Why Your Business Needs a 24 Hour Answering Service

What will it cost you to provide cutting edge customer support via phone? It is bigger than you can imagine. A cheerful voice in addition to a warm greeting is almost not enough. 

Customer care reps have to be ready to provide answers to all kinds of queries about their company and the services they offer. Of course, they have to be appealing, but it will be necessary for them to be able to efficiently provide the information that customers or prospects need.

However, not every business can hire someone who can manage this role efficiently. So what can you do if your growing business does not have a budget that can cater for a customer care rep?

Well, what your business needs is an answering service.

This kind of service yields good results most times. It also helps you to reduce the amount of money you would have spent if you had to hire a customer care rep. Your customers are more likely to enjoy this service compared to if your business had a customer care rep.

Now, let us look at why your business needs to adopt an answering service.

1. Make More Money While Saving Money 

Your business will keep growing and the same can be said about your budget. But hiring a set of staff just to take business calls is expensive. Apart from paying the salary of staff, you need to add up cost of acquiring phones, computer, desk, and other things you need to set up the office. You also need to offer health insurance to your employees.

Furthermore, there are businesses that engage the entire team in answering phone calls from customers. But pulling your staff to undertake such task can be distracting and decreases productivity. 

However, an answering service will avail you the advantages of having a professional customer care rep and at a lesser cost. You will get excellent service as well as a well-informed person who will be answering the phones.

2. You Will Retain Your Valuable Customers 

Customers expect that your business should be open 24/7. So, they call in when ever it is suitable for them. Answering phones during work hours alone (which is usually 8 hours), means that during the remaining 16 hours, your customers’ calls will go unanswered. Most callers will not leave you any message or try calling again. In fact, some people hang up as soon as they discover that are not being answered by a real person.

Despite the fact that your business needs to focus on making more sales, building your current list of clientele is also of utmost importance. You can achieve this by partnering with an answering service. So when your customers call in after work hours, they will receive maximum attention. prospective customers also will not be unintentionally neglected. 

Furthermore, if your customer service is poor, you will lose customers. And you know how people are quick to give negative reviews when they do not get the value they desire. One bad review can make a customer choose your competitor over you. And it will take a lot of effort to amend that one negative experience.  

Watch this video to learn how to give great customer service.

3. Project Your Business as a More Professional Entity

Whether it is an intern or the business owner, whoever picks up the phone, becomes the business’ voice. And if the caller is a new customer or prospect, the experience they will have will form their first and probably, only impression about your business; depending on the kind of service they receive. 

However, if your business is affiliated to an answering service, you will have access to dedicated, well-trained receptionists who will make sure that your customers get a good first impression. Also, the calls will be answered on time, in a polite manner, and within a serene environment to eliminate poor network, dropped calls, or any kind of bad experience.

Additionally, customers can’t tell if an answering service rep is actually at your place of work when they call. They cannot also tell if it is a 2-man business or a 1000-employee kind of business. The kind of treatment they get when they call will either project your business as a more professional entity or not. 

4. Your Priorities Will Be Rightly Placed

The volume of calls a business receives every day, especially if it is a small business, might be difficult to handle. Imagine trying to have a phone conversation with one customer, while that is on-going, two or three more callers are calling but you can’t respond. One of the callers leaves a voice message and while you are trying to call back, another call comes in. You can now see that you will still lose customers when you try to do this on your own. 

You will be unable to handle other business activities in addition to all that stress. But if you use an answering service, you can focus more on your work while the customer care rep focuses on caring for your customers. That way, your priorities will be rightly placed, and you will be more productive.

Now that you know how your business can benefit from an answering service, take a step in the right direction. Click on this link: https://www.mltcom.com/answering-services/247-answering-service/ to get affiliated with a professional answering service.


Your business needs to grow and that can be achieved when you focus on making it grow. It will be quite tasking trying to attend to enquiries from prospective customers, generating sales, reaching out to returning customers to maintain the relationship, among other things you need to do as a business owner. 

The business world is quite competitive and if you need your business to thrive, you need to focus on what you are best at. So you and your business need an answering service that will be available on a 24-hour basis while you are busy meeting the needs of your customers.