The rise of Cryptocurrency – the future of online casino?

Something happened in 1985 that changed the way people played games. The first one armed bandit machine, known as the Liberty Bell, was introduced to bars and casinos. People love it, and were quick to start playing whenever they could. Charles Fey was the man who invented the Liberty Bell, and it made him rich and famous. But even he, who had such foresight in so many ways, could never have predicted what his relatively simple invention would go on to become.

Today, slot machines – which is what the one armed bandit type games morphed into – are unrecognisable from the past. Although the game is the same (and won’t be changed because this is the element that people love the most) the look of the machines and the way the game is played has changed dramatically. From the mechanical slots of the past to the video slots to online slots, a lot has changed and a lot has remained the same. 

Slots have to advance though. It would be unlikely that any of the original games would be of interest to those in a casino if they hadn’t changed. Other bright lights and buzzing sounds would have caught their eye, and the slots from freeslotsites would have faded away. By keeping up with the trends, more people will want to play, and that is the key. 

One of the latest trends to come into the world of slots is the ability to pay with cryptocurrency. It’s not widespread as yet, but there seems to be no reasons why it wouldn’t be. Let’s look a little more closely into the reasons behind it all. 

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Everyone has heard of bitcoin; it made a lot of people very rich literally overnight not so long ago, and it was in the news a lot. Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency (one of many different ones). Cryptocurrency has no physical coin or notes to use – everything is virtual, transactions take place through the cloud. It’s a universal currency, so it’s not controlled by just one government, and that means it’s easy to use since there are no exchange rates to think about. If you pay in a cryptocurrency, you get a cryptocurrency’s worth of goods no matter where you are paying or where you are located. 

Cryptocurrency is, as the name suggests, highly encrypted, and therefore it is far more difficult for hackers and online thieves to get into anyone’s e-wallet than it is for them to get into someone’s bank account. Gamblers feel a lot safer using cryptocurrency than any other payment method. It’s why it is one of the favourite ways to pay for a lot of early adopters, and since it is being rolled out across lots of different platforms, it seems inevitable that slots will be next. 

It is also anonymous. There is no need to include name and address when playing by cryptocurrency. Again, this makes people feel that much safer when it comes to paying for anything online, or leaving their contact details where potentially identity thieves could find them. 

Using Cryptocurrency at Online Casinos

Being able to use cryptocurrency at an online casino to play slots, roulette, or any other kind of casino game is not something you’ll have to wait too long to be able to do. The fact is, some online casinos are already allowing this kind of transaction to take place, and it is likely that more and more will soon follow suit. When it comes to the future of the online casino, cryptocurrency is shining bright.