Top 3 Fastest Ways to Build Credit

Are you trying to build your credit score? Perhaps you’re trying to buy a new car or a house or you’re looking for a loan on better terms? Then you might be interested in learning the fastest ways to build credit.

Having a great credit score can help you not just in the short term – getting a better deal on your latest purchase – but also in the long term. A good credit score can go along way and can even help you psychologically and with your self worth as you start to appreciate the value of money.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to build credit.

1. Spend and Pay It Back Straight Away

One of the fastest ways to improve your credit score is to take out a consumer credit card and to do all of your everyday spending on this. But be prepared to pay it back as soon as you’ve spent it. The digital banking revolution means you can even integrate your credit card into your bank so you can see how much you owe.

Never spend more than what is in your checking account at any one time. Be disciplined. Don’t go overboard.

Certain credit cards can also provide you with perks such as flight Airmiles or credit with your favorite retailer. If you are savvy at this you can order a card for each different store or brand you use and work out what is the best deal for each spend you do in terms of the perks and rewards.

2. Take Out Different Types of Credit

You can also consider taking out different types of credit. Don’t just take out credit cards and spend and pay these back. You could also consider short term loans, finance for cars, and even loans from the bank.

Even a phone contract counts towards your credit score because it is dependent on you being able to pay it off every month. Try not to be late with your phone contract, though, if you can afford it, consider upgrading.

The average American has $38,000 in debts but this might not be a bad thing. It might seem nonsensical but if you avoid debt all together it will count against you. You are seen as more of a risk and credit scoring companies will have no data on you.

Remember that although repossession can damage your credit score there is a way to deal with this and come back from it. Be sure to read this for more information. This is how to build credit.

3. Hire a Financial Advisor

The best way to improve your credit score and to hit your financial goals is to hire a financial advisor.

They are experts in the financial world and they will be able to tell you what you need to do to improve your credit score. Not only that they might also be able to offer you some hints and tips to improve your financial standing going forward. Be sure to ask them how to improve a bad credit score.

What are the Fastest Ways to Build Credit? Spend Wisley But Not Too Well

The fastest way to build credit is to spend not to save. But to spend wisely. Get as many credit cards as you can but pay back the cards straight away with funds from your checking account.

Also, consider getting lots of different types of loans to diversify your standing in the eyes of credit scoring companies.

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