Finding Landlords that Provide Second Chance Rentals



Looking for an apartment to rent is a busy process full of many things like finding the right unit on UMoveFree, filling out an application and finding the right landlord. While finding a landlord willing to work with you should be easy for those with good credit and a solid renting history, the same can’t always be said for others. 

If you have a negative rental history due to a variety of missed payments, broken leases or other issues, some landlords may not want to rent to you. This can seem hopeless, but rest assured there are still options for you. One in particular is a second chance rental.

Second chance rentals are when a landlord is willing to give a “second chance” to someone with a negative past history of renting. But how do you go about finding landlords who are open to providing a second chance rental?

With that in mind, let’s go over a few tips to help you find landlords that can provide you with second chance rentals.

Be Open and Honest



One of the first ways to find a landlord willing to work with you is to be honest. When speaking with potential landlords, be upfront and honest about your situation. Explain why your rental history and/or credit is as spotty as it is, and how you are looking to improve.

In addition to being honest, you should also be able to show progress that you have made to improve your situation. This will certainly help your case and make the landlord feel a little more comfortable. If you try to blame your bad rental history on others or anything but yourself, it is often a bad look. 

Also, it isn’t worth it trying to lie about your past. Even if there is no public data or information about your poor rental history, landlords can often identify warning signs that could out you. Instead of having to tiptoe around the truth, just come out and be honest. Sure, some landlords might deny you, but there is a good chance that you’ll eventually find one that will appreciate the honesty and be willing to take a chance.

Be Willing to Pay a Little More



Another way that you can find a landlord willing to provide you with a second chance rental is to be willing to pay more. This could be offering to pay a higher amount in monthly rent, paying a larger security deposit or even paying a few months of rent upfront. By paying more, you are reducing the risk that the landlord has to take on. This can make them more willing to rent their unit to you instead of someone else.

However, while paying more can help, be sure that the landlord isn’t taking advantage of you. If a landlord is charging you an arm and a leg more simply because of your history, it is best to look elsewhere. It is a good idea to know the average rent in your city, and be aware of how much you can afford to spend comfortably.

Have a Cosigner



Another great way to potentially convince landlords to work with you on a second chance rental is to find a cosigner. This is someone who will agree to take over making your rent payments if you are unable to for some reason. Most often, it is a friend or family member, but there are other avenues to find a cosigner, as well.

Having a cosigner can give landlords greater levels of confidence that rent will be paid on time. This is because they now have two people who have signed saying the rent will be paid, so there is a lower chance of missed payments. Of course, your cosigner should have decent credit and a good rental or borrowing history. If not, the landlord might still not be confident offering you a second chance.

Second chance rentals can be a lifesaver for those who have struggled in the past. Whether you be honest, be willing to pay more or get a cosigner, you should be able to find a landlord willing to provide a second chance rental.