and knowing his or her opinion is always a good idea when you are refinancing your mortgage.


Show your savings to lenders

Draw the attention of a lender by showing that you have savings with you in order to refinance your mortgage with a bad credit. Lenders want borrowers to have some funds saved with them like an emergency fund so that you can pay your loan even in an unexpected situation.


Ask someone to co-sign

If you are not sure whether you can refinance your mortgage with bad credit, then find a family member, business partner or a close friend who can co-sign your mortgage loan. Be sure to choose someone for the co-signing who has a good credit score and is financially stable; otherwise, it will not help you in refinancing.


Apply for an FHA refinance loan

You may be eligible for an FHA streamline refinance. Through this program, your refinance application process gets simple as it lowers the amount of paperwork applicants need to complete for refinancing. In this program, you are not required to show an increment in your income level.

Before approving you for an FHA streamline refinance loan, the lender will check your credit score. Lenders expect a minimum credit score of 640, but you may qualify for this loan with a low credit score of 600. FHA streamline refinance programs are also available for those who have access to VA and USDA loans.




Refinancing your mortgage with a bad credit is a little bit difficult but not impossible. With the above mentioned ways, you can lower your interest rate or reduce the down payment size and can refinance your mortgage even with the bad credit.


Try to build a better credit score by keeping a regular check on your credit report, get rid of all your debts and make your credit report look better by removing negative information.

You can convert your bad credit score into a good one if you seriously work on it. Refinancing your mortgage is an important task, so try to maintain a good credit score to avoid any difficulty, and if your credit score is bad, then follow the strategies in order to refinance your mortgage.

Why Security for Your Business Is Essential for Building Client Trust

When you are looking to build quality relationships with clients, the best thing you can do is to make sure their needs are taken care of. This can be especially important when you are considering clients’ security and keeping their information safe from those who would abuse it. There are several ways to keep data from getting stolen, and they don’t require much effort.

Here are some reasons why you want to be extra diligent when dealing with customers’ security in order to build trust.

Clients’ information is valuable

No one likes to feel as though they are sharing more than they should, or that certain details about themselves will be given to people that shouldn’t have them. This can be even more of a concern when you are running a business and customers are sharing their home address, credit card information, and even their social security numbers. Many businesses have trouble convincing potential clients that their data is safe, and this can end up hurting business overall while creating a bad reputation.

Lost information can ruin a business

For many businesses that have access to customers’ most important data, losing information through hacking or carelessness can ruin the relationships that they have built. This is why many companies choose to store their data in other places, such as virtual data rooms. By storing important documents and data in another location, you are less likely to have precious data stolen or used for purposes other than for your business. Depending on the industry and what kind of company you run, losing data can cause irreparable harm and ruin a once-glowing reputation.

It can help bring in new clients

Most potential clients are unlikely to want to sign up for your services unless they feel as though you have some security measures in place. Customers are right to be skeptical—it is very common to have information stolen, even from large-name businesses. It is your job to share with them the security measures you have put in place and what efforts you have made to make sure that their data is safe and sound.

It’s not difficult to protect data

One of the biggest misconceptions when dealing with security and a business is that it can be difficult to keep information safe. The truth is that there are a number of easy things you can do, such as change your password often and require security questions, that are easy to implement and add an extra layer of security. Not only does it help to keep customers’ information safe, but it also helps them to feel as though you are taking extra precautions toward making sure that data is not lost.

Keeping clients’ data safe is an essential part of running a business in this day and age. As more and more information is shared online, it’s up to businesses to keep this in mind and to make efforts in order keep clients feeling as though they care about their security.

How Having a Few Payment Options Can Help Your Business Succeed

Reaching customers is all about having options and being able to find the right buyers for your business. It’s a good idea to give them choices and to be willing to open up certain options in order for them to feel comfortable with using your product or service. Clients like to feel as though they have a say in the purchasing process, and by offering a few different payment methods, you are showing that you care about their experience working with your company.

Here are some reasons you might want to consider having a few payment options available for your business.

It builds customer trust

A new client does not have a reason to trust you other than by your reputation and by word-of-mouth. Many times, you have to build that trust over time and by offering them your expertise, either through articles on your company blog or through direct interaction. Offering several payment methods also shows that you are a quality company that wants to meet customers where they are at. While the cost of merchant services can be a concern, it’s often worth it in order to show clients that you want their business.

It offers you support

Having a few payment options not only benefits clients, it also can help you, as well. Managing returns, dealing with late payments, and disputes with customers can be difficult to handle well and on your own. However, having an intermediary can go a long way toward handling situations smoothly. Many credit card and online payment options offer their merchants help when dealing with unhappy customers, and these customers often are more willing to work with them if they are frustrated with your business.

It makes transactions easier

Keeping track of all your payments through check and money order can be frustrating, and it can be easy to miss transactions. With credit card and online payments, you don’t need to keep your physical statements, and it’s simple to look up what transaction occurred when once tax season rolls around. Bookkeeping can be a difficult aspect of any business, but when you have several payment options for customers to choose from, it can be much better to track and submit to your accountant.

It’s the way of the future

More and more business is coming from purchases online, and credit cards and payment systems like Paypal are starting to take over. Because of how easy it is for clients to make purchases and the way ecommerce is growing, it’s likely that cash, check, and money orders will become less and less common. While you might not want to forgo having cash as an option altogether, especially when you have a physical store, it’s worth it to consider having other methods available as payments continue to gravitate to electronic.

Running a business requires always updated to meet clients’ needs. When you offer a few payment options, you are showing them that you are still interested in working with them over the long term and that you are happy to meet them where they are at.

Artificial Intelligence under the aspect of Wealth Management Robo Advisory

Robo advisors are basically known as the medium of the digital set of platforms that are providing ahead with the automated as well as the algorithm based financial planning services. It is to be all done with the assistance of the no-human-supervision. In the last few decades, the financial technology companies have elevated the robo advisors in terms of handling more set of the complex tasks. In all such tasks, they are bringing out with the performance of the tax loss harvesting, plus with the investment selection and also the access of the retirement planning. If you want to start using the robo-advisor, then most of the services will first of all request the customers to straightaway log into the application and then respond the short survey that is all about their future goals and current financial situation. The software will, later on, be using the data for the sake of analyzing the range of the user’s current financial standing. Let’s make you learn about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Field of Robo-Advisory!

The convenience of Wealth Management for the Applications:

    Right through the use of wealth management, these applications are getting the convenience as where the industries are getting experienced growth. The assets which these digital tools will be managing hence potentially grow with around $5-$7 trillion by the year 2025 in place of US alone. By means of providing with the range of head-to-head comparison of artificial-intelligence-powered robo-advisors, we are all aiming in providing all the business leaders with the complete range of overview for the artificial intelligence backed capabilities of five different types of the robo advisor firms.

Behind the background of Robo-advisors and Artificial Intelligence:

        In the course of artificial intelligence, the user will be getting an account and hooks in the different bank places and so as the investment accounts. They will straightforward be submitting their financial goals. The robo advisor will be providing the users with the quick set of the balanced portfolio in the assets. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Field of Robo-Advisory is all tailored to risk the profile of the user.  In the past, one such kind of the balanced portfolio was designed by the human advisor group. Some of the robo advisors will be claiming to re-balance with some set of portfolios that are all based on the state of the market, as well as the financial standing of the user, or other factors.

Robo-advisors are among the one who first of all experience the changes in the Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the past few years, there have been so many more changes that are coming into view as in affecting the financial set of firms. This will be including the changes in how the business has been performing and about their relationship with the clients. In future, these changes will continue to take place as because of automation.

This was the complete details behind the concept Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Field of Robo-Advisory! It is definitely bringing revolutions!

MYfintec Review – Trading Forex and Cryptocurrency With The Best Broker


With a rapidly growing global population dealing in CFD today, many online brokers continue to stream in the marketplace. One worrying but the very essential thing in such an investment is the growing rate of scammers who claim to offer the services.

But as an investor in either cryptocurrency, CFDs, stocks, foreign exchange or commodities, it is crucial to engage a trustworthy and highly recommended agent. Are you looking for a desirable and reputable option today?

Good news is the MYfintec platform which was launched nine years back is here to protect your finances and give a smooth investing process without the fear of getting duped. The platform has its head office in the Marshall Islands, New Guinea and run by a Kin Family.

It is one of the listed dealing firms bringing in your decision-making process extraordinarily stress-free and enjoyable. The platform has an aim to offer the essential requirements for all potential traders including both the novice and well-experienced.

Why opt for

Among the enormous problems in this marketplace includes lack of experience and sincere brokers. But this trading platform,, assures and provides accurate and authentic information regarding the products offered. Though the site has not existed for centuries, this online dealer, MYfintec, has penetrated and become well-known in the market and attracting many traders. This platform will not let you regret your decision through the ultimate unique and manageable features.

And at this time, MYfintec boasts of the many traders who have experienced and used the offered trading incentives. The highly experienced staff are combining efforts to confirm the commitment to be the leading and the best-listed agency in the market.

This article describes to you what makes MYfintec ( among the best select brokers and all that you get to benefit from the irresistible trade. You need to get into business with this flexible and highly dependable platform and below are some facts about its features.


  • The Platform’s Products and Assets


Tradologic Contact for Difference (CFD)

MYfintec is highly committed to remaining popular and the best choice for its traders now and everlasting times. For the many years of existence, the brokers have stayed faithful to the primary focus on attracting and getting many new clients. Through the inward determination to be unique and serve differently from what the competitors do the platform keeps receiving new account openings. The Tradologic Contract for Difference (CFD) software has enabled them to provide a smooth and all-in-one trading experience.

One important thing not to forget about MYfintec is the incredible trading openings. Despite the fact it is mainly known for forex and cryptocurrency trading, it is true this is not all you manage to trade through this broker. You also get access to a multitude of exotic currencies such as Turkish Lira, Hong Kong and Singapore Dollars, South African Rand and CFDs and the assets include Litecoin and Bitcoin, stocks, indices, beverages like wheat, coffee, corn, platinum, gold, silver and gas and oil.


  • The Diverse Account Options


Once you decide on the great offers from MYfintec, the next important step to your trade relationship is getting signed up on it. On this online platform, the process is straightforward and does not require any expertise. As a trader, it is necessary you key in information including your real names, working email addresses, choose a password and specify on the preferred trade currency as per your location.

As it is a routine in any official business transaction, it is essential and advisable you provide truthful information. Being part of this useful platform I not different, the accuracy helps prevent any future troubles with your account and the verification process. Once you enter the details, you receive a notification to prove your identity and even the address.

In case of any incorrect info, your future fund deposits and withdrawals will be hard and very frustrating. To avoid this trouble and have smooth trades, it is better to give proper and up to date details. However, in case of any mistakes done, one can send a request to and inform of your intention immediately; not later than 7 days.

Account types

For the registering process to complete successfully, every trader must select one account which is satisfying. MYfintec understands the vast range of the customers who trade with them and offers different account types. The platform provides unique five options which are catering for the different skills and experiences of the potential traders. The available categories include:


  • Basic Account


To qualify and successfully sign up for such an account type, a deposit of at least EUR 500 and a maximum of EUR 2,500 is required. It is mainly recommended for starters. The benefits of considering such an investment include the trading alerts and advanced charts; the signals are sent to you once a day. However, in one month, you also enjoy two trading terms with 24/5 customer care.  

The education center on the platform is partly accessible by you. You also enjoy an approximated 10% leverage, plus up to 30% loyalty bonus of up to 30%. You can access and use the junior account manager for two weeks.


  • Silver Account


Most of the features of the silver account are comparable to the basic type as discussed above.  The main difference comes on the needed deposit which starts at EUR 2,500 and the maximum being EUR 10,000. Also, the leverage quantity is different coming to about 20%, and two times trading sessions every week.


  • Gold Account


The traders deciding for this account must pay the least of EUR 10,000 and maximum of EUR 50,000. On top of the similar features of the two accounts above, this type also offers webinars and exclusive updates. The privileges here include the full-time available education center, two times signals in a day, unlimited senior and junior account manager and available trading sessions in three times a week. Its leverage is about 30%.


  • Platinum Account


The incomparable account opens when you deposit a minimum of EUR 50,000 or the high amount of EUR 250,000. As an added benefit, in this account, the offered loyalty bonus goes up to 40%. It also provides trading signals three times a day, supports SMS trading alerts and even the money management.


  • Diamond Account


Having this account option means you only need to deposit the minimum amount of EUR 250,000 since there is no highest invested amount. Consequently, the MYfintec platform offers up to 50% of a loyalty bonus, unlimited trading signals, and leverage to your account.


  • Convenient Deposit options


Convenience to all the users is a fundamental thing to MYfintec many times. The platform is set up always to avail quick online deposit opportunities. Besides, multiple currencies are allowed through the various acceptable methods. The platform creates a more comfortable environment for all traders to grant the brokerage demands.

Your account can run with either the Great Britain Pound (GBP) or Euros (EUR) currency with 500 as the lowest deposited amount for both. MYfintec charges no fee during any incurred outside platform fund transfers, for instance to your local bank which is likely to credit you for the transaction.

The payments must be to or from an individual’s bank account or a debit or credit card holding similar name to the one provided during registration. Always remember that a non-member cannot send you any amount at a time. Also, for the existing joint accounts, any deposit made must have the name in the trading account as entered during registration for verification.

The funding options allowed are from all the leading bank’s credit cards, either your Visa or MasterCard. The interbank money gets sent quickly unlike the wire transfer option which may last and complete within three to seven days.  To achieve a deposit, all you need is to visit the site and select the green button, then proceed as desired by you. In case you get stuck the support team are reachable day in day out.

There is no need to worry about the fund’s security; none can access your account since the password the platform never shares with anyone else. The invested amounts also kept in an isolated bank account, so at no time will MYfintec use or access it. The agency values your privacy.


  • Withdrawal


The platform also offers an uncomplicated and hassle-free process to all traders as it happens in the deposits. The fixed least removed amount either from your credit, debit cards or bank account, stands at 100 EUR/GBP. Also, PayPal and Neteller, the online options are permitted too. The online services last three trading days to complete while wire transfers become successful between 7 to 10 days.

For every withdrawal, there is an imposed fee; however, the good news is, MYfintec works to reduce the trader’s charges by providing one free removal in a month. After this, any added transaction attracts the average EUR 25, processing fee; this process includes confirmation sometimes, and staff from MYfintec communicates if necessary. The goal of MYfintec is to make it easy for traders to deposit as well as withdraw money from their account.


  • User-Friendly Platform


Some top trading platforms make it hard for users to navigate on their sites in as much as it should be an interactive place. The complex and inflexible look keeps off a good number of interested traders. At such a point, comes in to help traders overcome the understanding process.

The platform created a user-friendly and straightforward interface easily moved around by both beginners and long-time traders. The whole lot of information in this site remains very honest and direct to all. For non-English speakers, there is no need to worry about the understanding; other several languages options are available for you. This translation makes the information displayed very convenient and probably benefit all global traders.

The site is a well-established one and all the contents arranged in the corresponding section. The features and plan made it easier for the traders to access the data needed. The first appealing step is in locating the commands like signing up the process and in merely few steps, you are good to go. Also, the site’s design is suitable for both fresh and well-defined users.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


  • Guaranteed Data Security


Every time an individual invests especially online, the number one worry is the protection of the funds. The brokerage industry has several untrustworthy and fraud individuals and groups which also, spoil the reputation of the business generally.  MYfintec understands well this challenging matter and deeply invested much support to safeguard client’s transaction information and any entered details on the platform.

The platform applies state of the art, and the unique SSL encryption using a 256-bit to protect completed sensitive data from traders and guarantee security. Also, to access and control the site’s operation and routine checks, security experts use a firewall to conduct the process routinely. All passwords are encoded, and only the account-holders have the details.

The deposited and withdrawn funds is also another point of interest for MYfintec. The trader’s funds always need security, and fortunately, this brokerage agency never forgets about it. By implementing the accurate accounting systems and keeping all client’s accounts separated from the company, accounts has made the process successful. There is no time clients’ money, interacts with the’s account.

Also, the platform follows all international scam statutes and executed Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures. The encryption of all transactions on the system gives no room for financial data compromising. With this in the plan, no third party can gain access to your data and even know how much you have in your account. There are high levels of safety and what all clients want is to invest in a trustworthy place.

The registration process also recommends that you provide your identity details which are believed to be unique to prevent instances of money laundering.  However, the brokerage investment turns out to be risky when initially getting into it; it is advisable to join any wisely and only after complete understanding of what it entails. With this detailed write-up, you can find some important reasons to look for such an experience.


  • Affiliate Marketing Process as a Bonus.


The digital marketing is not left for an industry since, during the process of brokerage, it is vital for both clients and the agency to expand the databases. The increase in numbers comes along with many social advantages including earning the traders a bonus, and to the platform, massive web traffic recorded.

MYfintec looks to have many new brokers as possible as much as maintaining the veteran clients. The platform founded the Refer program which also lets the current client’s profit as well.

All you need to do is to refer the brokerage service to other people in your social circle. For every converted lead, a 10% commission from the direct referral’s deposit gets offered to you. Therefore, every trader has a chance to make multimillion dollars only from the commission by simply inviting friends to use the online platform. Every earning you achieve gets accredited to your account and not to anyone else.

Also, for every converted referral invited by the direct individual, an extra 3% commission on the deposit gets credited. This process is a sure way to get extra money and not only depend on what MYfintec offers to you. Through the referrals, the platform can bring in new sales, and the existing users get motivated to bring in more to earn extra.


  • Additional Educational Resources


The truth is that every potential individual has higher chances of beginning the CFD trade without having to undergo any worries. Currently, the number of traders globally has grown, and many more expected to get introduced. However, one of the barriers to the potential people to make quick decisions and join in the market is the increasing trend of frauds and the misinformation that spread everywhere and quickly.

To get more people being part of the platform, either for leisure activity or sourcing income, My Fintech has taken responsibility and made it easier to impart knowledge to the target audience. Incorporated onto the platform is the complete education package to help the clients to survive for long in this marketplace. MYfintec lets new and longtime traders obtain all the informative and in-depth support and programs by sharing tutorials on current topics.

Such information tends to open the individual’s awareness of what is latest in the market and who is legit for wise decision making. Even the traders stand chances to become equipped with new trading skills and strategies in the long run. The Tradologic software used by MYfintec provides a seamless as well as a lag-free reality for all the users which increases possibilities to succeed in the trading purposes and ideas.

The reading resources come through videos, e-books, and webinars and are correctly written and chosen by specialists from a range of the financial market and other. The profound information is a significant contributor to the thoughts from all in the trade and those in the process of coming in.


  • Wide Market Range


Through one platform, the, traders have a large opening to invest in many and diverse markets. However, many think that from the name, the trading platform only deals with Forex. The assumptions are not correct since MYfintec serves and reaches out too many worldwide financial marketplaces.

What it means to you as a trader is that, you have very many opportunities to tap and several businesses to interact with and make a rich database. The other assets for you to enjoy trading in include Cryptocurrencies, Forex, commodities, indicates, and stock.

When you get a chance to interact with other individuals and high-end companies, it also opens your possibilities of getting connected to the world. All the trading’s and beneficial transactions noticed in your account become stored in the encryption system. The more you transact and interact, the higher your share value.


  • Quality and Convenient Customer Support


From the focused and experienced top leaders who understand the financial sector very well and the needs of all the customers, be assured of excellent support regarding knowledge and personnel. takes pride in the expertise of the customer support staff to be among the resources offered to the traders. Keeping in mind that most times the traders get stuck as they do their transactions on the site. The team is available 24/5 to aid in your purchasing decisions and answer all the concerns that you have regarding the services.

Usually, the reliable customer care system answers and assists traders anytime: all day and through the night. You can always make a phone call or reach through any of the online platforms like sending an email, or the live chat support, or even send text messages.

The agents are approachable and remain devoted to providing correct, thorough and straightforward answers to the problems of the traders. The team also greatly offers needed and relevant help about this platform or the general questions. Sometimes they call the traders to verify some transactions if it is worth.


With the increased online investment, is the highly ranked platform to trade with should you develop an interest in the widespread crypto-trading.  The authorization by the regulatory body makes it the best and more unique from the other agencies.

In our MYfintec review you can see that this broker looks to fill in the gaps left by the other competing trading platforms who have failed and disappointed their customers. With the existing range of products and assets to trade in, all users of the platform have an assurance that they are adequate to work and invest conveniently. Any interested and qualified individual who understands how the process goes is eligible to have an account and spend.

Unlike other platforms, MYfintec offers excellent online support via chat or call the customer care service representatives. With this presence, you can continue with the normal process as soon as helped off. This platform is the place to start your earning and participate in the many solutions, educative resources and make more profits. Start trading confidently with this convenient platform today.

The Future of Real Estate

Today we sat down with Svetlana from Malta Sothebys Realty to pick her brain about the future of real estate. When you spend 10 years of your life selling properties, going to property seminars and being immersed in the real estate world, predicting the future get a heck of a lot easier!

Nobody really knows what the future brings and everyone has to wait to see what will happen. But as unpredictable as the future may be, people will still need a place to live, work and play except that the real estate needs of the new generation are changing. Developers need to adapt to the different mind-set millennials have for real estate property. Their attitudes towards home ownership and space sharing are creating a demand for multi-use developments that offer a “live, work, play” environment.

They are digital natives who grew up with technology and have little patience for those who shy away from using it. Chances are they will start their house hunting by looking at online listings on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. With the development of technology and changing market conditions, the real estate industry needs to adjust and be flexible going into the future.

Residential real estate will become more specialized with millennials looking for dwellings that cater to their technological needs also known as “smart homes.” Whether as owners or renters, they want to automate and control home lighting, entertainment, temperature, safety, security and any service they could possibly need with just a click of a button. They prefer a house that automatically locks the doors at night, turns on a thermostat the moment they walk in, turns up the volume when they are watching T.V, and switches on the lights when they go from room to room.

The increasing demand for smart homes will noticeably change the housing market as this younger generation starts to buy or rent houses.  As smart home products become less of an emerging fad and more of the new norm, real estate practitioners need to anticipate their clients’ need for comfort, security and convenience, and create smarter and safer homes.

As for commercial office buildings, the upsurge in digital technology will change how work spaces will be utilized. The traditional nine-to-five hive is being replaced by satellite or home offices that can do videoconferencing and store digital files. There is a steady reduction in space devoted to a physical office as the conventional office worker is freed from his or her desk with the use of mobile technology. Commercial real estate developers need to transform the usual large, monolithic office buildings to hybridized spaces that can respond to the changing work mode of millennials.

Future office spaces should bridge the gap between work and personal life with areas for fitness, relaxation, gaming, sleeping, etc. Employees should be able to choose where they want to work in the office whether it is warm or cool, dim or bright, private or collaborative areas. Technology integration and environmental sustainability will also very important.

How people will buy houses and rent offices in the future will likewise change. Because millennials are tech savvy, they can access almost endless information online and are better informed than ever before. The proliferation of search portals makes them more knowledgeable about buying and renting considerations such as commute times, quality of nearby schools, proximity to services, and crime rates. They will go through the house buying process in a different manner by using online platforms to conduct transactions. Buyers will be able view an entire home, room to room, without having to physically go see it through virtual reality.

Those with jobs and good credit standing can apply and receive mortgage approvals from their smartphones using mobile apps. Electronic checks will make the use of cash and checks obsolete in buying and renting real estate, and e-signing services will transfer much of the paperwork of real estate transactions online.

The future of the real estate industry should be interesting as it heads to the next decade and beyond.

Should you rent or own, and why?

What options are better for you? The answer will be different for all individuals because it depends on a wide range of elements. For instance, the cost of living, whether the area you intend to live has high or low property markets, your needs and the list is tiring. Sometimes some questions might pop out in your mind. Should I buy instead of renting? Should I move somewhere else and rent? Let’s try figure out the advantages and disadvantages of renting and owing. This might clear out all your doubts.

Renting! Renting a house or apartment comes with loads of advantages. However, it has some pitfalls too. When it comes to the cost, it is usually cheaper to rent but, in that case, the property on which you are living isn’t yours. This means that whenever you are repairing or upgrading your dwelling place, you are ultimately increasing the owner’s real estate. Imagine you live somewhere for 10 years … At the end of the day, what was the overall added value that you’ve contributed. A lot, right? When you rent, there is a lot of conveniences. No time spent on the maintenance and it eliminates dealing with a wide range of other things. However, when you rent a house, there is no equity. No savings while paying down payment. Renting enables people to make smaller investments which pay in the long run. If you decide to rent, there is the benefit of easily moving if you don’t like your rental. However, when you rent, the landlord can decide not to renew your lease or even sell it to someone else. Then you will be forced to move even if you love your home. Before deciding whether to rent or own a house or apartment, it is important that you analyse all these advantages and disadvantages.

Owing! If you have the wish to own your place, then ask yourself these questions. How often are you planning to move? Can you afford down payment? Do you think you will afford the monthly mortgage payments? Will the bank lend you a certain amount of money? And so on. When you own your place, you will derive a sense of pride. It’s your place and you own it. After several years of improving your place of residence, you will be building equity. What does that mean? Maintaining your home and improving it, gives it equity in the long run. Its value can increase. However, sometimes investing in a real estate is not as liquid as some. It is more stable if you own an accommodation rather than renting. There would be less unfamiliar faces around your neighbourhood.  This means that you might develop some long lasting bonds and relationships with your neighbours because turnover of homes is more likely to have permanent residents than changing tenants in apartments. If you want to own a house, there might be some tax deductions. Your real estate taxes and your mortgage interest can in cases be deducted and hence yield lower income tax. There is also some loan potential when owning your abode. Having equity in a place of accommodation enables the owner to borrow money from banks for several circumstances like College Tuition, retirement and so forth. Deciding whether to rent or own your dwelling place comes with a lot of responsibility. Make some thorough research and don’t hesitate to ask questions around you.

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