Things You Can Do Using Your Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has given us a new payment system that brings some advantages over the traditional fat currency. To most people, Cryptocurrency is a high-risk investment. However, the concept of having a decentralized cryptocurrency that has certainly piqued the interest of the millennials.

Today, the existence of cryptocurrencies is known by most people. This is due to the advantages that you can get with the use of Cryptocurrency.

What can you do with Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency is not regulated as smoothly as you can buy them. Buying a cryptocurrency is far easier than finding a way to spend it. In this article, I will highlight some of the ways that you can do with cryptocurrencies.

1. Cost-efficient money transfer

Cryptocurrency gained popularity due to its cost-effective money transfer. Not only these money transfers are cost-effective but are faster than any other transactional medium. For instance, recently, a transaction was made between two companies; the amount was around $100 million in Litecoin. Can you guess the amount of time taken to complete this transaction? It was just over two minutes.

2. Invest in startups

The dawn of the digital token has allowed investors to invest in potential startups. With the ICOs (Initial Coin offerings), you can invest in any startup without thinking twice. The reason is that your investment will be safe with you and will be encrypted with private keys. So, you do not have to worry about your investment being misused.

3. Make private transaction

Today, financial transactions are one of the flourishing businesses. The reason is that people and businesses are relying on third-party applications to transfer money. Cryptocurrency has seen this as an opportunity to expand its uses. Now you can send and receive money with the help of digital wallets. And the best part is that every transaction is safe, secure, and anonymous.

This method is in the trends because you do not have to explain to anyone about the money transfer. That you usually had to do in bank transfer cases.

4. Send non-cash remittance

One of the most used areas of cryptocurrencies is the area of remittance. We have millions of overseas workers who send money to their families via international mediums. The problem with this traditional international medium is that they charge quite a hefty amount for a successful transaction. However, in the case of Cryptocurrency, there are no intermediaries. That means you can transfer money to your family without any transaction charges.

4. Travel around the world

In the last ten years, the ecosystem of the Cryptocurrency has seen explosive growth. Due to the improved regularities, you can now use Cryptocurrency to pay your travel expenses and cover up your hotel costs.

There are even cryptocurrency ATMs all over the world that will help you with cash problems. You can use these ATMs to dispense cash by converting your crypto assets into fiat currencies.

6. Get paid to post content

We all know about the social media platforms that reward their users for posting high-quality content. But what if I say that the rewards can be in the form of cryptocurrencies. There is a platform called Steemit that rewards its users in the form of Cryptocurrency to post and curate high-quality content. So, if you do not want to invest in the Cryptocurrency, you can post content on Steemit and gain rewards.

7. Buy Lamborghini

Buying a car has always been a dream of many. What if I say, you can buy a car with your crypto assets? And Lamborghini at that. There is a marketplace for the Cryptocurrency, De Louvois. It enables a platform “Crypto Rich” that helps people buy sports cars with the cryptocurrencies’ help.

This marketplace is not only famous for buying cars, but you can also buy different collectible products.


All the things that we have mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are infinite ways in which you can use Cryptocurrency. You can even buy clothes, pay restaurant bills, utility bills, etc. you can find by Bitcoin Era Sign In.