Keeping Your Finances in Check Whilst Living Abroad

No matter where you live, you should always have a firm grasp on your finances. It’s important to know how much you are spending, how much you are saving, and how much you are earning at any given moment.

Whether you are making the move for a long period time or a short period of time, there are some crucial steps you should take to manage your finances whilst abroad.

Open a Local Bank Account

International bank transfers can end up costing you quite a lot. If you are planning on settling down in a foreign country, it’s wise to open a local bank account. Many countries require a local bank account if you are looking to lease a car or apartment. Furthermore, this will save you from high exchange rates.

Keep an Account Open at Home

You may only move for a few years, or you may end up living there forever. You never know when you might need to come back to your home country. Whatever the case, it’s prudent to keep a bank account open at home. Speak to your bank and ask them what options are available to you.

Find a Suitable Insurance Plan

You never know when you could find yourself in a tricky situation, so it’s always a good idea to prepare for the worst. That’s why you should always invest in health insurance for travelling abroad. Medical bills can be extremely expensive, especially as a foreigner in a different country, so a great way to cover future expenses is by getting the correct travel insurance.

Manage Your Property

If you have a property back home, you should make the most of this investment. Don’t leave it collecting dust, instead, hire a property manager to keep it occupied whilst you are gone. Not only will you make some extra money on the side, but you’ll also keep it maintained and free from intruders whilst you are abroad.


Get Used to Conversion Rates

When you live in a foreign country it’s easy to get carried away with how much things cost. Make sure to get used to the conversion rates and always calculate the price in your home currency before you buy. It may seem like your everyday items are extremely cheap, but once you do the math, it could end up being much more expensive than you thought.

Re-Adjust Your Budget

Whenever you move to a new country, or even a new state, you must factor in the new and additional costs. Make sure to re-adjust your budget and set yourself new spending limits. To get the best value for money, set yourself a daily budget in the local currency.

Adjusting to a new life abroad can be difficult. Don’t let something as simple as finances, further complicated your move. If you are still struggling to keep your finances under control whilst living in a new country, you can always reach out to a financial advisor for help.

More Than Half of Americans Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck

More than half of Americans report that they are forced to live paycheck to paycheck. This trend has indeed been going up since March 2020, but it’s not only because of Corona. Many reported that they were even living paycheck to paycheck prior to the crisis, and about 30% say that they should have saved more in their emergency fund.

The US is not the only country where citizens are struggling financially, however. According to the Norwegian newspaper e24, four out of ten people in Oslo, Norway are spending all the money they earn each month. Kjell Amund Bergheim, CEO at, a loan comparison service in Norway, says that this is an unhealthy trend he is seeing. Most of the customers who seek guidance from the company haven’t even heard about an emergency fund, and they usually have only a few hundred dollars in their savings account. The simple decision to save fifty dollars or so each month would make for a simple and fruitful beginning.

For a lot of Americans, the financial hardship is not so much about the decisions they make, as it is about how much it costs to fund their nutrition, housing, education, and health expenses. Declining salaries are also impacting the situation negatively. Even though the national economy was doing really well, salaries were halted in 2019. In 2020, the increase in salary is only about 1%, which is almost an all-time low. When we look at things from a longer perspective, findings show that the average salary growth has decreased by almost 10% since 2005, after inflation is accounted for.

Despite the government’s initiatives to offer help through unemployment benefits and reasonable loans, a lot of people are still spending as much as before, while others don’t have any more savings left. Almost half of the people that were surveyed reported that their emergency fund was empty and that if they’d have to deal with a $300 crisis, about 80% of them wouldn’t have the means to pay for it.

Naturally, this means that a lot of Americans have to pay for their expenses by taking up personal loans, which eventually leads to long-term debt problems for many of them. About 25% of survey respondents say that they have built up a debt larger than $12,000, one that will only keep increasing if they can’t find a lasting solution to their financial problems.

Returning To Work After A Work-Related Injury: What You Need To Know

If you have been injured in a work-related accident, you may have a long road to recovery ahead of you. And in many cases, the road to recovery is not always entirely smooth and free of hassles. While you are entitled to claim from your employers’ workers’ comp cover policy to receive compensation that will cover your medical bills, lost income, and even pain and suffering, among other damages, you may be concerned about returning to work.

Professionals who have been injured on the job face concerns about whether they can continue to perform in their career as they could before the injury. Other concerns may revolve around fair treatment from the employer, insufficient injury leave, potential loss of pay, and others. However, you have rights after experiencing a work-related injury, and a Skyview Law personal injury lawyer can help you uncover all the details. With that said, here’s what you need to know when returning to work.

When To Return To Work

More often than not, your healthcare provider will advise when you can safely return to work. However, it would be best if you made the effort of keeping your employer up to date and informed regarding your recovery progress. As soon as your doctor has given you the green light to return to work, it is best to inform your employer immediately.

In cases where an employer is not willing to provide adequate leave time to allow recovery, it is best to deal with your employer through your injury attorney. You may say the wrong thing, and this could put your career on the line. So instead, let your lawyer handle your leave. If you are working under an employment contract, your available sick leave, family emergency leave, and vacation leave can all be taken into account when granting leave for your recovery.

Dealing With Unfair Treatment

Your employer is required by law to treat you fairly, and after experiencing an accident that is the result of health and safety negligence, things may get a bit tricky. However, there are labor laws that define how an employer may and may not treat you. If you feel you are being mistreated, it is best to consult your injury lawyer to discuss further legal action against your employer. Moreover, if you are not treated fairly after returning to work, there is no better time than now to seek a new employer as things are unlikely to improve.

Feeling Restricted By Your Injury After Recovery

If the specifics of your injury have left you unable to perform at your job the way you once could, you should consult your employer about light-duty jobs that you could do until you have fully recovered. However, your employer is not required by law to agree, so your approach is essential. On the other hand, if you cannot perform your job role long-term, you should consider seeking alternative employment. Your compensation payout should cover your loss of income and inability to continue working for at least a few months.

Recovering from an injury and returning to work can be challenging. However, with the right injury lawyer, you can obtain fair compensation that will allow you to get your life back, even if you can’t perform your job role indefinitely.

How To Budget For A Home Down Payment With A Baby On The Way

Having a baby can put a strain on your finances and stress levels, and saving for a down payment can easily double that strain. It may take a lot of careful planning, penny-pinching and some adjustments to your spending habits, but it is possible to do both simultaneously. Here is our quick guide to budgeting for a baby and down payment. 

Start ASAP

You should start saving immediately for both your baby and down payment. The sooner you begin, the more cushion you will have when the baby comes. Put aside every extra dollar you have each month into the highest interest savings account you can find. 

Work Out What You Need

You should make a list of everything you need for the baby and the new house. You should include potential expenses for the baby up to one year old and any medical needs you or they might have. You should buy all your baby items in advance and shop around for the best deals. 

You should prepare for the cost of moving and settling into your new home. Have an emergency fund in case your new home has issues that need to be fixed. 

Be Realistic When House Hunting

You should be realistic about what you can afford. If you want to buy a home before having the baby, you may not have enough time to save for your dream house. Work out how much house you can afford, and factor in that one or both of you may be taking parental leave. You should look at modest starter homes to avoid overstretching your finances. 

Consider Lower Down Payment Loan Options

You should consider lower down payment loans such as FHA home loans. These loans allow you to buy a home with a down payment of 3.5% instead of the standard 20%. If you are on a tight timescale to buy a home before the baby comes, choosing a low down payment loan could help you get on the property ladder in time. 

Prepare For Lowered Income 

One or both of you may take parental leave, which can leave you with a lower monthly income. You should decide in advance how much parental leave to take and find out how much paid leave your employer or State provide. 

Cut Unnecessary Expenses

You should eliminate all unnecessary expenditure. Make a strict budget and review your monthly outgoings. Avoid spending on meals out, takeaway and days out until you have saved your goal amount. 

Don’t Rush

You should weigh up your options carefully before buying. You may have to accelerate your house buying plans due to a baby on the way, but you should still take time to look over properties carefully. Choose wisely to avoid buying a home that will cost you more in the long term. 

5 Effective Steps to Stop Your Overspending Habits

Few days after payday, do you ever ask yourself, “Where did all my money go?” Have you ever found yourself spending way too much? If this sounds familiar, then it’s likely that you’re overspending.

Overspending is the act of spending way too much money as you have planned in the first place. We can see how this can be a problem, especially in the long run. Thus, it creates issues such as financial difficulties, dept, and even relationship issues. Once this starts to develop, it’ll be a downward spiral from thereon.

If you notice yourself doing this, it’s time to put an end to it as soon as possible. Overspending is a form of addictive behaviour. Like every addiction, this needs to stop before you suffer even more from it.

“How can I be sure that I’m overspending?” you may still ask. Let’s go ahead and identify the signs of overspending to check if you are!

Ten Signs of Overspending

No Idea Where Your Money is Going

If you don’t have any idea where your money goes monthly, then it’s a sign of not spending it on planned purchases.

Stress About Bills

If you feel anxious when bills start to come in because you don’t know if you can for it, this may be a sign.

Declined Credit Card

Once you empty your bank account and max your credit cards, this is a clear sign that you spend too much.

Only Afford Base Payments

When you can only cover the smallest amount of payment for your credit card debt, then that’s a problem.

Unbalanced Budgets

It is a great habit to keep a budget. It would help if you had a spending plan for the current money you have. If you can’t follow it and balance due to lack of funds, this can be a sign.

Splurging Habit

If you spend money daily on things that are not necessary, then that’s a bad spending habit and a clear sign.

Unused Items

Have you seen some of your items stored in one place unused? That means you bought things just because you like them. Not that you need it.

Shopping Therapy

When you start shopping every time you want to make yourself feel better, this is a sign of addiction.

No Savings

A clear sign that you’re living beyond your means would be having a solid income but no savings at all. It indicates that you spend your extra money rather than saving them instead.


Lying or keeping your spending habits a secret is an ample warning since you don’t even want others to know about it. If you’re hiding it, then it must be wrong.

Now that we know the common signs of overspending, we’re done with the first step, knowing if you qualify it. Were you able to relate to it? If so, then let’s look at the reasons why you could be doing it!

Understand Spending Triggers

Overspending is a behaviour that can result from various things. Specific emotional or psychological triggers can cause us to spend more. Before we can get rid of our overspending habits, we need to identify our triggers.

Understanding spending triggers will help us avoid situations that can trigger our need to shop. And once we are already aware of what it is, we can also start making better decisions.

Change in Mood

Different emotional states and moods can make us feel the need to go on a shopping spree. The most common emotions that can trigger this could be sadness, stress, and anxiety.

To make themselves feel better, people lean towards impulsive shopping. It’s what they call “retail therapy.” Try other healthy ways to cope with these feelings instead of shopping!

The Influence of the Environment 

Are you aware of environments that make you feel like you need to spend your money? Some places can make you feel obligated to pay even by being there. Cafes, shopping centres, and marketplaces are prime examples of this. What you can do is steer clear of these places to avoid the temptation of buying!

Being Pressured 

Do you feel pressured to spend more money when you’re out with your friends? Even if your friends have the purest of intentions, sometimes we want to keep up with them when spending. Our feelings of wanting to do or buy what they get can be bad for our finances. Instead, we can decline their invites or suggest plans that won’t hurt our wallets!

Your Lifestyle Towards Money

Being accustomed to a particular lifestyle can be hard to give up once you face financial problems. Once your lifestyle becomes more prominent than your budget, it’s time to quit it before it gets worse. The easiest way to counter this is budgeting with a bold discipline to yourself.

Once you identify your triggers, you can now make your first step in stopping your impulsive spendings. Now we can give you a few things you can do to stop overspending!

Track Your Spending Then Create Budget

Even the smallest amount you spend on purchases can add up to a considerable sum of money by the end of the month. The key to successful budgeting is keeping track of your expenses. It helps you become accountable and aware of where you use your money on. You’ll be able to make smart financial choices by identifying what to cut back on.

To start with, you can create a spreadsheet or a notebook to write your expenses on. Gather all your past bills, so you know how much you spend on your necessities. With that, calculate your monthly income and deduct the essentials you need. Finally, for the money you won’t be using, keep it as your savings!

Use Cash

It’s so much easier to take out your credit card to pay for any item you buy. It’s like buying an item without taking out money from your wallet. You don’t see it when they take out money from your bank account. That’s why it makes it so easy to use. Since we don’t know if the cash was reduced, we may feel like it didn’t significantly damage our bank accounts.

In comparison, using cash makes us more aware of how much we have. Since we see the physical money, we can track it as it diminishes. With actual money, all we can spend when going out is what we have in our wallets. It will help us become more careful with our financial decisions.

Learn To Limit Yourself From Using Credit Cards

Since we’re going to start to use cash, it’s better to forget about our credit card information. Once we start trying to change our ways, we can’t help but feel tempted sometimes. Try to forget that you have one, so this doesn’t become a safety net when you think of overspending.

To do this, you can leave your credit cards at home if you feel like you might use them. If you have it with you all the time and you’ve memorised the information by heart, then cancel it.

Remember that if you want to change your bad habits, you will need responsibility and self-control. By doing this, it reduces the chance of you using the card for spur-of-the-moment buying.

Set Financial Goals

Overspenders tend to live at the moment, not exactly concerned about the future. That attitude makes it harder for them to reflect on how serious this can affect them in the long run.

By setting a financial goal, it’s easier to stay motivated as you overcome your bad habits. Having them will remind you of the reason why you’re making changes and sacrifices.

You can start with short-term goals. When you start becoming more money conscious and less impulsive, then take it up a notch! Once you’ve done that, you can move on to setting long-term goals for the future. best payday loan Singapore

But what if an emergency comes when you’re still halfway to your goal? You can’t ruin what you have started. Instead, you take the  from a reliable moneylender. Lender Cash Mart offers the same product at a low-interest rate.

If you took a loan, be sure t

Reward Self

For everything you do, you also need to reward yourself for being a better spender. It’s a fact that being strict with yourself will help you save money. It is until you lose it and go on a shopping binge because you’ve been too tough on yourself.

It’s alright to give yourself a little reward once in a while. This way, it helps better in trying to stay on track with your improvements. By putting a little cash aside for the things you want, will keep you motivated and sane! Remember that every good behaviour needs a reward!

Learning how to stop overspending can be challenging. Trying to break a habit and becoming more responsible can be more complex. But all this is possible!

As everything is, it takes dedication and time to reform your spending habits. You may feel the urge to go back to it from time to time but don’t feel guilty. That’s part of the process. Once you’ve followed these steps, you will be a step closer to your goal of becoming a wiser consumer!

3 Things to Know Before Buying a Business

Everybody wants to gain financial freedom, but only a few people know that the best way to do so is to establish a business. Even fewer are willing and able to start a business from scratch, as this entails that they’re going to have to handle things like business models, marketing strategies and campaigns, products, employees, and logistics. Why go through all that when you can simply buy it from someone who’s already laid down the roots?

However, this isn’t a guarantee that you’re going to profit from the purchase. In many ways, buying a business may even be riskier than building one. Here are some things to consider in order to mitigate that risk.

Stability vs Potential Growth

Before buying a business, investors need to consider whether they want to buy a business that’s already been able to establish its reputation, or a business that’s very likely to grow substantially. Successful businesses tend to cost significantly more, but they also have stability in terms of profit and customer loyalty. Successful businesses also benefit from their brand reputation.

On the other hand, while a growing business is a significantly riskier purchase, there’s much more to gain, not just because of the much lower cost of acquisition, but also because these businesses can be potentially disruptive. The likelihood of an investor being able to improve a growing business to such a extent really boils down to the investor’s mastery and knowledge over the industry that the business operates in.

Buying Shares vs Buying Assets

Another thing to consider is whether to purchase shares or assets. This is important because it can determine your level of exposure to legal liabilities. Buying business shares effectively means that the investor becomes the new owner while the business retains its status as its own legal entity. All debts and liabilities also become the new owner’s responsibility.

On the other hand, an asset purchase means that the investors gain ownership of business assets such as vehicles, warehouses, equipment, client records, and inventory. They can then register the business as a separate legal entity under a different business name.

Overall, an asset purchase is the safer option if the business has unmanageable debts and obligations. A stock purchase is the better option if the business has a reputation that’s difficult to re establish under a different identity.

Due Diligence

Finally, it’s important to take a thorough accounting of the business you plan to buy. This entails tasks such as performing an exhaustive asset search, as well as all debts, liabilities, security history, and many more. Cybersecurity is an especially important aspect considering that when you purchase a business, you also purchase their data. Compromised data is no good in the digital world, not just because of the data leak itself, but it’s also a sign that particular business is vulnerable.

There are many other factors to consider when purchasing a business, but these are the three guiding principles that will keep you from getting lost in the complexities involved.

What Are The Costs When You Become An Uber Driver?

It seems like everybody these days has a side hustle going or is looking to find the right one for them. A very popular one is to become an Uber driver and make money in their spare time. It seems fairly easy to get started and there are a number of people that make a full time income from it.

However, there are some costs involved when you are getting started that you need to be aware of. Since it does cost money in the beginning you may be working for a bit to get to even. To keep you from getting into something without knowing the process, we put together this article to help you understand the costs.

Increase in car insurance

When calculating your expenses, don’t factor in what you are paying for insurance now. Insurance costs are highly dependent on how you use your car. Think about when you call for a quote. They always ask you if your car is used commercially and how many miles you usually drive.

The fact that Fleet insurance experts at Fleetcover found out how much it would cost to insure the cars of Netflix and the numbers are unbelievable. That should help you understand how the price of insurance is tied to how to use the car.

Uber does cover some liability for bodily injury of passengers that pays up to $1 million, but there is supplemental insurance that you will need to buy to be able to drive passengers around. Your personal insurance is not going to be enough.

How much it costs depends on the state where you live and what your current driving record is like. It ranges from $60 to up to $150 per month in most normal cases.

Wear and tear

You’re going to have an increase in maintenance when you are driving for Uber, but at least they don’t come at the beginning. You will only be adding wear and tear on the car when you are actually working so you do have money coming in.

Expect to have to rotate your tires more frequently and to have to change them more often as well. Then there are tune ups that come more frequently and filters that need to be changed.

Depending on how much you work, you could be adding tens of thousands of miles to your car which will shorten its lifespan.


To make more money as a driver you have to make sure that your car is looking top notch and that you offer some services to make the ride more enjoyable. If you have a nicely detailed car and offer snacks and water as a perk, then this is going to cost you some money when starting out.

Many drivers can create a regular clientele by offering these upgrades because people appreciate these extra touches. Although it costs money to provide these things, it pays for itself quickly in that people tip better and will request you as a driver.

4 Unique Ideas to Promote Your Business and Turn a Higher Profit

Most businesses rely heavily on clients or customers when it comes to their success. So, one of the main goals of a business should be to attract more potential clients. And, of course, the best way to do this, is to promote your business. Get people talking and get the word out there; the more people who know about your business, the better. With the marketing world being so competitive, there’s constant pressure to come up with new ideas. So, what do you do when you’ve done all the things you can think of – emails, pamphlets, TV advertisements? The answer is you start getting creative! We’ll be talking about some unique ideas to promote your business, which will help you turn a higher profit.

Social media

Promoting your business on social media is nothing new, but the way you go about it can be. Social media is a great way to promote your business, and it’s even more effective when you combine it with another promotional method. Ryan J. Gibbs recently used his Facebook to promote a scholarship. This is marketing on two levels. First, there’s the marketing of the business through Facebook. Secondly, there’s the marketing of the business by using a scholarship – scholarships are a great way to get more people interested in your business.


We’ve already established that social media places a huge role when it comes to marketing your business. The process is simple: the more followers your business has on social media, the more people are exposed to it, the more clients you get, and the more money you make. One way of getting people to follow you on social media is to host giveaways with prizes from your business. Usually, people wanting to enter the giveaway need to follow your social media accounts to be eligible. Giveaways usually lead to an upsurge in followers. This is especially a good way to get the word out there if you’re just starting a business.

Charity events and fundraisers

This may seem counterintuitive since you won’t be making money – it will be going to charity. In fact, you’ll likely be spending money, since you’ll have to arrange a venue and catering. But there’s no denying it – fundraisers are great when it comes to publicity. It doesn’t hurt that customers will probably rather support a business that supports charity than a business that doesn’t. Click here for tips on throwing a fundraising event.


Many people confuse competitions with giveaways. While the two are similar – they both revolve around people entering something and standing a chance to win a prize – the main difference is that with giveaways, the winner is chosen at random, whereas with a competition, that isn’t so. Competitions are a great way to get people to interact with your business. They can share their favorite entries, or vote for the ones they think should win. It will also get people talking, and more people will want to know what the competition is about, meaning your business gets promoted. For example, we all know how important a logo is, so you could have a competition where people try to design a new logo for you, and the one with the most votes wins.

Thinking of Investing in a Property? Here’s What You Need to Know

These days, people want more than one source of income. And the easiest way to earn a second – and often passive – income is to invest. But investing can be a high risk and a complicated thing to tackle if you’re new to it. That’s why property investment is so popular – most people already know the ins and outs of buying a house by the time they start thinking about investing, so they already have the necessary skills. However, this process isn’t as simple as just buying a property and then profiting off of it. There are various other factors you need to consider. Keep reading to find out more.

What is the 1031 exchange?

It may be the case that you’ve already invested in a property, but you feel like it isn’t bringing in enough of an income to validate you keeping it as an investment property. So, what do you do? You sell the property, and invest in a new one, right? Unfortunately, this will cost you a lot of money. Luckily, there’s something to help you with this – the 1031 exchange. This means that if you sell an investment property and use that money to invest in something similar (so, another investment property), you may be exempt from certain taxes. If this seems like a situation that could work for you, have a look at 1031 exchange examples and case studies.

What is the purpose of this investment property?

There are various ways to use real estate as a way to earn an extra income, which is great since you’ll have a lot of options. However, it’s a good idea to decide what you want to use this investment for before you buy it, as there are certain things you need to look for depending on how you want to use the property. Common uses for investment properties include renting it out for money or using it as an Airbnb. You could also buy a cheap house and then revamp it before you sell it at a profit.

What should your budget look like?

If you’re familiar with real estate or investment, you’re aware of the fact that budgeting plays a big role in both. However, you can’t necessarily budget for an investment property in the same way that you would for a normal property (one that would be for personal use, that is). The reason for this is that a normal house, that you buy for living purposes, will only be an expense. While buying an investment property is also an expense, it will generate an income as well, if all goes according to plan. Naturally, you need to factor this potential income into your budgeting. It’s vital to remember that this income isn’t guaranteed. You need to be reasonable when setting up your budget so that you can avoid debt.

What about maintenance?

While there are rules you could include in contracts that may make other people liable for damages, ultimately, you are the property owner, which means the responsibility of maintenance will always be yours. Keep in mind that maintaining your own house as well as an investment property can be draining; physically, emotionally, and financially. It’s best to try and get a low-maintenance property to invest in (unless the purpose is to flip it, of course). It’s also a good idea to put aside a portion of whatever monthly income you receive from the property and create an emergency nest for the real estate so that you have something to dive into if any unexpected damages should occur.

Which location should you choose?

When buying a home, most people have certain things that they look for in a neighborhood. If your investment property is in a bad neighborhood, you’ll likely be able to buy it at a lower price. However, if it’s in a good neighborhood, you may be able to find tenants much easier, and also ask more if you’re renting it out. It’s important to weigh these pros and cons and find a neighborhood that ideally offers you a balance between the two.

What about a contract?

No matter how you’ll be using this investment, you must have a legally binding contract. Since most ways of utilizing your property investment deal with other people living in said property, you should have a set of rules for them to follow, laid out in a contract. This will allow you to take certain steps if these rules are not followed, or if your property is damaged. If you need some help setting up a lease agreement, click here.

How Certifications Can Help You Advance in Career

Training and certifications are a great way to advance in your career. They can increase your chances of landing your next job or advancing at your current company. This is especially important during uncertain times like these when the economy is spiraling.

And taking that step shows your employers that you are a credible and proactive person, committed to what you do.

The number of unemployed workers has skyrocketed, while the rest of the workforce hopes to maintain their job security in the age of Coronavirus.

Read on to learn five ways certifications help your advance and recession-proof your career.

1. Jumpstart your career

When you are a fresh graduate from University or looking for ways to change your career path more easily, earning the right certification can help you validate your knowledge and skills in areas of your interest.

College graduates are often not in sync with what the job market demands. They have gained the theoretical knowledge of subjects, but lack some of the skills required to work in production-ready environments.

Well-crafted training programs can help young professionals in bridging this gap. Certifications are a great way to boost your career by proving you are job-ready and making your expertise accredited.

2. Keep your resume fresh and gain a competitive edge over other candidates

The modern job market is highly competitive and ever-changing, so continuously developing your skillset is both encouraged and expected. Your resume is an important part of your desired career path, and it’s a place where you can show off all of your accomplishments.

Learning new skills makes you marketable and relevant to employers. Certifications prove that you are both well-trained and committed to professional growth. They verify your skills, and also your ambition.

By enrolling in a course or training and getting certified, you’ll get valuable experience that you can add to your resume.

And candidates like these are more attractive to recruiters and companies, especially when there are plenty of candidates that have everything that the job description asks for. Having a relevant certification will help you stand out and create a more appealing personal brand.

When you acquire relevant skills within your professional field, you bring more value to your potential employer.

3. Enrich your professional endeavor faster by earning an online certification

The good news is that you can get certified even while under lockdown or social distancing measures. Whether you are looking to take your career to the next level or change your career path quickly, there are necessary certifications available online that will help you achieve your goals.

Choose carefully as not all courses are created equal. It’s important to check whether the certification is accepted in your professional field and whether it adheres to the latest industry standards and guidelines.

When it comes to health care providers, the increased need for cardiac and life support professionals due to pandemic means that acquiring CPR, AED and First Aid certification can help those looking for job opportunities enter the profession quickly.

And those already working within the health care will become better prepared for COVID emergencies. Comprehensive digital programs like these will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to build a stable career.

4. Certification provides you an opportunity to prepare for in-demand skills

Due to the rapid rate of technological advancement, the need for new skills is increasing. The digital transformation resulted in positions that require a specialized set of skills that are not easy to find.

As recruiters and executives struggle to fill these roles, it may be the perfect opportunity for employees!

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2022, more than 50 percent of the workforce will require reskilling and upskilling. You can stay ahead of the curve by doing your research now and learning valuable skills.

Researching the most in-demand skills can help you understand what organizations are currently in need of. Make sure to upskill frequently, so you are always up-to-date. Evolving your knowledge over time and staying relevant will secure your position in the industry of your choosing.

It can help you get back in the saddle quickly, even if you find yourself in need of a new job unexpectedly.

5. Achieve your long-term career goals

One of the keys to a successful career is having a clear vision of your future, and where you want to be professionally in years to come. It’s like reverse engineering. Once you set your goals, you can determine tactics and steps that will help you achieve the outcome you desire. Understanding your long-term career goals will help you make the right decision and avoid paying for the wrong certifications or upskilling in the wrong direction.

Research your industry in-depth, and read job postings carefully. They will give you an idea of what industry leaders consider necessary when it comes to positions you aspire to. Talking to industry professionals can help you too, as they can advise you on whether a certain certification is useful or not. Remember, investing your resources in the right milestones is crucial to streamlining the whole process and achieving your professional goals.

Earning a certification is a great way to strengthen your future job outcomes and rise to new heights.  It can help you build upon your current knowledge, enhance your skills, and ultimately increase your chances of getting a better salary.

Tips for Finding Quality Stock Trades

Diving into stock trading without any proper knowledge is risky. There are lots of lingo in the trade that might confuse a novice. Therefore, you need to research before trading, which is what you are already doing. So, let’s just get started.

What is Stock Trading?

Stock trading refers to a type of investment that prioritizes profits gained within a short period over those gained in the long-term. People who engage in this type of investment are referred to as stock traders.

These traders purchase and resell stocks based on daily price volatility. The trade comes in two types: Swing and Day trading.

Swing Trading

This is a strategy that relies on events that happen in the stock market. These events could be shifts in stock prices, which happens within a short period. The stock traders then capitalize on this and gain profits from their stock rise. Investors that practice swing trading place more than 10 trades per month.

Day Trading

This is a riskier venture. The investment relies on a strategy that involves purchasing stocks, selling them, and closing the stocks all in one day. A day trader’s main concern is how to make money within minutes or hours in a day due to market fluctuations. You may want to read this article to know the differences between both trades.

Helpful Tips in Quality Stock Trades

Stock trades can be challenging especially if you have no experience. So here are helpful tips you need to assist you trade successfully.

1. Build Your Positions Slowly to Lower Risks

Positions in this investment refer to the number of stocks you own in your portfolio. You do not have to keep buying various stocks to fill up your portfolio. This could put you at risk of your stocks crashing. Rather, take your time when purchasing stocks to reduce any sudden vulnerability to price instability.

2. Avoid Hot Tips from Wrong Sources

Some individuals will offer shady tips on stocks and shares that may seem to be helpful. Do not listen to them. They aren’t your mentors, friends, or reliable trade gurus from Wall Street. They will come under a fake trading company name and offer to sell stocks at a low rate or buy them at a higher price.

Unwitting traders might be misled into trading with their shares. After the crooks have made enough profits from naive traders, they close down their site letting your investment crash. If you want to learn from trusted gurus, bookmark capitalist exploits newsletter for proven business tips. You will also get an informative observation about the investment market.

3. Have a Good Record for IRS

IRS is the internal revenue service of the US government. It requires you to pay various taxes for stocks. As such, there are different forms that different traders will fill. If you do not have a good stock record, taxes on your stocks’ losses or gains can become complicated.

4. Choose a Stockbroker Wisely

If you want to trade stock, you need to have a broker. You shouldn’t just pick any broker. Rather, choose one that has the best tools to ensure you gain enough investment experience and aligns with how you wish to invest.

For beginners, it is best to choose a broker that will provide online tutorials, seminars, and helpful articles for your growth. A good broker will help you in becoming successful in the stock exchange. But there are other things you still need to do.

How to Successfully Stock Trade

We know now that the first step in achieving this is to choose your broker wisely. After this, you can set up a brokerage account. It is in this account you will do your trading. There are other steps to take if you want to succeed in this investment. They include:

Making In-Depth Research on Stock Buying

Making in-depth research about the market is an important step to take. Do not let the fluctuations in the market confuse you. Even after you have found a reputable company to buy stocks from, you need to do research on the credibility of their management.

Your broker can help you in your research by providing analytical tools you can use in the evaluation of the company. You may want to visit to learn more about how to research stocks.

Practice Trading with Virtual Accounts

You can practice how to be a successful trader using dummy trading accounts. This practice is called paper trading. You sharpen your skills in stock trading without using real money with this tool. It also has a simulator that imitates stock trading and shows an analysis of your flaws.

Know Your Stock Trading Terminologies

There are certain terms you need to familiarize yourself with. Some of them are:

  • Bid: This is the cost that buyers are keen to pay for an investment.
  • Ask: It is this cost that sellers are ready to collect for their stocks.
  • Spread: It is simply the variation between the lowest asking rate and the highest bidding payment.
  • Limit order: This is an inquiry to purchase or sell stocks at a high price or specific price.
  • Market order: It is an order to purchase stocks or sell them as soon as possible to any available best price.

It is very necessary to know what each of these terms means for you if you engage in swing or day trading. You can check out this website to learn more about limit and market orders.

Be Focused

Have a goal and work towards it. Do not get distracted by what you cannot control. Price and market fluctuations are among things that no one can control in this trade.

As a tip, try to start your trading by buying small stocks and trading with them. After gaining enough experience with owning small stocks, you can add more to your portfolio. Stock trade comes with certain risks, but a focused trader will reap good returns for not giving up.


Investing in stocks is quite complex. Therefore, you need to have enough in-depth knowledge to be successful. We hope this guide helps you to get on the right track.

Car Loan in Singapore: Apply and Get Financing in Just Four Steps

Do you see other people driving cars on the road and wish to buy one? Do you want to buy another car, but lack of finances is relegating you to the old and perhaps malfunctioning one? Well, you do not need to worry anymore because it is now pretty easy to get car financing in Singapore in just four steps.

A Close Look at Car Loans in Singapore 

An auto loan is a type of secured loan advanced by a lender, either directly or through a car dealer, to a borrower for the purpose of buying a vehicle. Once the auto loan is approved, it is deposited into the seller’s account, and the lender or dealer retains the logbook until you clear the loan. Therefore, we prefer to say that although you are allowed to drive around, the car will become yours fully after completing the loan payment and getting the logbook.

As you drive off in a car of choice, you are required to repay the loan within its term. You might want to use a car loan calculator to find out not just the monthly interest, but the APR and full payment before signing the loan agreement.

Should You Go for a Car Loan in Singapore? 

For most people, being able to drive on the road is a mark of success – you can finally move everywhere you want, from workplace to holiday. A car also offers some sort of privacy because you can carry personal documents, your baby, dog, or other items in the boot or back seat. Using a car loan Singapore to buy a car also comes with these additional benefits:

  • You get to enjoy your car and pay for it in installments.
  • There are many cars to choose from, including SUVs and pickups.
  • The process is rather fast, especially if you use lender comparison sites, such as Lendela.
  • Some lenders offer buyers the option for refinancing car loans if their credit scores improve significantly along the way.

The Risk of Defaulting Repaying Car Loan Singapore 

Before telling you the short process of applying for a car loan through Lendela, it is important to be committed to paying it in full because defaulting can be very risky. Here are the dangers of failing to pay your loan:

  • The cars could get repossessed by the lender.
  • Your credit score is likely to fall significantly.
  • The risk of getting sued to meet the costs associated with repossessing, storing, and auctioning the car.

Make Sure to Do the Following after Getting a Car Loan in Singapore  

The dangers we have listed above can have serious implications in your life, and it is crucial to avoid them by strictly following the auto loan repayment agreement. Therefore, here are the things that you should consider doing after getting a car loan in Singapore:

  • Relooking at your personal budget to give weight to the auto loan repayment.
  • Cutting down unnecessary costs and directing the cash to repaying the car loan in Singapore.
  • When you think that a monthly payment will be late, ensure to inform the lender in advance.
  • If you want to change some terms of the loan, such as reducing the interest rate, consider car loan refinancing in Singapore.

Car Loan Application through Lendela in Four Simple Steps 

Since there are so many lenders in Singapore, from banks to car dealers, willing to offer car financing, sifting through their conditions to identify the best can be complex. This is why you should always use lender comparison sites in Singapore, and Lendela is one of the best. At Lendela, getting a car loan requires only four simple steps.

  • Visit Lendela website to make your application (this takes only a few minutes).
  • Get offers from lenders.
  • Select the best option.
  • Lendela books an appointment where you sign off the loan agreement. Drive off in your dream car!

As you can see, getting your dream car is very simple when working with Lendela. Instead of struggling with multiple applications, you only do it once. Fast, easy, and convenient!

8 Surefire Ways to Expand Your Social Media Audience

Looking to build up your brand on social media? You’re far from alone. Asking how to build a social media audience is one of the most common questions related to social media. It can’t be rocket science though, right? Luckily, not at all. Let’s talk about some easy tips you can get started on today to increase your social media reach!

Pay to Grow Your Social Media Audience

Let’s get this one out of the way. Money does talk. While this isn’t a necessity, you can always put your name out through advertisements or affiliate marketing. If you don’t have the funds, you can take out a loan for your business. However, if you want to build up your audience organically, keep reading!

Start a Blog

Have a blog on your website or affiliate site that directs readers to your social media. Try to make this as organic as possible, or simply ask your readers at the end of your article to like or follow you on your desired social media.


If you want to get more followers on Instagram, make sure you’re also using Facebook and TikTok to bring in a wider audience. You can advertise your preferred social media platform on all of them.

Act Like a Normal Person

Don’t make your brand seem like a robot is in charge. Posting like a normal human being with regular struggles is more appealing to the average consumer. It’s okay to make mistakes here and there, and when you do, laugh at yourself. Yes, publicly. People understand that mistakes happen, and everybody loves a good sense of humor.

Post Higher Quality Content

If you have a niche in comedy, post funny stuff. Whether you’re sharing from other pages or posting original memes and videos, keep it going. Try to keep it as relevant to your brand as possible, but never sacrifice quality for quantity. If it isn’t appealing at all to you, it probably won’t be to your audience.

Keep it Visual

Quality content means stuff people will look at. People are a lot less likely to read huge walls of text. Use pictures, GIFs, and videos as much as you can with minimal text. Visuals increase reader’s desire to read content by up to 80%.

Comment on Other Pages

There are plenty of pages with massive followings on social media, and posting funny or relatable comments on their posts is a great way to receive more attention. People scroll through comments endlessly, and a top comment on a major page’s post is sure to get you some new followers!

Do Something Unique

Try doing something you’ve never seen before on social media. Something worth talking about or sharing! For example, try breaking a world record on a Facebook live video, or do a cool stunt on IGTV! The possibilities stretch as far as your imagination!

Build Your Empire

While there are endless ways to build a social media audience, get started with these tips today and watch your numbers go up! Remember, it doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t get frustrated. Be patient, borrow money, follow these steps, and you’ll see results. In the meantime, find out what else you can do for your brand by checking out our most frequently asked questions!

AC Service: Top 5 Options in Jackson Mississippi

Ever wondered if it is possible to get top-notch AC services in Jackson Mississippi or any other location? Rest assured that finding one is usually not as difficult as it may seem. With just a little search, you are sure to find a good company that offer unique services to clients.

Most people think that AC service is limited to the maintenance and repair of Air conditioning systems. However, if you engage the services of reputable heating and cooling companies you will find that there are other value-added services that they render to clients. If you reside in the Jackson area, you can go to Climate King in Jackson MS to learn more

You can always contact AC companies if you have an issue with your unit regardless of the location. It is recommended that you check out the company you intend to use to ascertain their credibility before you contact them. You can also use local companies if their services are guaranteed.

What Services Do AC Companies Offer?

The following are some of the services top AC companies offer:

Installation of HVAC

Installing HVAC requires expertise and experience as it cannot be done by just any kind of AC company. When contracted for a job, they start from the first step which entails planning and proper calculation of the load. They also check for a good installation location to make sure it works properly after installation.

HVAC Repair

The HVAC circulates air from a central location to all parts of a room. When it develops a fault, it may start making unwanted sounds, producing undesired breeze, or burning cables. Whatever the case may be, HVAC companies got you covered.

AC Maintenance

Regular maintenance helps an air conditioner to increase the shelf-life and function properly. These companies provide professional maintenance services with the use of the right tools and equipment.

Repair of Heating And Cooling Systems

When you notice that your heating and cooling system is malfunctioning, you may want to check for a quick solution yourself. If you cannot find any, you will have to engage the service of AC experts. The essence of taking this step is to help you find the fault, repair, and fix it without delay.

Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning involves the purging of dirt and dust from the internal and external components of a heating and cooling system. Unlike just using a damp towel to wipe it, AC companies make use of specialized equipment and tools to ensure that every part is thoroughly cleaned.

Why Choose Air Conditioning Companies?

Here are a few reasons why you need to choose air-condition service companies:

Saves Cost

A lot of folks have very low budgets to work with; this much is very clear. However, this should not be a deterrent to using this service because the cost of getting them is usually pretty low. Besides, this is something quite important and also not something you’d have to do daily. When your system is well maintained, you’ll actually be saving yourself from unnecessary repair costs not to mention cost of possible repairs should it totally pack up.

Aside from these maintenance services that are highly beneficial for the smooth running of your HVAC system as a whole, working with these professionals affords you the opportunity of getting expert recommendations and advice. These will be very helpful in guiding your use of the system.

Use of the Right Tools and Resources

Unlike the DIY repair and maintenance approach which may involve some guess work while choosing tools, experts know exactly what tools as well as procedures that are best suited for whatever model or brand of air conditioning system you own. By ensuring that only qualified personnel handle the maintenance of your cooling devices, you will be doing just what is required to ensure they have maximum durability.


Professional HVAC services are not just effective, but also efficient. This enables them to deliver services that offer optimal customer satisfaction. This is one of the most important things that every customer is looking for.

If you feel confident enough to handle your HVAC repair yourself and you need tips to guide you, you can get some help from this article.

Top 5 AC Services in Jackson Mississippi

Below, in no particular order, are some of the top AC services in this area:

Air Max

Air max specializes in repairs, maintenance, and sale of new air conditioners for residential and commercial use.  They also carry out indoor air testing and analysis of the effect of the air. The analysis will show whether the environment is safe or not for your health. When the air is not polluted, your family remains in good health and enjoys comfort.

Modern Air

This is a one-stop-shop for all your air conditioning needs. They offer services ranging from maintenance, repairs, sale of parts to duct cleaning, installation, and fan coils.  Also, you can enjoy discounted prices at different seasons.

Climate Masters

This company has a good record when it comes to dealing with air-conditions and it has been in existence for about 45 years. They offer expert advice and recommendations on how to solve ventilation issues. They have a wide collection of air-conditioner brands and models for you to choose from just in case you need a new one. 

Climate King

Climate king is a trusted company that focuses on good delivery and customer satisfaction. They have several technicians and professionals that can give your air conditioning system that touch it needs to function properly. With this service, you can enjoy regular maintenance plans and heating and cooling system installations.

Star Service

Star service in addition to maintenance and repair, builds and designs air-conditioning systems, this implies that if you need a customized AC, it is possible to get one from them. They also have comprehensive safety and energy management systems to reduce the running cost of air-conditioners.

These are some examples of top AC services in Jackson Mississippi. If you need more information on how to find them, you can visit their web pages.


There are several HVAC services available for users today. However, before you decide to engage any of them, make sure you are conversant with the company. Search online and read reviews from other customers. Doing this will go a long way in helping you make the right choice.

Don’t forget to check the license and registration number of the AC Company before engaging their services. The license authenticates their right to carry out air conditioning services.

Four Mind-blowing Ways of Using Stochastic Indicator

Traders do not know how to ply indicators. They jump into trading and desire to become millionaire investors. But, some of the investors are smart. Instead of trading with real money, the investor opens a demo account with the putative broker and tries their utmost to learn the art of trading. In the learning phase, the newcomers become biased with the technical tools. They think these are the best instruments they can find to examine the market dynamics.

However, in reality, indicators are nothing but a bunch of instruments. Traders must use them as a filter or else things will go south quickly. Everybody must know about the stochastic indicator. But do they know the ways of using this like professionals? Let’s know the top 4 uses of this indicator.

Determining the trend

Traders might be thinking that there is no way they can apply the indicator to determine the trend. But if they use this in the hourly time frame, they can easily identify the trend. If they identify a bullish bounce in the stochastic curve after striking the 20 levels, they can anticipate a bullish trend. On the other hand, when the curve floats above the 80 levels, they are going to experience an upward trend. Be very conscious of choosing the time chart. Unless investors use it in a higher time frame, the bounce will be of no applications.

The overbought and oversold phase of the market

The key motive of the stochastic indicator is to search the overbought and oversold phase of the market. If the investor uses the premium platform given by any capital markets, he can easily do so. Here, the best thing about these applications of it that they can be plied in any time frame. The signal line reading the 20 levels refers to the market as in the oversold position. So buying is the only alternative. Similarly, when the signal line strikes the 80 lines, shorting is the best choice for investors.

Being a new Forex trader, you should cautiously use stochastic indicators. It is better to learn its proper functions in the paper trading account. By doing so, you can avoid losing trades in the learning stage.

Apply this with other indicators

By now traders know the two main tasks of the stochastic indicator. However, does the person know can also apply it with other indicators? To do so, they must open the demo account to practice. The best indicator to work with at the side of the stochastic is the moving average. Some of them might get confused about the time of the moving average but they can generally employ the hundred and two hundred SMA. Moving averages are proceeding to provide traders a clear knowledge about the effective support and resistance extent.

Once they find a trade setup at the dynamic band, they can examine the data and try to develop their trading performance. But do not be biased about these instruments, as the investor will still face failure. Be aware of the lot size as this will determine the security of your trading capital.

Adjusting the value of the stochastic indicator

Smart investors can apply the stochastic indicator in different forms. For that, they must adjust the value of the indicators. Though it will be a bit tricky at the primary stage once they learn to adapt to the settings, they can even use it to trade stocks and other assets. Before the investor takes it to the real field, it is needed to back-test his trading approach multiple times. Try to ply this indicator in a higher timeframe so that the investor can offset the mistakes caused by leading outcomes.

The indicator helps make the trading process easy for the investor. You must do be in hurry in terms of using the stochastic. Here, they have to remove the aggression and need to trade with precision.

Five Issues Every Employer Faces from Its Employees

Thinking about becoming a boss is really cool. After all, higher income, you get extra perks, an office of your own, and few people treating you with respect is what everyone desires. However, all this doesn’t come free. You have to work really hard for a long to get to this position.

Even after you have reached this position, there are many challenges to face. It’s not just that you have to take care of business planning and taking big steps; you also have people inside your firm pulling you down. This article discusses some of the behaviors of such people who are your own employees.

Not Staying Motivated

Although it’s not meant to harm you and even the most loyal employees can face this, but it harms the employer the most. You will see that people easily get discouraged or bored. You might give them a raise and then a few benefits, but all that motivation wears off after a little time. Many companies organize motivational sessions where a speaker encourages them all to build their career and the company they are working for.

This is the best an employer can do, and he has to keep doing that. Just completing the target and repeating what they do every day is not going to let the company grow. After all, it’s a competitive age where it doesn’t take long for another business to blow you out of the market.

Trying to Steal Your Employees

In many cases, some people working for you start to discourage other employees. They could be working for another company, thinking about starting their own company or trying to hurt you for some personal reasons.

As a result, you get your most skilled employees leaving your company. You can’t keep hiring and training new people. As a businessman, you need people to stick with you have explored every nook and corner of your field.

Passive-Aggressive Complaining

Some employees, even good performers, just can’t help with their passive-aggressive behavior. You are their boss, and they won’t always like what you say. It becomes a problem for you when they start to sabotage your reputation in your absence.

Some employees have no direct issue with you, but they keep bringing up some unnecessary issues. For example, some might say that taking their biometric and using it for attendance hurts their privacy. There even have been cases about employee privacy rights in Australia. This shows that everyone has freedom, but unnecessary demands keep wasting your time and hurt your business.

Office Politics

No matter how much you avoid it, you just can’t ignore office politics. You won’t be a part of it, but there will be some ‘politicians’ working as your employees. They sabotage the productive environment of the office.

They engage everyone in unnecessary activities and make it difficult for loyal and skilled employees to work. These are the kind of people who know they don’t have any real skills of their own, so they deceive others to keep their place.

False Discrimination/Harassment Charges

Discrimination and harassment are, without a doubt, very bad no matter where they are practiced. These things should not be tolerated and the perpetrator should be punished for his/her actions. Unfortunately, some people even use this to their benefit by filing false charges.

An employee and employer won’t always get along. There are times where the employer has to ask for an explanation, point out mistakes, or terminate someone. Some employees say they are being discriminated against when they find themselves in such a situation. Many even lie about getting harassed just to get money out of the pocket of their employer.

5 Wise Ways to Invest Your Tax Refund

It’s the happiest time of the year for those expecting a big refund check from the IRS. After a year of hard work, it’s a great feeling to have a small windfall to take advantage of to your benefit. Having some extra cash from your tax refund can be helpful to many families. Deciding what to do with your rebate should involve some careful consideration. There are several intelligent investment options from which to choose.

Money experts like Godfroy Financial Limited would recommend using your tax refund to secure your financial future. From bulking up your emergency fund to paying down your debt, having the fortune of a fat tax refund check can be a blessing. Let’s look at a few wise ways to invest your tax refund.

Emergency Fund

If living through a pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that being prepared for an economic emergency should be a priority. Many families were caught off guard financially over the last year, and it’s become critical to plan for a solid future. If you already have an emergency fund, now is the time to add as much as you can to your savings. If you establish a new emergency fund, using your tax refund as a first deposit is a good decision.

401K Contributions

Saving for retirement is a smart financial move at any age. If your current 401K contributions are at a minimum, now is the time to use your refund to give your savings a boost. Talk to your financial advisor about increasing your monthly contributions to enable you to maximize your yearly contributions.

Pay Down Debt

Carrying debt, especially those with high interest, can be like having a dark cloud following you. If you are expecting a good tax refund, now is the time to take care of some of those outstanding balances. Pay down all of your high-interest credit cards or loans and free up some additional spending money that can be used for everyday expenses.

Home Projects

Do you have a toilet that needs to be replaced or a driveway that needs to be resealed? Using your tax refund to help fund some of your more expensive home repairs is a great way to get ahead of your maintenance chore list. There is no need to put off all of those small or large projects when you take advantage of the extra money that your refund will bring in. Keep in mind that completing your home renovation projects could increase your home’s value, meaning that you will get a great return on your investment.


As a dedicated member of your community, you may want to dedicate some or all of your tax refund to the benefit of others. Every community needs help in some form. Talk to your community leaders, church leaders, or charitable organizations about how you can make a tax-free donation with your annual refund.

Each year when you get your tax refund, you should consider how you will use those extra funds. Try some of these suggestions to help you make a wise money decision with your tax refund.

What to Do If You Run into Money Problems When Traveling

Running into money problems like losing your debit card, having your wallet stolen or even completely running out of money are all issues that most of us will want to avoid when traveling, but sadly, they can happen to anybody. Money issues when you are in a strange country can be scary, but the good news is that there are several things that you can do to fix the situation and ensure that you’re able to get to where you need to be.

Royalty-free image

Ask a Friend or Relative for Help

If you have run out of money and are traveling or have had your wallet with all your cash in it stolen, you may want to ask a friend or relative if they’d be able to help you out with some cash. If you still have your bank card with you, they can send money directly to your bank account so that you can withdraw it at a nearby ATM. If your bank card has been lost or stolen, you can ask them to send money online using a money transfer app that has locations in your area where you can easily pick up the cash.

Find Paid Work

If you are traveling long-term and you’re able to work in the country that you are currently visiting, finding some temporary work is an easy way to make some additional cash. Depending on where you are visiting and the current season, you may be able to find a day or two of paid work on a farm or in a local restaurant, for example. Manual jobs like cleaning might not be the most glam, but they are often easy to find and can be a good way to recoup some of the cash you’ve lost on your trip.

Get an Online Gig

If you have enough money to get you through the next few days and you are traveling with your laptop, you may want to consider finding an online gig that you can do from your hotel or hostel room easily as long as you have Wi-Fi. If you have a skill like writing, web design, graphic design, or resume writing for example, you can often find short-term paid online gigs on sites like Fiverr.

Consider a Short-Term Loan

If you have overspent and run out of money while traveling, or have encountered an unexpected expense that has left you without enough money to continue the rest of your trip, you may want to consider getting a short-term loan. These loans are usually available for fairly small amounts, can be paid back in full or over several instalments and will usually be paid into your account on the same day. However, it’s important to always borrow responsibly and only ever take out a short-term loan if you are certain that you are going to be able to repay it on the dates agreed.

Running into money problems when you are traveling isn’t a great experience, but there are several things that you can do to get back on track and make sure that you’ve got enough money to cover the rest of your trip.

How to Survive Market Volatility as an Investment Manager

The economic fallout of this recent pandemic is something that no one can fully predict. Despite the positive signs of a strong market recovery that we are now seeing, we are still a long way to go from a robust economy. Nevertheless, changes happening on the market and the volatility that comes with them are not always bad.

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For investment managers who are guiding clients to maintain healthy portfolios, market volatility is something that can be managed. As long as the right variables are taken into account when making investment decisions, the best investment managers can grow alongside their clients. You can too with these tips we are about to discuss in this article.

Manage Costs and Revenue Better

Just like other professions and businesses, one of the best ways to remain agile in today’s market for investment managers is through better cost and revenue management. A cost management strategy that helps reduce unnecessary costs while keeping the necessary ones in check is a must here.

A way to manage costs is by documenting everything and then doing a thorough review of your costs as an investor. With the data collected, you can begin identifying investments that require more resources to make (more market research, additional data, etc.) and grouping them with investments that by nature incur fees and additional costs.

For revenue, the strategy to adopt depends on whether you are servicing a lot of clients as an investment manager. You should consider integrating billing and revenue management solutions into your workflow to allow for more flexibility.

A good example is managing the fees you charge clients. Complex fees are not always easy to calculate, but a capable revenue management system can automate the process easily. The same revenue management tool can also automate the creation of invoices and reports, which means you have to free up resources to allocate on other tasks.

Data Is Key

The one thing you should never skimp on, especially in a volatile market, is data. You want to be extra certain that every decision made is a calculated decision, and the only way you can do that is by incorporating solid data into the decision-making process.

Fortunately, there are more sources of data to tap into, even in today’s market. More importantly, business intelligence and data management tools are not only easier to find, but more affordable thanks to their SaaS business model.

Manage Your Risks

The last piece of the puzzle is risk management; more specifically, automating risk management. Similar to managing costs and processing market data, there are ways to automate risk management using systems and investment solutions.

That said, you also need to rely on a strict risk management policy to survive a volatile market. When you make decisions based on calculations and policies, even the wrong decisions are easy to learn from. Long-term growth is easier to attain this way.

You now have everything you need to survive the volatile market as an investment manager. As long as you have the right tools and data at your fingertips, you can continue making healthy investment decisions for you and your clients.

4 Tax Mistakes Small Business Make Too Often

It’s normal for new businesses to make errors. However, there isn’t much margin of error when it comes to taxes. For many small business owners, unfortunately this is the part they understand the least. This leads them to make errors that could at best result in money lost, or legal troubles in a worst-case scenario. Let’s take a look at a few tax mistakes small businesses commit way too often.

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Not Keeping Receipts

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make as a small business is not keeping receipts. If the IRS notices something suspicious on your reports, they may ask for an audit, and that means that you will have to show proof for any expenses. Some may assume that their credit card statements can work instead of receipts, but that’s not always the case. The IRS will want to see receipts for certain things, and if you can’t produce them, it will make the process complicated and long.

Another major issue is not tracking taxable activities properly. For instance, you are required to keep a mileage record for vehicles in your fleet. If you aren’t, you can kiss that business driving deduction goodbye.

Not Working with a Professional

It’s a big mistake to assume that you can do your taxes alone and that working with an accountant is an unnecessary expense. It is often advisable to hire a small business accountant to help manage your books and accounting while you focus on your business. If you’re located in Florida, a Florida CPA will be able to help you not only keep your books in order, but inform you of any scheme of benefits you may have access to. This is something that could instantly affect your bottom line.

A CPA will be able to ensure compliance. They may also be able to tell you about anomalies in your books or ways that you can run a more efficient operation. A good accountant is one of the first people you need to work with as a business owner if you want to avoid trouble and keep your finances under control.

Mixing Your Business and Personal Expenses

This is another very common mistake that businesses make. When you mix both your business expenses and personal ones, you might miss out on a business deduction, or you might mix up personal and business expenses. To keep things clear, make sure that you have a separate credit card and bank account for your business and personal purchases. Also, consider switching to an LLC or corporation if you’re operating as a sole proprietorship.

Claiming Deductions will Trigger an Audit

Claim all the deductions that you can. You should never leave money on the table out of fear that it will trigger an audit. Not only should you not fear an audit if your books are in order, but there’s no deduction that is more likely to trigger an audit than others.

If you’re a budding small business, make sure that you avoid these mistakes at all costs. This will allow you to not only stay out of trouble with the IRS but also run a much tighter ship.