Basics for Setting up Your Dream Company in China

Want to expand your business empire in china? Of course, China has a considerable strategic location in Asia that offers many substantial advantages to its investors. Here is more on Basics for setting up your dream company in china:

For setting up a business company in China, you need to select an agency, sort its specification, get registration done, open a bank account and at last, handle the tax bureau. Moreover, one needs to be proper knowledge of china’s business culture, understanding china’s laws and regulations for running a business, permits, and so on.

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Why China?        

China has a billion-dollar industry. China serves as a core for all the trade and businesses in Asia. They have a flourishing economy and rampant growth. So the chances of your business expansion are limitless with the unmatchable opportunities that china awaits for you.

The next thing bothering you is, “how can I set up my business in China”? Well, that’s no problem. We have got you covered!

Guide For Your Dream Business In China:


Agencies Are For You:

New to china and want to build a solid foundation for your business? Well, in no time, agencies will help your business to stand. They are pretty helpful if you are a foreigner.

Just because they know what it takes, they will prove to be a charm for your business. The expertise, knowledge, ground realities, business politics are all well known to them. And this will aid your empire.

The Specification:

Now you should set a name for your business, specify its type, its scale, its location, its shareholders, what type of business it is, its aims, and what it aspires. All of these things are to be sort out. The Chinese government is very keen on its rules and regulations regarding that matter.

Let’s Get Enrolled:

Now is the time to get your business registered and have a license for it. For this, it is essential to submit the business form to the concerned authorities.

The documents required are the business license and the approval certificate from the State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC). Along with that, the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), registering with the Public Security Bureau (PSB), and issuing company stamps from registered IAC are also required.

Open Your First Corporate Bank Account:

You need to open your first corporate bank account to a Chinese bank. Opening an account will ensure that all the operations are running skillfully, nicely, and orderly in china. This account will aid you in paying wages, doing transactions with other parties, depositing profit, and so on.


No freedom from taxes! Now you have to enroll your company as a VAT taxpayer in the tax bureau. Depending upon the nature of your business, you can be a small-scale or large-scale taxpayer. It requires your company to have Fapio. It does business with locals much more effortlessly and smoothly.

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