A Review Of iMarketsLive MLM Business Results and Its Pros and Cons

In today’s modern world, people tend to find ways to make more money and achieve financial security on a long-term basis. Given these circumstances, networking marketing companies like iMarketsLive have been on the rise to serve as a platform that can help you earn more money. Although there has been a lot of excitement about these online opportunities, you must take time to conduct some research and know what this excitement is all about.

In this article, we’ll provide a wealth of information about iMarketsLive MLM business results and its pros and cons. Let’s check them out.

What is iMarketsLive?

Popularly known as iMarketsLive, International Markets Live is a multi-level marketing company that offers Cryptocurrency and Forex education, and signal services for traders. It aims to provide tools and services that will allow members and aspiring entrepreneurs to earn in the Forex markets. iMarketsLive was launched back in July 2013 by its CEO, Christopher Terry, who has been a professional and successful Forex trader for eight years.

In combination with Forex trading, the company operates in more than 120 countries, which is ideal for people who look for ways to profit through a local style of marketing and Internet marketing. Once you join in this networking program, you’ll have the chance to sell the system to other people, urge them to make an investment, and generate more commissions on your end.

If you want to know if investing in an MLM company is the best way to go, read an iMarketsLive review for a better decision-making process. 

What To Expect With The Company

Like other multi-level marketing opportunities, people who are interested in joining iMarketsLive should know how it works. If you consider taking this marketing opportunity, here are a few things you need to be familiar with before joining:

1.    Products – The company offers a variety of products. Its main product line includes financial trading software, which may cost several thousands of dollars when you purchase them separately. They are also used to help you profit through financial trading in Forex and analyzing the risk factors in the Forex market. Recently, iMarketsLive has included Cryptocurrency trading in their platform.

2.    Compensation Plan – The good thing about the company’s compensation plan is that it’s easy to understand. You’ll start as a customer by signing up for a membership fee. You can only waive your membership fees if you get two people to buy a membership package. In other words, you just have to convince other people to pay a membership fee, and you’ll earn a commission from it. As long as you know how to entice a broad audience, iMarketsLive can undoubtedly become a profitable networking company. However, if you don’t know otherwise, then you may end up quitting after a month because you don’t earn profits.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

Now that you know some essential things about iMarketsLive, it’s time to get familiar with the company’s pros and cons. This is to help you decide whether the program provided by the said business can be suitable for you. So, here are the pros and cons of joining iMarketsLive that you should keep in mind:


1.    Provides potential income even without recruitment – Almost all multi-level marketing companies will ask you to recruit and make a considerable downline to make money. While it remains that way, iMarketsLive is different in the sense that you can earn money by yourself through Forex trading.

2.    Has plenty of training materials – If you want to have a good background about Forex trading, investing in iMarketsLive can be a great idea. The company provides actual product support through videos, tutorials, training modules, and even live help sessions.

3.    Can take advantage of a reliable and long-term company – If you’re looking for financial freedom, joining in this company can be a beneficial option. This is through the commission plan and the education and software you can use with currency trading.


1.    Probably lose more than your monthly fees – You can potentially lose more money when you fail to recover your minimum purchase requirements and monthly fees. Also, you may also have to compromise your trading capital to deal with the currency markets.

2.    Need to upgrade to the platinum customer level – You can’t avail of all the training and software available if you don’t become a platinum customer.

3.    Costly – You’ll spend more money on the overpriced products due to its MLM structure, and a lot of risks may be involved regarding trading.

4.    Has restrictions on operations – The company has no authority to operate in the United Kingdom. The Financial Conduct Authority warns people about iMarketsLive providing products without their approval.

5.    Has poor ratings – The Better Business Bureau has rated the company with an F or poor rating because it received many complaints against the business, and the company took a long time to respond to complaints.


If you’re searching for money-making opportunities online that can help you earn a profit,

joining a networking marketing company can be either the best or toughest thing to do. With proper knowledge, skills, and resources, you can be successful in making money with MLM like iMarketsLive. Thus, if you don’t know anything about how iMarketsLive works, keep all of this information in mind to help make the decision much easier.

What to Ask a Financial Advisor Rochester NY Before You Hire for Your Business

Starting and growing your business can be exciting, but remember that you don’t have to do it all alone. A financial advisor will provide you with insight and direction when it comes to your business taxes, investments, and finances.

Finding a financial advisor that puts your interests ahead of their own is crucial. Here are some of the questions that you should ask a Rochester, NY financial advisor before you hire them to help you out with your business:

1. Are you a financial fiduciary?

Financial fiduciaries, such as investment adviser representatives or IARs and registered investment advisers or RIAs, are held to higher ethical standards. Your interests always come before theirs. Financial advisors that are not fiduciaries, such as stock brokers, don’t necessarily have the same legal obligation to act in your interest.

A straightforward way to ask if an advisor is a financial fiduciary is to just ask. They should have no problem putting their claim in writing on their company letterhead. Be wary of those who refuse to provide you with written proof.

2. Do you hold any active certifications or designations?

A financial advisor can have several designations and certifications. Here are four of the major ones:

  • CFP or Certified Financial Planner – A CFP designation is generally recognized as the gold standard in the financial services industry. A CFP has completed an extensive course, has several years of experience, and has passed an intensive 6-hour exam.
  • CPA or Certified Public Accountant – CPAs undergo rigorous testing to earn the designation, which is considered as the oldest and most established financial credential in many countries around the world. Most small business owners hire firms such as Davie Kaplan CPAs to help them with advance tax planning.
  • ChFC or Chartered Financial Consultant – This designation is granted to those who have completed 7 required courses and 2 electives, as well as 3 years of experience in financial services.
  • CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst – Holders of this designation have passed 3 comprehensive tests regarding investment analysis. CFA holders often become portfolio managers or analysts for financial institutions.

No matter which one of these your financial advisor has, always make sure that their credentials are legitimate and current. Verify the validity with the appropriate licensing agency or organization.

3. What services do you or your firm provide?

Remember that financial advisors do tend to specialize. For instance, some of them can only provide assistance and advice on investments, while others may deal only with financial planning or retirement concerns.

Choose an advisor or a firm that offers the services that you are looking for. In particular, hire a financial advisor that specializes in working with business owners and entrepreneurs.

4. How are you compensated for your advice and services?

There are 3 ways that a financial advisor is compensated for their services. These are the following:

  • Commission-based advisors are those who are often affiliated with large financial institutions and earn their fees based on the financial products they sell. As a rule, you want to avoid commission-based advisors because they have a greater incentive to push a specific type of asset or product when they are getting a cut from your investment.
  • Fee-based advisors are those who earn a percentage of your revenue or the asset that they are managing for you. However, like commission-based advisors, they are typically affiliated with brokers and agents, and may pressure you into selecting products from which they will earn a commission.
  • Fee-only advisors earn money through hourly rates or flat fees. If this is your first time hiring an advisor, most experts recommend choosing a fee-only advisor because they don’t receive commissions from product sales. They are motivated to get your finances right so that they can grow their practice.

5. Do you have any convictions or are there any ethical complaints filed against you?

Avoid financial advisors that have legal or ethical marks against them. Here are some examples:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Criminal charges
  • Unpaid liens
  • Disciplinary, administrative, and criminal investigations

Remember that while financial advisors are legally obligated to disclose ongoing and previous disciplinary actions, as well as any conflicts of interest, you should also do your own legwork to avoid making the wrong decision.


Your financial advisor will be one of the most crucial people that you bring into your business. They help you become more accountable, and they can offer valuable input and recommendations into the more complex aspects of your business. The right financial advisor will help you navigate the bumpy road to a successful business.

Why Opening An Account At Banks in Syracuse NY Can Help You Manage Money Better

No doubt that saving more money for future needs can be one of the best ways to build your wealth and avoid debt. After all, how you handle your savings significantly depends on your financial habits. If you’re using a piggy-bank, then you may miss out several benefits of managing your money better with a bank account.

If you plan on saving your cash for future use, read this article to learn some of the reasons why opening an account at banks in Syracuse NY can help you manage your money better.

1.    It’s safe

Having a bank account offers a better sense of security for your money. If you open an account in Syracuse banks, you’ll be able to protect your money from possible fires and thefts. Unlike keeping your wealth on your own, having an account in the bank will ensure that your money is federally insured in case your bank or credit union suddenly closes. Meaning, you can also get your money back even if the bank goes bankrupt or is robbed.

If you want to put your money in a safe place by opening an account in a Syracuse bank, there are many reliable banks and financial institutions that you can choose from. To know how you can get started, click here for more information.

2.    It helps you make profits

If you open an account, particularly a savings account, you’ll have the opportunity to earn profits. This is done by allowing your bank to use your savings for investments. In return, they’ll compensate you giving you a little amount of interest.

Moreover, opening some kinds of accounts in the banks means your money will be placed in liquid money market funds that allow you to generate more revenues. It’s important to note that earning profits can be an ideal way of managing your money.

3.    It’s cheaper

If you’re looking for a cheaper way to manage your money, then opening a bank account in Syracuse is a great idea. Here’s how banks and other financial institutions become less expensive when it comes to saving money:

  • Bills payment – If you don’t have an account, you’ll likely use money orders, telephone bill pays, and other outlets to pay your bills. Unfortunately, paying bills using these ways may cost you additional fees. With a checking account, you can save by writing checks for free or pay online at a less expensive cost.
  • Cash access – If you need cash, but you don’t have a bank account, chances are you’ll have to use your credit card to avail of a cash advance from an ATM. By using a credit card, you’ll be charged with a transaction fee and a corresponding interest. On the other hand, opening a bank account means you can withdraw cash from your bank’s ATM, free of charge.
  • Money transfer – Using a money transfer company as a means to transfer your money to another person’s account can cost you expensive fees. But, if you use your bank account to transfer money to another person’s account, you can save on fees because your bank will only charge a flat rate which is lower than the fees charged by a money transfer company.

4.    It’s accessible and convenient

You can manage your money better and improve your finances after hard times if you have a bank account that offers convenience. For instance, having a checking account means you can pay anything by checks or through online, and if you have an ATM or debit card for your account, you can pay at stores or withdraw money quickly.

5.    It gives you easy access to credit

By opening an account, banks can be aware of the flow of your money. If they noticed that you’re managing your money well, you’ll probably have the advantage to access credit easily. That’s because almost all banks and credit unions give credit to those who have existing bank accounts. Not only that but dealing with small loan lending companies can be expensive due to their high interest rates and lending fees.

Final Thoughts

If you want an organized way to keep and manage your funds for future needs, it may be time to consider these tips when opening a bank account in Syracuse NY. Although you opt for having bank accounts over piggy banks and check cashers, you still need to be familiar with some fees associated with banking. Depending on the account you want, you may have to keep a minimum balance to avoid charges or account termination. So, it’s better to shop around and choose the right bank that suits your financial needs.

Why to Use aptitude Test for Recruiting Teachers?

Teachers are the backbone of schools, education institutions and colleges. If you are an educational institution then you have to make sure that you have the right teachers employed. You cannot take a chance with the effectivity and recruitment of the candidates. Only the right candidates should be taken into consideration for the role of teacher. The point is teachers are not just going to effect the institution but the entire batches of students.

No matter which subject teacher a person is, he or she has to own   a strong logical reasoning, verbal aptitude and general numerical aptitude. It is so as to communicate with students and their parents in an effective manner.  You should make sure that you evaluate the calibre and capacities of your candidates before you appoint them as teachers in your institution.

It is true that a teacher has to be a great communicator. They require being comfortable with public speaking in front of any sized audience or group. They have to be a leader, but not excessively severe. Teachers should definitely have a strong knowledge of particular subjects and these also must be patient.  Of course these teachers need to commit huge amounts of time outside of the classroom meeting with students, as well as grading papers and reading. A teacher is never great at just one thing. It is an extremely demanding but equally rewarding profession that demands a number of various skills, and though various people believe they wish to teach not everybody is suited for it. And being the employers or recruiters, you have to be watchful about the candidates you are recruiting.

Use an aptitude test

You know an aptitude test, by meaning, is any kind of assessment that assesses the talent, ability and potential to perform a certain task, with no prior knowledge and or even training.  To simplify this thing, the point is that the test evaluated the general ability of the candidates. Whether verbal, technical, personality, logical, numerical or others; the test measures it all at a very basic level.  You would agree that everyone who is into teaching profession should have basic understanding of these general things right? What if the teacher is teaching language in the school but he or she lacks logical thinking? That would be really ineffective for the students. Sometimes teachers have to go out of their comfort zone to help the students. If the teachers don’t have the skills to act sensibly in other areas than just core competencies, it would be really unfair.

Aptitude testing is important

Many school systems, colleges and universities are beginning to utilize aptitude testing as portion of the interview process. An aptitude test for recruitment of teachers is specifically designed as a psychologically based sequence of questions and answers that gives the recruiting school a better understanding of how a teacher thinks, or how they are going to behave in any contextual situation.  These aptitude tests are not designed to trick those who take them, but rather as really investigative procedures used before recruiting someone in such an influential role. 

The test makes recruitment easy

Everyone who is applying for the role of teacher obviously has their degrees, education qualification and other certifications with them right?  They would flaunt their documents for sure. Butdo you think that is enough? If you were to take candidates only on the basis of their qualification documents and degrees then no candidate might have returned disappointed. In simple words all the candidates sitting in the recruitment program might have got the job. Here, the point is you have to distinguish the candidates on the basis of areas that are not their core areas. Of course, interview and resume evaluation segments will definitely take care of the core areas of the candidate and would have a lot more weightage. But having an aptitude test would tell you, the recruiter, and a lot about the teachers in general.

Now, what is the point if you recruit a person on the basis of their qualification and degrees but he turns out to be an extensive drinker? What if he comes to teach the students half-drunk? You would never endorse such behaviour right? The point is you have to look at the bigger picture before you decide. Once you have the behaviour, attitude, general calibre, logical reasoning and other similar aspects in mind about a candidate, you can take a much better decision.

Your reputation is on stake

If you are in a habit of recruiting teachers merely on the basis of their resumes and face value then you need to be prepared for a fall down.  Such teachers do not survive a longer race. Moreover, they might be working in your organization but you have no idea how they might be tarnishing your reputation. For example, if you have a fantastic maths teacher and you have recruited him on the basis of his maths qualification; you must be proud right?But what if he is good at just Maths but nothing else that is required out of a teacher? For example what if he does not know how to behave and talk? That would be a slap on the face of your business right? You would never wan students or the parents say that you have teachers who don’t even know how to behave.

Moreover, sometimes it is not just about the marks and grades alone, but about overall environment. If your teachers are morally corrupt, always tell a lie, get into fights and beat students; such things would not be tolerated at all. These things would rather harm your hard earned reputation and name. You have to be careful about all these things before you get anyone on board for teaching in your organization. And the best tool to know about the behaviour and attitude of the candidate is through psychometric test. It dives deeper into the layers and gets you the information.


So, even for recruiting teachers in your institution you do need an aptitude test. You cannot afford to have ineffective and shallow teachers in your institution.

Tips To Help Make More Money When You Don’t Have Much Work

Whether you want to pay your debt or improve your monthly income, there’s always a lot of opportunities to make more money. In today’s digital world, the amount of extra money you can make isn’t limited by the Internet. As long as you love what you’re doing, you can generate a few hundred dollars each day.

If you need extra cash and you don’t have much work to do, here are a few tips that can help you make more money on the side:

1.    Take surveys online

This is one of the best ways to earn extra income during your free time. Since it doesn’t need any experience before you can start, taking online surveys has become in-demand these days. There are a lot of websites that offer online surveys to users like you. These surveys are conducted on behalf of companies who need the consumers’ feedback and suggestions to improve their products and services. Once you commit your time and effort in taking their surveys, you’ll get a reward in the form of cash, gifts, and some other prizes. However, be sure you’re only dealing with legitimate websites that conduct paid survey opportunities.

If you’re interested in making money online in the easiest way possible, there are resource websites for anyone looking for jobs that can help you get started.

2.    Start blogging

If you have a background in blogging, then it’s something that you can make more money from, especially if you don’t have much work. From reviews and commentaries to articles and recipes, you can create a solid income out of it. Just sit down in front of your laptop, spend some time and effort to build your site, and you’ll become one of the most-paid bloggers online. With your love for writing, you can begin a money-making online job in no time.

3.    Sell unwanted stuff

If you don’t have much work to do, it’s time to declutter your house. Take that opportunity to clear your living space clutter and earn extra cash from your unwanted stuff. From clothing and electronics to toys and pieces of furniture, you can always sell them in a garage sale. However, if holding a garage sale near your home isn’t your thing, some websites can help you sell some used items at a considerable price. All you’ll need to do is post your items and sell them for the most money. In a day or two, you’ll get the income you’re looking for.

Moreover, you can also put up an E-commerce business through your unwanted stuff. Once the business is established, you can start choosing an E-commerce niche that you can make money from.

4.    Be a translator

Considering the kind of global culture we have these days, there’s no doubt that translation services have become an in-demand job opportunity to generate side income. If you have a background in translation or you’re a bilingual speaker, there’s plenty of work coming your way. As long as you have the experience and skills, you’ll get paid with a fair wage for a translation service.

5.    Work as a pet sitter

Being a pet sitter is something you can earn money from if you don’t have work to do. If you’re a pet lover, this kind of side job can bring in more income to your wallet. As long as you have some necessary supplies, you can find clients who need your pet sitting services. Of course, you’ll have to work on this job during your free time.

6.    Be a website tester

Nowadays, getting paid to test websites is a real deal. Many businesses are willing to pay people just to visit their websites and try their different functionalities. This is for the purpose of testing the user-friendliness and functionality of the websites. If you’re not busy, browse some sites that will pay you for every site review you’ve done. That way, you can generate more money on the side.

7.    Try affiliate marketing

If you have excellent marketing skills, why not try to be an affiliate marketer so you can gain more money while you don’t have much work? Affiliate marketing is a method wherein you’ll have to advertise a product or service in exchange for a commission on the sales. The good thing about this kind of sideline is that you don’t need to interact with people personally. You just work on your laptop or computer and promote something to drive sales.

8.    Get paid to browse the web

Although this kind of method is a small earner, it’s still a legitimate opportunity to earn more money. There are also websites that will happily pay you for every web browsing you make. In order to get more traffic to their websites, companies are eager to spend any amount on it. This is the reason why there’s still money to earn from surfing.


Making extra money online can be a great way to boost your financial situation. Even if you have a full-time job outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t gain a stable side income. If you’re looking for ways to earn extra money when you don’t have much work, never hesitate to use this article as your guide.

Key Ways To Improve Your Finances After A Hard Turn In Life

The unpredictability of life makes it beautiful. Because you don’t have any idea of what will happen next, you’ll be excited to accomplish different tasks, meet new people, and just live your life to the fullest. But on the other side of the coin, this unpredictability can also become stressful. If you’ve experienced going through a divorce, bankruptcy in your business or lost a job, your financial life might be adversely affected. If you don’t know how to improve your finances after a hard turn in life, the quality of your life will take a turn for the worse. 

Your finances play a significant role in your life. If you know how to budget your money well, you’ll be able to live comfortably and afford all of your necessities. But if you don’t, you’ll end up being buried in debt. If you’ve recently experienced a hard turn in life, pay attention to the following tips so you can improve your finances:

1.    Seek professional advice.

Determining where you stand in your debt and how you can get it rid of it can be stressful. If this is your first time to control your finances, you might be clueless on how and where to start. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through all of these alone. To ensure that you’re actually starting with the right foot, hire professionals who have a financial planning license. They can help your financial life by creating a budget especially for you. Hiring them might cost money from your pocket but think of it this way: you’ll save yourself from unwanted stress, and you won’t have to waste your energy in trying out strategies that you aren’t sure will work.

2.    Don’t play the blame game.

There are many reasons why your finances aren’t healthy. It can be because you tend to overspend, don’t know how to budget or you’re receiving too little salary. Instead of blaming yourself for the wrong financial decisions you’ve made in the past, take note of these and make sure that you don’t commit the same in the future. Determine which areas you think should you improve on and gradually work on each one.

3.    Get ready for the next financial crisis.

As mentioned, you can never predict what will happen in life. You might have enough financial resources today, but you can never say the same in the next few months. If you don’t want to fall into another financial turmoil, prepare for your next financial crisis. You can do this by establishing good financial habits, building emergency funds, and paying down all of your existing debts. You should also follow a specific investing strategy and improve your professional credentials. Don’t be too complacent in having a stable job today. Remember, the economy is cyclical, so it pays to be prepared.

4.    Become the head of your financial household.

Your financial resources are crucial when you’re the breadwinner of the family. Aside from sustaining your own expenses and paying the monthly bills, you have to make sure that all of your family members can enjoy both their needs and wants. Budgeting will be essential especially when you’re still sending your kids to school. To enjoy a healthy financial life, work on a budget of the household as if you’re the head of a company. With this role, you should be able to manage the cash flow, learn when to delegate expenses, create long-term financial plans, and schedule regular monthly meetings with the entire family. You should also know how to spend bonuses whenever you receive them.

5.    Consider a side hustle.

One of the most common reasons why you’re living from paycheck to paycheck is because your salary isn’t enough for your expenses. And even though you try your best to minimize your expenses, most of the time, your efforts won’t be enough. Another solution for this kind of situation is by getting a part-time job. Depending on the schedule you have at work, you can work part-time during the weekends or after office hours. There are a handful of part-time jobs available today so no matter what your skill set is, you’ll surely find one that fits.

It Requires Investment

There are actually a lot of strategies on how you can improve your finances, and they’re not merely limited to the tips presented in this article. But no matter what strategy you plan on using, always practice patience and consistency. Repairing your finances after a hard turn in life will require time and effort, so make sure that you’re willing to invest. 

Tips To Find The Best Cloud Accounting & Bookkeeping firm in Boston

Every business needs to maintain books of all their records of financial transactions. These financial books will also show you your income and expenses. In turn, all these records will help you evaluate your business better and pay appropriate taxes. Right now, you can already have your accounting on the cloud or done by a bookkeeping firm. Here are some tips on how to find the best cloud accounting and bookkeeping firm in Boston.

1.      Costing plan

The first thing to do is to ask about their pricing plan. This will serve as the limits of which bookkeeping firm you can afford. Budget will put the restraints on which services you can use. If they’re pricing by the hour, then this may not be very good for your company. This is a bad idea because virtual bookkeeping services consists of the cloud, which should not be priced per hour.

Cloud accounting and bookkeeping firms must offer a flat rate pricing. This can be a monthly fee for a set of services rendered. This is a good sign. Boston CPA Services Company, for example, is a firm that offers a fixed flat rate pricing for services rendered.

2.      Ask about their deliverables

It’s important that you know all the services the bookkeeping firm will be rendering. The cloud accounting and bookkeeping firm should be able to send reports out to you on a regular basis. You may also check with them how frequent this will be and if they’ll be reviewing reports with you. Each and every virtual bookkeeping service should have this provision for you. It might cost more than the cheapest package, but the option to choose this service should be made available to you as well.

3.      Check for the experience of the firm

It’s best if you get a firm with great experience in the industry. When you’re inquiring about their services, be sure to ask in-depth about their experiences to avoid wrong assumptions. After asking questions, you can do some background check on the firm.

Dig deeper by asking others who have been their previous clients. Ask about their experience with the firm and check how much they were charging. Do some research as well on the technology on cloud and virtual accounting. Make sure that the accounting firm that you’ll be hiring has the best kind and updated technology available.

4.      Make a comparison

After getting information from your prospective firms, you can now make a comparison among the firms. Put the firms side by side and make a comparison. Check out their price points and the services they each offer. Compare each of their experiences as well and years of service. See if their technology keeps up with the times. As check and balance, ask for each of their reference clients and call them about the services of the firm.

5.      Consider your needs for your business

The best cloud accounting and bookkeeping firm will be based on your business’ needs and business model. Be careful to tailor fit it to your needs and how your business operates. Depending on which industry you’re in, you might need to consider a specialized accounting software that can be designed for the kind of business you have.

For example, there are customized accounting software for manufacturing companies. There’s also types of accounting software for restaurants and retailers. In this part, doing your research will play an important part. So, make sure you do in-depth research.

6.      Choose your firm with the help of your accountant

It’d be better if you have your accountant by your side when you choose your bookkeeping firm as they’ll be the ones who understand and do the work. Every business will be different, and your accountant will have the most educated opinion about which software and programs your business will need.

In customizing your software, the accountant may be able to give some valuable contributions as how to go about this. This is why it’s very important to get the opinion of your accountant on matters like these. Someone experienced by your side will be able to inform and advise you the right way.


Maintaining the proper financial statements may require some effort and a large amount of time. So, instead of putting in your own time and effort into this, it’s better to have these kinds of services outsourced instead of hiring and training your own team of accountants.

National Debt Relief Review

If you are engulfed with high debt and considering of filing for bankruptcy, you may consider checking out National Debt Relief first. It is basically a debt settlement company that negotiates with your debt creditors to lower your current debts. The company has A+ BBB rating and many customers have already claimed that they have been saved by National Debt Relief.

Details of National Debt Relief

  • Services Offered: Debt Settlement with the option of direct negotiations.
  • Minimum Debt for Consideration: $7,500 of eligible debt.
  • Normal Turnaround Time: 24-48 months.
  • No consultation and cancellation fees.
  • Service Charges: 18-25% of the total registered debt.
  • Ratings: A+ BBB rating, Trustpilot rating of 9.4.
  • Accreditations: American Fair Credit Council, Better Business Bureau, International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators.
  • Accepted Debt Types: Medical bills, credit cards, lines of credit, personal loans, business debt, and student loans. Secured debts are not eligible for consideration.
  • Customer Service: Phone, live chat, and email.
  • For more info, Face The Red offers reviews of NDR on their website.

How Much does it Cost?

The service charge of National Debt Relief is usually between 18 to 25% of your total registered debt over two to four years. However, the exact percentage rely upon the total amount of your registered debt and the state you reside in.

For example, to pay a $10,000 debt over three years with a median 15% interest rate, your total debt would end up at $15, 639.44 when you are ready to negotiate. Your service charge would likely fall between $2,815 and $3,910.

How Much Can You Save?

The amount you would end up saving depends on the total amount of debt you have and how successful the company can be in its negotiation with your debt creditors.

According to customer testimonials found on the BBB website, some customers claimed that they have saved a significant amount of money, while there were few others who said that they were hit with hidden charges and end up paying more than their original debt.

Pros of National Debt Relief

  • You will not be paying any upfront fees and you will only be charged after successful negotiation of your debt.
  • If you are not happy with their service, you can cancel your enrollment with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • The company also consider some type of student loans for negotiation.
  • You only need to have $7,500 in minimum debt to enroll.

Cons of National Debt Relief

  • Even though the company claims there is no upfront fees or cancellation fees, some customers at the BBB website claimed this is not true and they have been charged with hidden fees.
  • Debt settlement is a risky step that can damage your credit score in the long run.
  • Secured loans like car loans, mortgage or other types of loans with collateral are not eligible for debt negotiation.
  • Unfortunately, the company right now works only in 41 states.

Is National Debt Relief Lawful?

Yes, the company is perfectly legal and BBB accredited company since 2013 with a current rating of A+ based on transparency in its operation and time spend in the business. The company currently has 4 out of 5 stars according to 340 customers who reviewed the company. On Trustpilot, more than 11,000 customers have reviewed the company with an average rating of 9.5 out of 10.


Debt settlement is a risky step and should not be taken lightly. It has a direct impact on your credit score and should not be considered unless you want to stay of debt thereafter. Only if bankruptcy is your only remaining option, National Debt Relief might be worth a try.