The Most Common Uses Of Personal Loans

Have you ever taken out a personal loan? This financial tool has increased in popularity due to its versatile nature and favorable interest rates it provides to borrowers. People tend to use the borrowed funds for a variety of reasons, ranging from debt consolidation, home remodeling, moving, and emergencies to organizing weddings. 

These loans are most commonly unsecured, repaid in the form of monthly installments over a pre-determined payback period. The monthly installments, interest rates, and time period are determined by the creditworthiness of borrowers. 

Nowadays, there is a myriad of financial brokerage firms, such as, providing clients with beneficial financial solutions by comparing interest rates, lending criteria, and personal loan types from various moneylenders.

Prior to hiring one, take a look at the most common uses of personal credits.

Secured vs unsecured loans

When it comes to taking out a personal loan, borrowers are provided with the opportunity of choosing between a secured and unsecured credit. The former requires borrowers to provide a certain type of collateral in the event of failing to pay the borrowed sum of money back, while the latter requires no pledge on the part of the debtor. 

For instance, when applying for a secured loan, most moneylenders require access to the credit history and savings account of borrowers, as well as some financial assets to serve as a guarantee. The collateral, in the form of a home, a car, or other valuable items, is used to encourage debtors to repay the borrowed amount without delays. Due to the reduced level of risk, lenders are willing to offer lower interest rates and allow clients to get higher credits. 

In contrast, unsecured loans demand no collateral, which minimizes the risk for potential borrowers. In order for moneylenders to approve an unsecured personal credit, they inspect the credit score of applicants. Based on their FICO score, these professionals determine the maximal amount a person can borrow, as well as the interest rates he/she will be required to pay. 

Additionally, people with solid credit scores are more likely to be rewarded with favorable interest rates when compared to the ones with bad FICO scores. In most cases, borrowers have no problem estimating the exact sum of their monthly installments or the payback period, hence being able to plan their finances carefully. Make sure you visit this page for some practical tips about improving your credit score. 

Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation is among the most common reasons for submitting a personal loan application, especially beneficial to people who are already in financial trouble. Instead of paying for multiple loans and credit cards separately, a personal loan would enable you to combine all charges into a single monthly installment. 

Moreover, personal credits are considered particularly favorable for debt consolidation owing to the substantially lower interest rates in comparison with the high annual percentage rates (APRs). As a result, there’s a great likelihood for debtors to repay their credit cards in a reasonable time period, instead of having no hope of ever getting out of debt. 

Home remodeling projects

Another frequent use of personal loans is providing the necessary finances for a home remodeling project, which not all homeowners are capable of financing out of their own pockets. These credits are of tremendous importance to people who can’t afford the necessary home repairs or the desired home improvements.

For instance, many homeowners use the borrowed money to replace or repair their damaged roofs, install a new plumbing system, handle termite property deterioration, and a myriad of other issues that cannot be left unhandled. 

Furthermore, some homeowners decide to take out a personal loan for commencing the long-desired home remodeling project. Whether it’s a bathroom renovation, installing solar panels, or building a swimming pool into your backyards, the borrowed sum of money would be more than enough to cover the cost of the remodeling project you dream of. 


Long-distance relocation can be rather costly to people who plan to start a new life chapter a great distance from their current residence. Such relocation involves transportation of the household belongings and vehicles across states or perhaps to another continent, as well as purchasing some new pieces of furniture to equip the new home. 

Nevertheless, a personal loan can be of vital assistance when moving, as it will cover transportation and other moving expenses, thus saving you both time and stress. Anyhow, it’s paramount to calculate whether your new source of income would be enough to repay the credit in the required payback period. 


In most cases, people take out personal loans when coping with an emergency that requires an unplanned amount of money. For example, medical expenses are one of the most common reasons why individuals apply for personal credit. Most medical treatments, such as minor surgeries or dental procedures, are rather costly for people to finance without any kind of financial support. 

The same goes for arranging funerals, which are known for being surprisingly expensive. Unless the deceased person left enough money to cover these expenses, family members might not have another alternative but take out a personal loan to arrange the funeral services. 


An increasing number of couples decide to get the necessary financing for their big day through personal loans. These credits cover most of the crucial wedding expenses like paying for the venue, the photographer, the wedding planner, and even for the dress of the bride. Some men use the borrowed sum of money to purchase the ideal engagement ring for their future spouses without worrying whether their savings account would cover the cost.

Nowadays, organizing the wedding of your dreams can be overly expensive, hence forcing couples to start their marital life in the red. Instead of using credit cards, future spouses can take out credit with favorable interest rates without going deep into debt.

Final thoughts 

Make sure you hire a financial broker to provide you with the most favorable financial solution. 

It’s worth the investment!