Bitcoin — “Blockchain Impact”-Bitcoin, a disruptive technology that overturns the social structure from Fintech to IoT

A virtual currency revolution that quietly but steadily spreads. A well-written book has been published on Bitcoin and blockchain, which can be said to be the main characters.

“Blockchain impact-disruptive technology that overturns social structure from Bittech, Fintech to IoT” (Nikkei BP, 2800 yen + tax) is that.

“Around 1990, few would have imagined that the Internet would explode so far. Perceptions of a “virtual currency” have changed dramatically over the last decade, with cash and cards. It may have replaced checks, etc.”

“Bitcoin” and “blockchain” are attracting attention because they are said to change the social structure in the future. Economist Yukio Noguchi, who is one of the co-authors of this book, said in the introduction that “virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and the blockchain technology that supports them are extremely innovative. However, virtual currencies are not understood exactly.”

Also, Mark Andreessen, founder of Internet browser and Netscape, said about the blockchain technology, “Bitcoin is the most basic level and it is a breakthrough in computer science (…). You can’t just overstate it.”

“The blockchain technology is a century invention that should be treated in the same way as steam engines and combustion engines, and it can transform not only the financial world, but also outside it,” said Johann Parrcher, a research analyst at BNP Paribas Bank. It has sex.”

It is believed that it has such a huge potential, and it is a bit coin and block chain that many people are paying attention to, but unfortunately in Japan, there is also a false image due to the influence of the Mount Gox incident, The reality is that they are still not properly recognized or understood.

This book corrects that misconception and explains Bitcoin and blockchain in a very easy-to-understand manner from the beginning.

What exactly is Bitcoin? And what is the blockchain technology used there? What kind of business is going to be created by the spread and what kind of technology makes it possible? How does the Japanese legal system respond? When explaining Bitcoin, it is urgent to describe it as electronic money.

In this book, 15 experts, who are engaged in business and technology development with bitcoin and blockchain technology, are generously presenting the know-how and knowledge they have gained through practical work, aiming at the development of the industry. Not only financial experts, but a wide range of business people involved in new business development and management planning, and anyone who is curious and interested in the new society brought about by Bitcoin and blockchain. You can say that.

One of the hottest themes in the securities market today, FinTech. And Bitcoin & Blockchain, which is also called Honmaru. This book, written by experts of the way in Japan, is useful not only for specialists but also for each person to be very readable and easy to understand. It’s a feature.

Bitcoin (BTC) price

If there is news of deregulation, etc., Bitcoin (BTC) price may rise as the price of virtual currency rises. Bitcoin Pro is best app which is used in the bitcoin market very frequently. You can visit this website

Approval status of Bitcoin ETFs

The fifth issue is the approval status of Bitcoin ETFs. The approval status of Bitcoin ETFs may affect Bitcoin prices.

Future of Ethereum

Here are some factors that can be a point of concern when considering Ethereum prices and future prospects.

Increasing number of distributed applications utilizing Ethereum

The first issue is the increase in distributed applications that utilize Ethereum. If more distributed applications (Dapps) using Ethereum and more platforms available for Ether (ETH) are available, it may have a positive impact on price formation in the long run.

Specification updates by the developer community

The second issue is the specification update by the developer community. Ethereum is expected to undergo a major update called “Ethereum 2.0” around the second quarter of 2020, which may cause fluctuations in the Ethereum price. Bitcoin issuance of new currencies and transaction details are all distributed and stored on the computer network. Imagine that you have one large trading ledger with a record of all transactions made with Bitcoin.