Android vs iOS: What’s better for college students?

Android and iOS are the major operating systems that we have on our mobile devices. Often, college students become confused on the type of smartphone to use in college. They find it hard to choose between phones with android or iOS operating systems.  We can’t blame students when they are unable to decide which one to choose. After all, the two smartphones have great features.

However, if we carefully examine the two phones to see how their features relate to the need of students, we may be able to reach a conclusion on the better one for students. We’ll compare them right now and make you see how one is better than the other in each area. compared these devices for you:

  • Integration with Other Devices

Most students require a wearable or computer in addition to their phones. For those kinds of students, iPhone is the better choice since it offers a better-integrated experience. Apple makes tablets and watches that are compatible with iPhones. This integrable will help you to carry out task from many devices. For instance, you can begin a task on your iPhone at home, share it with your watch, and finish it while in the library.

  • Intelligent Assistant

Voice interface is helpful to students. With voice interface, it’s easy for them to search for information on the internet, control their phone, and do a few other things. Between Google Assistant and Siri, the former takes the lead. The intelligent google assistant is powerful and runs smoothly on android. Siri, on the other hand, which we have on iPhone is not as powerful as Google Assistant. Google Assistant makes android a better choice in this area.

  • Peripheral Compatibility

Frequently, college students will need some accessories such as file sharing cable for their phones. Android has a wider choice of accessories because android uses the USB port to establish a connection with other devices. Fortunately for android, USB is available everywhere. iPhone, on the other hand, uses lightening port to create a connection with accessories. Truly, lightening port lets Apple have more control over the kind of accessories that work with iPhone, but it’s not widely compatible with many accessories.  Android is a better smartphone for students who require many accessories alongside their phone.

  • Security

The issue of phone security should concern every student. Some students take it as the first factor to consider when purchasing a phone. If security is your topmost priority, then iPhone is for you. iPhone has a closed system that doesn’t permit the installation of software from sources outside its store. Android, on the other hand, has an open system through which hackers may steal users’ information or infect their phones with malware and virus. iPhone is less vulnerable to these kinds of attacks, so it’s the best in terms of security.


Choosing between Android or iPhone for college depends on the features and specifications that you need most. The comparison above will let you evaluate the features of each one and allow you to easily choose the one that has the features that are very important to you.