How to Choose Full Sized Led Light Bars


With the development of materials and technology in production, LED lighting is no longer just a discrete light indicator or home decoration. This technology has found its use on tow trucks and rescue vehicles. Many people opt to install these bars to upgrade the look of their SUVs, while others want to make their vehicles suitable for off-road adventures.

If you are thinking ‘Should I get LED headlights,’ see below why these are better than halogen bulbs for your car:

Thanks to its construction, which is an assembly of LED tubes with individual lenses and mirrors, it is possible to make the light beam as you want. It extends the capabilities of applying these light bars to vessels, buildings, construction sites, etc. 

If you have decided to upgrade performances of your vehicle, you need to know what factors to consider when buying these bars. You already opt for full-sized models, but you should know that the performances of these bars usually don’t depend on the size. 

Why Do You Need LED Light Bars?

The first thing to think about is why you need this upgrade for your vehicle. Next, you need to know where to put them. Different patterns have different beams. Not all of them are suitable for roof mounting, where most people generally install these bars. Some can be installed on the sides and rearview mirrors, while others can go on bumpers.

For example, spotlight beams have the longest beam distance, but the disadvantage is that there is no side reflection. Because of the directed beam, this pattern is not suitable for off-road driving, but the streets only. These are great for slow vehicles cruising the straight roads.

Floodlight beams are your choice if you are a fan of outdoor activities and slow rides on off-road routes. In these LEDs, the beam ‘spreads,’ allowing you to see the obstacles from the side. But the beam distance is significantly smaller than with spot beams. Also, this type of light often creates a glare on your windshield and hood.

You can decide on a combination of the two patterns and get the most of both worlds. There is a specialized variant of full size led light bars, with the longest and widest beam. That is the best option if you plan on installing only one bar on your vehicle.

The Color

There is no great dilemma about color. When you need the spotlight for work and night driving, you can choose between white and ‘amber.’ These two colors allow for the best visibility and perceptibility of the area in front. In limited lightening conditions, these LEDs showed the best performance.

There are options to choose a specific color or their combinations for each module separately. Still, it is good to know that all colors have a more substantial reflection than white and are less suitable for use at night. Colored bars may be more appropriate to use when the weather is bad or as a warning signal.

The Price

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The quality of the product, in most cases, determines its price. As for LEDs, you can find models in different price ranges. That means you have a choice – will you pay more for quality and long-lasting product at the start, or will you buy a cheaper bar and get a new one whenever the old one broke down.

Cheap products are usually not a good idea. They may eventually break down or create a problem. If you need an LED bar for business, consider buying a more expensive model as an investment. But if you just want to show off, you don’t have to spend a fortune. But cheaper reflectors have limited performance.

What you should pay attention to is the IP rating. You can find more information on this link. Keep in mind the quality of the lenses; housing should be of durable materials, and sealing must be firm. The preferred wattage per diode is between 3 and 5; you will recognize lower quality products by low wattage.

The installation of LED bars brings many advantages. They have a long working life (more working hours), as well as resistance to voltage changes. Also, these bars are economical in terms of power consumption.