Are brick and mortar casinos likely to go extinct in the next 20 years?

The human race has been experiencing a period of great and very profound flux over the last few decades, and it is mainly down to something that we like to call the Internet. It can be very easy to forget how young the Internet actually is, because it really has completely changed the way we lead our lives. Just take the casino industry, for instance, which has grown exponentially because of the possibility of a phone casino

In fact, there are way more people gambling online these days compared to in brick and mortar casinos, and some analysts actually predict that brick and mortar casinos could go completely extinct in the next 20 years. There are various angles on this debate to be had, however, so read ahead for a lowdown.  

Yes: The online casino industry is becoming too big 

One thing that really is difficult to deny is the fact that the online casino industry is becoming well and truly gargantuan, and it really would not be a surprise if it eventually swallowed its land-based cousin. Just think about the amount of online slots on the market these days alone, it’s crazy! 

And with the increase in things like live casino gamblers are increasingly able to get the hands on gambling experience from home, something that could spell the end of brick and mortar casinos. 

No: You still cannot beat the feeling of entering a brick and mortar casino 

For all the technological advances in the field of online casino it is still incredibly hard to beat the feeling of entering a genuine brick and mortar casino, especially ones in gambling hot spots such as Macau, Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. Casinos have always been incredibly decadent places, and it is pretty much impossible to replicate this atmosphere in its entirety online. 

In fact, many online casinos actually end up looking quite tacky in the modern world, so we don’t think gamblers will ever stop craving the class and sophistication of a proper land-based casino. 

Yes: VR technology could change everything 

The thing about technology, however, is we never know what is possible until it happens, and this has been a recurring theme throughout human existence. Take VR technology, for instance, something that could blow the casino market wide open. The premise of this is that gamblers can enter a virtual reality that can be modelled after any casino in the world, or even a fully customizable original design. 

With this level of control it is difficult to imagine people ever going to a brick and mortar casino based in true reality again, isn’t it? However, virtual reality technology still isn’t anywhere near being this good on a commercial scale, and that is the main thing that is holding it back at the moment. Many top gambling analysts do predict that virtual reality casinos will be so good in 20 years that there won’t be many land based casinos left.