Bitcoin Terms You Must Know

Bitcoin is among the most popular cryptocurrencies in today’s modern and digital generation. It allows you to earn money in a simple manner. If you are a beginner in the bitcoin market, you must know the commonly used terms to understand the system. With this, you can learn the process and improve your bitcoin trading.

The following are some common terms in bitcoin:

  • Blockchain

Bitcoin transactions are registered in a public ledger. This public record is known as a blockchain. It has all the transactions made using bitcoin. Blockchain technology works with a global network of computers.

  • Mining

Blockchain can be monitored every 10 minutes to approve transactions. It is a process held through bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining is conducted with a computer for doing mathematical calculations to check the transaction’s authenticity and confirm it. Miners receive bitcoins for the block of transactions they verify.

  • Block 

Block is part of the blockchain. It records recent transactions and verifies them every 10 minutes in the mining process. Blocks develop a blockchain. The written records can’t be changed.

  • Decentralization

You often hear that bitcoin is a decentralized currency. Thus, no organization or government hold the bitcoin network. Bitcoin works according to peer to peer protocol. There is no need for banks and organizations because users can directly communicate with each other.

  • Private Key

In bitcoin trading, the private key serves as your password. With it, you can spend your bitcoin in your wallet with a cryptographic signature. Take note that your private key must not be revealed to any individual.

  • Cryptography

It is the act or process of deciphering and making codes. Cryptography is Bitcoin’s foundation. Bitcoin transactions are also anonymous. Cryptography is a process wherein information is sent through encrypted format. Aside from making the transaction anonymous, it also ensures security. This technology is used in bitcoin addresses and blockchain hash functions.

  • Cold Storage

You can safely store bitcoins in a secure offline environment using a bitcoin private key. You can store bitcoin in cold storage in different ways like in paper wallet, USB drive, physical bitcoins, and another storage medium. It is the reverse of hot storage wherein you need to connect to the web for transactions.

  • Distributed Ledger

It is a system that records information that is distributed on different devices. For example, blockchain is a distributed ledger that is made to record the bitcoin transactions.

  • Public Key

It is the address wherein you can receive digital currencies. It is a combination of letters and numbers.

If you are familiar with the common terms used in bitcoin, you can learn more about bitcoin. With that, you can develop efficient strategies to improve your profits.

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