Why to Use aptitude Test for Recruiting Teachers?

Teachers are the backbone of schools, education institutions and colleges. If you are an educational institution then you have to make sure that you have the right teachers employed. You cannot take a chance with the effectivity and recruitment of the candidates. Only the right candidates should be taken into consideration for the role of teacher. The point is teachers are not just going to effect the institution but the entire batches of students.

No matter which subject teacher a person is, he or she has to own   a strong logical reasoning, verbal aptitude and general numerical aptitude. It is so as to communicate with students and their parents in an effective manner.  You should make sure that you evaluate the calibre and capacities of your candidates before you appoint them as teachers in your institution.

It is true that a teacher has to be a great communicator. They require being comfortable with public speaking in front of any sized audience or group. They have to be a leader, but not excessively severe. Teachers should definitely have a strong knowledge of particular subjects and these also must be patient.  Of course these teachers need to commit huge amounts of time outside of the classroom meeting with students, as well as grading papers and reading. A teacher is never great at just one thing. It is an extremely demanding but equally rewarding profession that demands a number of various skills, and though various people believe they wish to teach not everybody is suited for it. And being the employers or recruiters, you have to be watchful about the candidates you are recruiting.

Use an aptitude test

You know an aptitude test, by meaning, is any kind of assessment that assesses the talent, ability and potential to perform a certain task, with no prior knowledge and or even training.  To simplify this thing, the point is that the test evaluated the general ability of the candidates. Whether verbal, technical, personality, logical, numerical or others; the test measures it all at a very basic level.  You would agree that everyone who is into teaching profession should have basic understanding of these general things right? What if the teacher is teaching language in the school but he or she lacks logical thinking? That would be really ineffective for the students. Sometimes teachers have to go out of their comfort zone to help the students. If the teachers don’t have the skills to act sensibly in other areas than just core competencies, it would be really unfair.

Aptitude testing is important

Many school systems, colleges and universities are beginning to utilize aptitude testing as portion of the interview process. An aptitude test for recruitment of teachers is specifically designed as a psychologically based sequence of questions and answers that gives the recruiting school a better understanding of how a teacher thinks, or how they are going to behave in any contextual situation.  These aptitude tests are not designed to trick those who take them, but rather as really investigative procedures used before recruiting someone in such an influential role. 

The test makes recruitment easy

Everyone who is applying for the role of teacher obviously has their degrees, education qualification and other certifications with them right?  They would flaunt their documents for sure. Butdo you think that is enough? If you were to take candidates only on the basis of their qualification documents and degrees then no candidate might have returned disappointed. In simple words all the candidates sitting in the recruitment program might have got the job. Here, the point is you have to distinguish the candidates on the basis of areas that are not their core areas. Of course, interview and resume evaluation segments will definitely take care of the core areas of the candidate and would have a lot more weightage. But having an aptitude test would tell you, the recruiter, and a lot about the teachers in general.

Now, what is the point if you recruit a person on the basis of their qualification and degrees but he turns out to be an extensive drinker? What if he comes to teach the students half-drunk? You would never endorse such behaviour right? The point is you have to look at the bigger picture before you decide. Once you have the behaviour, attitude, general calibre, logical reasoning and other similar aspects in mind about a candidate, you can take a much better decision.

Your reputation is on stake

If you are in a habit of recruiting teachers merely on the basis of their resumes and face value then you need to be prepared for a fall down.  Such teachers do not survive a longer race. Moreover, they might be working in your organization but you have no idea how they might be tarnishing your reputation. For example, if you have a fantastic maths teacher and you have recruited him on the basis of his maths qualification; you must be proud right?But what if he is good at just Maths but nothing else that is required out of a teacher? For example what if he does not know how to behave and talk? That would be a slap on the face of your business right? You would never wan students or the parents say that you have teachers who don’t even know how to behave.

Moreover, sometimes it is not just about the marks and grades alone, but about overall environment. If your teachers are morally corrupt, always tell a lie, get into fights and beat students; such things would not be tolerated at all. These things would rather harm your hard earned reputation and name. You have to be careful about all these things before you get anyone on board for teaching in your organization. And the best tool to know about the behaviour and attitude of the candidate is through psychometric test. It dives deeper into the layers and gets you the information.


So, even for recruiting teachers in your institution you do need an aptitude test. You cannot afford to have ineffective and shallow teachers in your institution.