New Investors Need to Know This – Best Investment Plans in 2020


2020 has been enough of a turmoil for everyone, especially the new professionals have been hampered most as in the freshers who joined the working sector this year or the previous year. Some of the freshers have just stepped into the professional world and they have been awestruck by what 2020 had to bring for them. Some mid-experienced workers have claimed that they have been going through a lot of losses since the beginning of 2020.

Many clever individuals are trying to fix their losses by making some remarkable investments and some by saving money. Well for beginners who have just started to earn some money, it is wise to know that saving money will not grow your stable money, you need to start investing your money.

What could be a better time than this pandemic hit earth when everything is at utmost depression and no one is being able to get over the loss. The prices of gold have also hit the ground and it is still expected to rise in some time.

Best Investment Plans in 2020

There are many sectors of investment but we will give you the simplest ones which as a beginner would be easy to invest in or as an experienced would be some safe investments.

Bitcoin Investment

I am sure, you must have heard of the bitcoin billionaire, who helped many to become the billionaires in the world just by trading and investing on bitcoins. Well, the fact is that it has been revealed by the bitcoin experts that during the worldwide lockdown, there have been millions who lost their jobs.

At the same time, there is also a good sign that more and more people have joined the crypto world. Especially in countries like India and China where the use of cryptocurrency was banned almost, more and more people have shown their engagement in the crypto-related games and idea.

Hence if you are new to the world of investment and eating up too much of your brain thinking how could you investment safely then here is Option 1 for you. Start investing in bitcoins without even thinking twice, because we assure you that you will never run in the loss, not only you in fact all the experienced investors say that having bitcoins in the portfolio is as important as having gold. But since you are a beginner then you must first start with a bitcoin as an asset.

Invest in Gold

This might feel you a little risk plus you must be thinking that you need some decent amount of money to buy gold. Wait! Who asked you to invest in physical gold, do you know that there is also something called digital which you can buy at as low as $10?

In the case of digital gold, you do not have to think for the security of the gold or need not take any tension regarding the gold, all you can do is just get in touch with your state gold authority or your country gold authority and buy some digital gold from them and the transaction related to it will happen online. You will have to pay through any of the online payment methods, your portion of gold will be named on you and later of after few months whenever you want you can sell back the gold to the authority again and it will give you the amount at which the gold is priced on that particular day.

It also means that if you suppose buy at $4/karat today then after two months if you wish to sell the gold and if it is priced $7/karat then you will get back your money considering $7/karat.