Lee Beaman Believes That a Happy Community is a Success beyond Dreams


People worldwide dream of becoming successful and wealthy, but some are just not keen to achieve that. Most of them look for easier ways to get rich. They call their faith to help, so they bet or play the lottery, hoping to win the grand prize.

People with both feet on the ground, work on making their dreams come true. You’ve probably heard of many billionaires and successful business people starting from nothing. That path is the only way to make it. 

The chance of becoming a millionaire or even a billionaire doesn’t fall from the sky. Not all wealthy people were born rich, nor their journeys to success were smooth. In order for you to enjoy what you’ve gained, you have to work hard on it. And if you want to be fulfilled, make the world a better place. 

Each of you can help society in some way. Yet, the wealthiest individuals of every community are expected to help the most. Although it’s not obligatory by any laws, the moral code doesn’t allow them to avoid doing it. Successful people like Lee Beaman pay a lot of attention to the well-being of society.

Beaman’s Path to Success


Lee Beaman is one of the people who fulfilled their dreams many years ago. Things weren’t always easy for him, although he had a pretty stable background (his father was an entrepreneur). But having money didn’t get any shortcuts to Lee.

Alvin Beaman was Mr. Lee’s father, who passed away in 1997. Beaman senior was an incredibly capable man and an excellent role model for young Lee. He knew he wanted to follow his father’s footsteps of becoming an entrepreneur throughout his school and college years. Here is a list of what successful people do.

History Repeats Itself

Alvin tried to succeed in Nashville since he moved from Knoxville in the mid-1930s. Some years later, he started a successful business of bottling soft drinks. The company did so well that he bought a local radio station and the Dodge-Plymouth franchise in 1945. Mr. Alvin continued on his business rampage and taught his son how to achieve his life goals.

Beaman Jr. dedicated his life to becoming as successful as his dad. Today, he speaks of his father with utter respect since he wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for Alvin. Becoming successful is much easier if the path before you is clear and set. Lee knew how to use the cards he was dealt with.

Ever since he achieved the goals, Lee Beaman has been helping his community every way he could. Beaman’s primary business, ‘Beaman Automotive Group,’ is the largest dealership franchise in States.  This company brought him fame and fortune. And Lee Beaman has been giving it back to people every chance he gets.

Hard Work and Engagement Earn Respect

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The famous saying mentioning lemon, life, and lemonade is familiar to everyone. Lee Beaman took it to another level. Metaphorically speaking, when life got him lemons, he didn’t make lemonade for himself. Lee made a fruit punch and invited the entire Nashville community to enjoy. That is an accurate description of how generous Mr. Beaman was and still is. 

Mr. Lee is active in numerous fields that help the Nashville area grow and become better. His corporate social responsibility portfolio includes building neonatal intensive care in Nashville’s hospital, campus library, and student center for local universities. He’s funding organizations like Red Cross and Salvation Army.

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Personal Involvement

What sets Lee Beaman apart from other humanitarians is his personal involvement. He’s not just there to sign checks. This businessman believes that his engagement should be followed by others as much as they can. By being a board member or chairing various organizations of importance to the community, Beaman Jr. is changing the society for the better. Being involved in many life-changing projects makes him the most influential person in Nashville.

Ever since he became a rich man and a popular figure in Tennessee, Lee Beaman has been doing a lot of good. Following his example, earning the community’s respect can only be achieved by giving back with whatever you can. The status and fame came long before that, but it wasn’t earned until he decided to do something about it.

Charity Projects and Funding

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Wise people learn a lot from their past. And what’s most important, they never forget their roots. Lee Beaman is really close to his family history and community. Born and raised in Nashville, this philanthropist is using his accumulated wealth to support causes important to him.

When Beaman Jr. got into a successful businessman’s position, he decided to share his success with society. He joined numerous non-profit organizations. Their purpose is to help them build up the Nashville area and make it more appealing for the people.

Mr. Lee has been giving incredible funds for many projects. One of them worth mentioning is the donation he gave to the organization to help war veterans. With all his compassion, Beaman Jr. provided rehabilitation to these people and settled their lives back to normal. 

Providing green areas to his hometown is also one of the things Beaman did with all his heart. A memorial park named after his late father was a project that Lee supervised by himself, from scratch to final works. Today, this green area is one of the most beautiful spots in Nashville, with hiking trails and playgrounds. To know more about the benefits of green space in cities, read this article.

Regardless of how successful and wealthy anyone is; sharing your fortune with less fortunate is what distinguishes great people from mediocre ones. Lee Beaman knew this from his very beginning, and he never flinched when the community needed something. Becoming great is not depicted by the numbers on your bank account but by the number of good deeds you’ve done for others.