Why Opening An Account At Banks in Syracuse NY Can Help You Manage Money Better

No doubt that saving more money for future needs can be one of the best ways to build your wealth and avoid debt. After all, how you handle your savings significantly depends on your financial habits. If you’re using a piggy-bank, then you may miss out several benefits of managing your money better with a bank account.

If you plan on saving your cash for future use, read this article to learn some of the reasons why opening an account at banks in Syracuse NY can help you manage your money better.

1.    It’s safe

Having a bank account offers a better sense of security for your money. If you open an account in Syracuse banks, you’ll be able to protect your money from possible fires and thefts. Unlike keeping your wealth on your own, having an account in the bank will ensure that your money is federally insured in case your bank or credit union suddenly closes. Meaning, you can also get your money back even if the bank goes bankrupt or is robbed.

If you want to put your money in a safe place by opening an account in a Syracuse bank, there are many reliable banks and financial institutions that you can choose from. To know how you can get started, click here for more information.

2.    It helps you make profits

If you open an account, particularly a savings account, you’ll have the opportunity to earn profits. This is done by allowing your bank to use your savings for investments. In return, they’ll compensate you giving you a little amount of interest.

Moreover, opening some kinds of accounts in the banks means your money will be placed in liquid money market funds that allow you to generate more revenues. It’s important to note that earning profits can be an ideal way of managing your money.

3.    It’s cheaper

If you’re looking for a cheaper way to manage your money, then opening a bank account in Syracuse is a great idea. Here’s how banks and other financial institutions become less expensive when it comes to saving money:

  • Bills payment – If you don’t have an account, you’ll likely use money orders, telephone bill pays, and other outlets to pay your bills. Unfortunately, paying bills using these ways may cost you additional fees. With a checking account, you can save by writing checks for free or pay online at a less expensive cost.
  • Cash access – If you need cash, but you don’t have a bank account, chances are you’ll have to use your credit card to avail of a cash advance from an ATM. By using a credit card, you’ll be charged with a transaction fee and a corresponding interest. On the other hand, opening a bank account means you can withdraw cash from your bank’s ATM, free of charge.
  • Money transfer – Using a money transfer company as a means to transfer your money to another person’s account can cost you expensive fees. But, if you use your bank account to transfer money to another person’s account, you can save on fees because your bank will only charge a flat rate which is lower than the fees charged by a money transfer company.

4.    It’s accessible and convenient

You can manage your money better and improve your finances after hard times if you have a bank account that offers convenience. For instance, having a checking account means you can pay anything by checks or through online, and if you have an ATM or debit card for your account, you can pay at stores or withdraw money quickly.

5.    It gives you easy access to credit

By opening an account, banks can be aware of the flow of your money. If they noticed that you’re managing your money well, you’ll probably have the advantage to access credit easily. That’s because almost all banks and credit unions give credit to those who have existing bank accounts. Not only that but dealing with small loan lending companies can be expensive due to their high interest rates and lending fees.

Final Thoughts

If you want an organized way to keep and manage your funds for future needs, it may be time to consider these tips when opening a bank account in Syracuse NY. Although you opt for having bank accounts over piggy banks and check cashers, you still need to be familiar with some fees associated with banking. Depending on the account you want, you may have to keep a minimum balance to avoid charges or account termination. So, it’s better to shop around and choose the right bank that suits your financial needs.