The 3 Best Ways To Deal With A Hostile Workplace

Many people envision themselves graduating from college and working in a job they enjoy that is gratifying and fulfilling. This is the reality for most people, but there are some who dread going to work. This isn’t just because they don’t like their job but because the workplace is downright toxic. A toxic workplace can wear down your mental and physical health and should be dealt with.

If you are having trouble with an employer or managers that are creating a hostile work environment then you have to take matters into your own hands. This type of workplace can be turned around. You should get advice from a hostile workplace specialist since every situation is different. However, in this article, we will go over several of the things you can do to protect yourself in a hostile workplace. 

1 – Group together

You surely are not the only one experiencing the hostility and toxic culture at work. Since there is strength in numbers it is a good idea to band together with some of your coworkers and try to come up with a plan together. Before you end up filing a complaint or getting a lawyer, you may be able to resolve the situation before it gets too serious.

If you were to confront the problem on your own then you risk being pushed out and facing retaliation from your superiors. As a group, you will have more protection and may get things done more effectively.

Have a private and secret meeting amongst yourself to brainstorm and try to decide on the plan of action to get the ball rolling. This way you are organized and won’t come off as simply complaining. You need to have a set of achievable goals laid out that the management then has to confront.

2 – Document everything

At some point you are likely to need to talk to a lawyer and you will need to be very prepared for that. For them to help you it is important to be able to give them as much information as possible. This means that you should be keeping detailed records of everything that is making the environment unworkable and toxic.

Make copies of every message to your phone, every phone call, the details of conversations between you and the people creating the toxicity, and statements from people who are witnesses to the issues.

The more you can present to them then the better the case they can build for when it escalates.

3 – Find the cause of the problem

The cause of the toxic nature of the workplace could be from a culture that is company-wide, or it could be from an individual. If it’s the former case then you will need to have a much different strategy than if it is the latter.

When it is an individual causing the problems then you may be able to resolve things without too much disruption. However, when you are up against a culture of hostility then this is going to need a more complex solution.