When to Outsource Finance Department Services

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Running a successful business requires proper coordination of all business segments. That is not always easy to achieve, especially for startups and small businesses. When they have a hard time to secure their place in the marketplace, companies (unknowingly) make mistakes like neglecting small costs or tax preparation. Such moves can endanger their businesses.

So they decide to transfer some of their business to others, which is more economically viable. Also, at all times, they have strategic support from outsourced experts. However, even large companies are opting for this strategic move because it cuts the cost of staffing.

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Outsourcing key finance positions rests on the idea of ​​a company’s complete commitment to its primary activity. It means that, if finances are not your business niche, you should leave other segments of the business to experts in individual fields. Depending on the scope of work, you can transfer all accounting tasks (or just one part of these) to agencies or individual financial experts.

For Periodical Finance Tasks


Specific accounting jobs, such as accrual accounting and analysis, are done almost daily. So you need a reliable team or associate within the company or outside source. However, things like tax preparations are done once a year for a specified period, so you don’t need to hire a full-time taxation expert for occasional jobs.

Sometimes, even for the more common financial tasks, you don’t have to have in-house staff. You can outsource an accountant, chief financial officer, and even an analyst. This decision depends on the size of your business and also on the volume of financial transactions.

Outsourced companies or individual CFOs are paid per project. If you have an in-house employee, that cost would be significantly higher, since most of them work for a fixed salary. Sometimes, the amount of work they do does not justify their salary; then, you are practically paying them to do nothing. 

Of course, this is not always the case, as every business requires the involvement of the accounting sector. Still, for most small and mid-size companies, the more cost-effective solution is external use of part time and fractional CFO advisory services.

You Have Control over Financial Transactions

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If reports from financial aspects are essential to you in making business decisions on a daily or weekly basis, outsourcing financial skills will give you a much better insight into the costs and inflows you have. If you don’t have experience in accounting or don’t hire a specific person in the company in charge of financial issues, external associates will help you to control your funds and how they are spent.

Outsourced experts will keep you posted about your funds and cash flows. Since their focus is solely on your finances, you can be sure that this part of your business will also receive the attention it needs and then deliver favorable results for your company.

Paperwork Issues


When you need to make a quick decision related to finance, you need to be supported by data, facts, and reports. Bureaucracy running through the economic side of your business can be quite demanding and complicated, which can further lead to backlog and important business decisions.

The outsourced finance department provides continuity in the work of this sector. External agencies with multiple experts in a particular field will deal with all the financial documents, and eventually integrate all of these into reports that will be of value to your decision-making process.

Outsourcing when You Need Support


The services of an outsourced financial agency or individual can be used even when you have a developed finance sector within your organization. Their services can be used to support the work of the existing financial infrastructure. Tips on choosing these associates see here.

Your employees may need help with mastering new financial software or drafting a final report. Your in-house staff does most of the work, and it is up to you to hire an expert to help them with going through the accounting backlog.

With the help of an expert in finance, you can bring a fresh eye to your business. With careful judgment, you can decide whether outsourcing is what you need. Only after looking at all the information and potential profits, both tangible and intangible, can you make the right decision.