James Dondero and Highlands Capital Management Helps Needy Members of the Society through Charitable Activities

Being a business person and a successful one for that matter calls for a lot of dedication and significant commitment. It would demand even much for a person who wants to be a successful entrepreneur and participate in philanthropic activities to help the community. James Dondero is that kind of a person who wants to expand his business and make it successful while at the same time supporting most of the charitable activities in the community. He aspires to change the community by ensuring that whenever there is a need, he intervenes to offer significant donations that keep the community moving.

The founder of Highland Capital Management started his company with a vision of ensuring that the company was geared towards ensuring that philanthropy was at the center of the foundation of the company. The organization has built a culture that all the employees and the people who work with the company maintain their charitable activities without changing the trend for a more extended period. The company has gone further to work with various charitable organizations around the Dallas area to change the life of the members of the community, especially those in need. Here are some of the organizations that James Dondero has been working with to change society for the better.

The Bush Center

Bush Center is a facility that contains both a library and museum that highlights the history of the George W. Bush presidency. The facility is made to help individuals who want to learn more about the history of George Bush can go on and read some of the materials there. Highland Capital went ahead to contribute $5 million which played a crucial role in building the facility. The company went further and donated more than $10 million which was used to make the facility operational. The George W. Bush facility has grown to the levels of attracting policy makers who formulate essential and feasible policies which will be used to provide solutions to some of the problems affecting the United States today.

Capital for Kids

Capital for Kids is a network of professionals, especially those in investment management to help all the kids in need. The organization does not perform the groundwork but assembles funds to assist the non-profit organizations to protect, educate, and encourage all the students assumed to be at-risk. Highland Capital Management has significantly contributed funds to help in this venture and help the kids to continue with their education.

Education is Freedom

Education is Freedom is a foundation that works to help members of the society with, especially the at-risk youths. This means that all the youths from minority members of the community and those who are experiencing other situations that can be described as risky. The company has been offering a significant amount of money to such youths while at the same time ensuring that they get the required levels of education. The company goes to higher levels of ensuring that the beneficiaries can even get an education from any university or institution of higher learning in any part of the world.

The Family Place

This is another entity that Highland Capital Management has been working to ensure that it meets its intended goals of ensuring that all the family members, men, women, and children, get the support they want. Apparently, The Family Place is the largest organization in the State of Texas that works to ensure that such individuals get the support they want. However, such non-profit making organizations experience financial difficulties as they heavily rely on donors and well-wishers. The capital management company went further ahead and promised to offer $1 million in a matching grant that helped the social awareness organization meet its financial needs.