7 B2B Effective Growth Strategies on a Budget

Each business owner is on a never-ending hunt for improving growth strategies without spending a fortune. When it comes to growth, many experts focus on B2C companies. However, B2B growth strategies require as much attention as B2C.

The importance of constantly looking for new solutions can’t be overlooked. B2B companies must be open to new experiments to stay ahead of the competition. Exponential growth is often the goal. But can it be achievable while staying within a reasonable budget?

Let’s take a look at several growth strategies which won’t empty out the company’s bank account.

1. Creating Interactive Content

B2B marketing efforts involve engaging the customer just as B2C approaches do. Creating interactive content, which can catch the attention of a representative, is a highly useful method of getting conversion without exceeding the budget limits.

Interactive content creates a useful “fun” experience. For example, you could come up with a simple game, which checks the professionalism of your potential target audience. Professionals are always happy to test their skills. A quick and appealing test is likely to be shared and reposted.

2. Using Mobile Marketing

Plenty of things have been said about the importance of mobile marketing. However, many companies are still somewhat slow with the implementation.B2C has been taking advantage of the mobile approaches for years. B2B seems to be somewhat behind.

Mobile friendly websites, mobile app development, mobile-oriented promotional efforts are just the tip of the iceberg. According to experts at Miromind, mobile-oriented SEO solutions show impressive and fast results for B2B companies.

3. Taking Advantage of PPC Ads


While you may think that this method is more useful for B2C companies, it’s not true. Generating organic traffic to your website by taking advantage of PPC ads is an excellent strategy. It doesn’t require serious investments since you only pay for an actual client, who has a potential of converting.

While you are optimizing your website for SEO efforts, you can give the business a boost with posting PPC ads.

4. Considering Marketing Automation

These days, programmatic advertising is gaining momentum. By investing resources in automating your marketing process, you can cut the marketing team expenses and focus on other important matters.

Besides numerous marketing automation software available on the market today (some freebies are easy to find as well), you can look deeper into programmatic advertising and enjoy a “hands-free” promotional effort.

5. Listing On Third Party Review Sites

When you are asking clients for reviews on your website and reviewing your own products there, it creates useful content for your potential clients. However, being listed and reviewed on other websites can help you enjoy quick business growth due to increased visibility.

Influential review websites can bring you thousands of new potential clients every month. All you have to do is offer information about your company to these sites. Get listed on influential websites and make sure your profile is full and interesting.

6. Practicing Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the key components of B2B business growth. A special approach is vital to catching the attention of the company representative. B2B email marketing requires a careful approach to checking email validity and creating proper calls to action.

With the right specialist taking care of email marketing efforts, the expenses can be kept to a minimum while the result may be impressive.

7. Exploiting Social Media

Many B2B companies opt out of social media marketing because they don’t quite understand which tone of voice they should use with their audiences. Sounding too professional is a risk since people usually use social media to relax. Sounding too relaxed is a risk as well since it may create the wrong impression about the company.

A simple way out is to ask the employees to use their social media accounts to promote your services. It’s that easy. A couple of seconds a day for reposting and sharing can lead to substantial conversions.

Effective B2B growth strategies are a reality even if you are on a tight budget. Use the above tips to choose the right approach.